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  1. Keivah

    Need Help gaining access to Odyssey1!!

    I have linked my frontier account to my steam account and I have confirmed that Odyssey is there as a DLC, however no matter what I cannot gain access to the alpha what so ever. there isn't even an option in the launcher to download Odyssey or select it.
  2. J

    Still cannot get crashing the party achievement on ps4 version.

    I have this issue since first day. I have deleted the saves archive 10 times. I have uninstalled the game another 10 times. I have the last version of the game installed. Any ideas about solve this?. Thank you.
  3. GamurGurl96

    Textures glitched with no hitbox in station

    I docked at a station in my Eagle and disembarked, when I noticed that the textures around the lifts to the concourse were missing. I tried to enter the lifts, when I fell through the floor and into space. I've relogged several times, and I keep respawning in space. FDev, could you please reset...
  4. D

    "update required" bug

    I re-installed Elite Dangerous after a few years and after logging in everytime I open the launcher it goes to the "update required" pop up and then closing. I've read through some of the solutions posted here and elsewhere of setting updates to high priority and rebooting Steam which has not...
  5. B

    Thrustmaster HOTAS Question

    So I have a question for anyone here that has had or does have a Thrustmaster HOTAS. Or if anyone here has had anything Thrustmaster in general. So here goes: I first got this game on XB1 back in April 2018. In May 2019, a good friend of mine who also plays Elite bought me a Thrustmaster HOTAS...
  6. A

    Sync File hold up

    Is anyone else's odyssey not getting past the sync files portion of the download?
  7. P

    Unable to Interact with Terminals / Anybody else?

    So, before I start, I HAVE submitted a feedback report to the FDEVs as a 'replicated issue' on someone elses initial ticket, but I'm wondering if anybody else has the same thing and a solution, or am I not going to be able to play the Aplha until it's fixed (which is an unknown variable) and...
  8. N

    Paid for rebuy & lost every upgrade

    Hi all, very new to the game. I’ve had a ship which blew up & was short on money to buy it back so it give me a loan. However my ship has lost every single upgrade. Like 10mill worth. how comes it gave me the ship but with no weapons??? I’m absolutely stuck with no way to make the money
  9. Mr.Snap the Universe

    Save/Load error is ruining my game

    Hello. I'm having an issue with my game that's been happening for months now to where my game always comes up with this error when trying to autosave my save. This error has now lead to me not being able to load my last created save. My C: drive still has 28GB free so it cant be a storage issue...
  10. C

    FSS tip glitch please help!

    hi i just used my FSS for the first time and it brought up a tip that i can't get rid of can some one help
  11. F

    Infinite ongoing connection on ps4

    Bonjour, Je viens de réinstaller élite dangerous sur ma ps4 alors que je venais de relancer celui ci, après avoir appuyer sur x au premier menu, l'ecran de connexion a frontier s'affiche avec écrit connexion en cours sans que rien ne se passe depuis plus d'un quart d'heure Un peu d'aide ne...
  12. M

    Lost 2 saves

    I had a save with a park and a ghost train. I took a break from building the ghost train and built a mini park. I then went on one of my old parks. When i came on this morning the ghost train park and and the mini park saves have completely disappeared. I’m not happy about this as i spent ages...
  13. C

    Trade Route for big ships

    I just bought a Imperial Clipper and coming from a Type 6 Transporter I fitted it with the old cargo moduls. I usually look up routes on EDDB but somehow it can't seem to find any routes. Right now I only have a min. jump range of 16.5ly What should I do or where should I go to. Should I...
  14. A

    Cannot connect

    Hello, I wanted to replay Elite Dangerous today but I arrive and I am not connected to the ED launcher (I bought it on Steam), I go to 'connection' but once I have entered my Email and my Password, I'm being told 'please purchase the game to continue' except that I'm launching the game from...
  15. PvpProAlt

    Ships Do all grades of power plant use a fixed amount of fuel?

    I'm outfitting an imperial courier for some speed and I need to know if a larger power plant will use more fuel.
  16. P

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Imperial Eagle Help with shielding.

    I’m in a bit of a pickle, I’m trying to outfit my imperial eagle for pvp and speed so I’m tying to squeeze every bit of shielding I possibly can out of it. Created an account her hoping that you guys (and girls) on the forums could help me. Please try and keep all engineering grade three and...
  17. C

    Planetary approach suite not working

    it may be logging into the base game instead of horizons but my planetary approach suite isn’t working and I get dropped out of supercruise as soon as I enter the atmosphere. Any help?
  18. J

    Route plotting failed message

    Hey! im a new CMDR from the epic games store. i've been playing like 30-40h. My case is based on this error, everytime i try to plot a route the game doesn't want to do it and gives me the message of "Route plotting failed". My ship exploded before that and i spawned on SPF-LF 1. I have an ASP...
  19. S

    Mission won't be abandoned (abandoning does nothing)

    I took this mission while I was at Mawson dock in the "newbie" system, however when I went there the only thing I scanned were the Operation Tower and Data Points. I couldn't find the Hub Access Data Terminal. I got two messages, and the mission was at the "complete" stage. It stayed there, and...
  20. G

    Squadron chat missing for months now

    Alright fellas, I need your swarm intellgence here, as FDEV is obviously ignoring my and simmilar tickets for over two months now. One sunny day, squadron chat all of the sudden disapeared, only to be seen again ocasionally. Almost always...

