Calling all rifters !!!!

I have a brand new theory !
as far as we know the dark wheel (in game) is fake as told by flic the engineer and others and we have also been told you can not seek out the dark wheel but they will seek YOU!
Using this info and knowledge of the bgs i suggest that if we completely wipe out the dark wheel from the game we may get the invite from the "real" dark wheel

How? Well ... all other factions have a home system and can not be removed from said home system but the dark wheel according to eddb has no home system ! It just shows as a "?" This is the only faction that shows this meaning if we reduce them to 1% for 3 ticks in both systems ....... no more "fake" dark wheel!

Just a theory and cant do something like this on my tod .....

If you find they cannot be kicked out, then it is the home system which means ITS there !!

Sounds like a plan to me !
It's been disproven

My theory relies on an opposite mindset. I'm currently working on making The Dark Wheel the controlling faction in LFT 926. Knowing that this is most likely not the real Dark Wheel, maybe once they come to being a controlling faction of a system then perhaps the real Dark Wheel would be forced their hand in some way.
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