1. Z

    Those 4 un-deletable path squares under the guest spawners aren't all the same color and it's very frustrating.

    Yes, you can click on the entrance building and delete it, and delete the spawners... but those 4 un-deletable path squares are still left behind and 3 are dark asphalt and one is not... It drives me absolutely batty. It's a BEAUTIFUL building if you want your zoo to be New World themed, but...
  2. Zoofluencer

    Arctic Entrance building, starting youtuber

    Let me know what you guys think of the first episode of my new youtube serie!
  3. JukioM

    Entrace - modifying

    Can you add that we can modify or build own entrance in Challenge mod please?
  4. JukioM

    Entrance - modifying

    Can you add that we can modify or build own entrance in Challenge mod please?
  5. S

    Disney inspire Casey Jr Station entrance

    Took forever but been working on this Disney park inspired entrance https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1920489243
  6. Zekin

    🐾Beryl Zoo🐾

    Welcome to Beryl Zoo...🙃 Check out my ➡ youtube channel for updates!
  7. P

    placeable parking lots and more entrances

    It would be nice if you could place real parking lots and make different entrances from different directions into your zoo
  8. BryanChung

    My zoo entrance cannot be edited now after Patch 1.0.2.

    So I was designing my entrance before Patch 1.0.2. And when I updated my game, I can no longer move my entrance items (Group 2) that includes the zoo barrier entrance. :( Now what can I do? I can understand they do not want us to accidentally delete the entrance. But at least let us shift the...
  9. T

    Zoo Entrance - Parking Lot, Bus Stop, etc?

    Is it feasible to have a parking lot and bus stop visible in the out of bounds area outside the zoo entrance? It would be great for immersion and realism as opposed to guests just arriving in a tunnel or somewhere obscured. Roller Coaster Tycoon World had a parking lot at the parks entrance, so...
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