    The Elite Dangerous Client stuck on a black screen...

    So i have got the game from Epic Games and when i click play, the client opens and it gets stuck on a black screen, and it mess the resolution and the it gets on a white screen.
  22. M

    Can't login with ED launcher

    I'm one of the many players who started playing because of the free Epic Games release. Last night I registered and linked an account, got it to work after multiple attempts and "Please buy the game" messages, and played the game. It worked perfectly fine. I was actually having a lot of fun...
  23. Dukemon

    isolated bed and Visitors with Binoculars

    I have two issues. First, On the desert map I have built covered viewpoints with air conditioning to get quite close to the cheetah enclosure. But the visitors stay on the distant main path. I built a similar building for the lion enclosure, but nobody goes there. Next, In this roofed shelter...
  24. S

    HELP! Stranded outside bubble

    I am in my python 850+ LY outside the bubble. I took a break from the game parked on a carrier that is now very far from the bubble with no way to get back. Please help.
  25. J

    How to make this work?

    I have an Oculus Rift S and Elite was just suddenly in my games list on the oculus launcher. I launched it from there and it worked perfectly, today when I tried again it didn't show up in my games list in oculus and I tried to launch it normally and I couldn't find out how it worked.
  26. J

    Newcomer / Intro Empire rank farm

    Hello, I would needsome advice about Empire rank farm since Mainani and the other system is really ineffective lately.
  27. O

    Help Please

    Hello! I have been a CMDR in elite dangerous for years, on and off. In preparation for the new updates I was hoping to hop back into the game, but I am having trouble doing so through steam. When I open the game through steam, I am prompted to choose between ED, ED horizons, and VR. When I...
  28. R

    Help please

    Im stuck in a system and cant jump out of it because my frameshift drive can only jump 6 LY and the closets system is about 12 ly is there anything I can do? I have upgraded my FSG to the best but i can only jump using 1.50 tons of full and the jump is over 5 tons.
  29. O

    Strange issue ED Horizons + xbox one controller

    Hi. I have a white xbox one S controller that works with all other games and Steam and Game pass, but is not recognized by Elite Dangerous on my laptop. On my desktop pc all works fine with the same controller in Elite Dangerous, but not on my laptop. I use the controller with xbox controller...
  30. X

    New Update won't take

    I need some help understanding this. I just got ED 2 days ago so please bear with me. I restarted my computer and steam downloaded an update for ED. However whenever I open ED it gives me the error for needing an update. I have restarted twice after and nothing has changed. What do I need to do...
  31. LiquidFerret

    Animal textures suddenly blurry. Solutions?

    So, I've been playing Planet Zoo since beta and I've never had this issue. I've always ran the game with high settings without any problems. This is the second day where the textures of the animals won't seem to load completely. It happened suddenly. They are all blurry and I haven't found a fix...
  32. O

    I screwed up somehow...

    Hello, I went to save a copy of my key bindings and now the custom controls dont even show up in the game menu. 1. If I uninstall/reinstall the game files, is my progress/fleet/Cmdr profile saved in the network? 2. Anyone familiar with this situation? I can post more deets about the process...
  33. SilverGryphon

    Arctic Campaign issues/glitches

    Just started the first of the two Arctic campaign levels today, ran into some problems. Playing on Easy mode, if that helps at all. -Keepers taking a HUGE amount of time in the small Keeper Huts prepping food, actually seem to be stuck looping the animation/procedure. -Keepers staff queuing...
  34. Akane

    Stuck after Orange Sidewinder

    So I was getting off a planet yesterday and I tried to jump into supercruise. The timer has stopped at 0 and after a while I got disconnected with Orange Sidewinder error. I returned to the game but I'm unable to move anywhere. It looks like I'm in supercruise but with landing gear still...
  35. M

    Management views not working

    I keep selecting the views and topics and whatever and the buildings like hotels aren't even turning blue or any other colour, I am using things like shopping and food yet theres nothing. anyone got an idea as to why this is happening?
  36. Tym3Glitch

    Game Lagging so Slowly after jumping

    went out to diamond mining and jumped to a system only to have my game lag so slowly that when i go to the left panel, it takes 5 mins to just look at one panel. and i dont think i can jump out because of the lag. on PS4
  37. Kestrel_Feathers

    Can't sell LTD at Fleet Carriers

    I've been sitting here with my cargo hold full of diamonds for 2 days now, checking Inara for prices, flying back and forth. For some reason, I can't sell LTDs. It either prompts me with a selling screen, which does absolutely nothing when I click sell or simply have no option to sell to that FC...
  38. C

    Discussion software for creating buttons on a touch monitor

    i recently acquired a old 4:3 touchscreen monitor, nothing special but i want to use it as a touch panel for misc commands. things like lower landing gear, jettison cargo etc. i was thinking of just labeled buttons, that when clicked would just "press" a key on on a virtual keyboard. bonus...
  39. Y

    Newcomer / Intro Need help finding a good control scheme

    I need suggestions for a beginner-friendly set of keybindings utilising the basic Thrustmaster USB joystick, and the razer Tartarus V1. however, just joystick and keyboard bindings would help massively. thank you!
  40. O

    Looking for help....

    Im a new player, just completed Mawson Dock, and was wondering if anyone has anything to help me start out. I enjoy RPGs and wanted to RP this game as much as possible. I would really appreciate anything at all such as profession ideas, faction or group invites/tips, money/equipment.... Anything...
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