1. T

    General Gameplay Slight Weather Revamp

    Wind could cause trees to rustle and cause waves in the water. Right now all we can create it stagnant ponds. Different levels of winds, like a light breeze or a strong wind, could cause light ripples or strong waves in our ponds and lakes. They would have similar effects on the trees. They...
  2. T

    Fuel efficiency in Elite Dangerous

    Greetings, commanders. One of my wing-mates recently attempted the record distance from Sol, so we got talking about fuel efficiency and max distance. I saw the thread that listed Cmdr. Mcgrew's 65,804.4 LY accomplishment. I began to wonder if my little DBX could ever go that far. So, I started...
  3. L

    Seat Lights in VR

    I've seen this suggestion come up several times now, but since it is really bugging me, I'd like to chime in. In VR (HTC Vive) I am getting really bad reflection on the bottom portion of the Fresnel lenses. This is being caused by the chair and flight control lighting beaming up from...
  4. C

    Cockpit/bridge lightning tweaks

    As much as i love the details in the game, it still bothers me how certain cockpits like the anaconda have massive lights in them, they look like they emit a lot of light, yet they are only iluminating a very, very small portion of the bridge(actually only the area around the light itself...) it...
  5. Garud

    Knights of Karma INRA Expedition - SITREP

    Knights of Karma INRA Expedition SITREP Expedition Start: Diaguandri, 1700 Galaxy Time, 25th November, 3303 Expedition Completed: Qa’wakana, 2300 Galaxy Time, 25th November, 3303 Expedition Distance:1712.35 LY Expedition Sign Ups Confirmed: 23 Expedition Turnout: 18 Protection Strength:30...
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