1. C

    Manual powerplant repair as an Odyssey functionality

    Good morning! I suggest implementing a method of manual repair of the powerplant while landed and disembarked. The inability to repair the powerplant is a serious lack of functionality which seriously impedes long-range exploration and the overall experience. One should be able to shut it down...
  2. Random Player

    Ship Integrity Question

    Hello I have a question on Ship Integrity that I can't really find a definitive answer to. I went on a trip to finish off "Elite" in Exploration, and when I got back from what must have been a journey of 20k LYs, I found my DBX at 58% Integrity. I took two auto field maintenance units with me...
  3. Troopi

    Limpets recycling and repair!

    Hello mates. This new suggestion is about... limpets! Yes, those tiny things that die at the slightest bump into an asteroid! Those tiny things that, like condoms, are one timed and tossed away! FDevs, are you aware of how much debris your game design is creating around the bubble? I'm pretty...
  4. Riverside

    Make some goods available to but in 'Repair' Commodity Markets (damaged stations)

    Currently if a station is under repair supplies are delivered but the ship must leave empty because there is nothing to buy. I propose at least Biowaste and scrap be made available to carry away so the return trip can still feel productive. Secondary to this in the Emergency Commodities needed...
  5. CMDR Zayn Till

    Operation IDA - Chapter 2 (OP-IDA Needs You!)

    Operation IDA: All Star-Port Repairs in The Pleiades are Complete. As of this morning, Copernicus Observatory in Asterope is back online after being repaired this past Monday. This means that repairs to ALL stations attacked in The Pleiades are now complete. The Totals: 17 stations including 3...
  6. Hairymairy

    Station Repair rewards

    Adding some sort of reward for repairing starports. Decals or Nameplates unlocked by delivering large quantities to starports in repair. Any visual reference would be nice and create some more unique layout to appearances.
  7. Dryheat4u

    Proposed Improvements to the Limpet Mechanic

    Limpets as currently implemented are a vital mechanic for effective completion of game missions. As currently implemented, only a few limpet types are necessary on a regular basis. Other limpet types are not as critical and are widely ignored because of the disproportionate load they put on ship...
  8. W

    Is repairing modules on-the-fly with any Repair Limpet working?

    I, with Explorer ambitions, am far from civilized space, equipped with a Repair Limpet. It seems it repairs Hull Damage but my modules are still in 97-99% health and the limpet doesn't repair them, even after reboot. Is it up only to the too-less-damage? (I've read somewhere that it need min...
  9. EWanderer

    A small Idea for an repair limpet & AMFU Interaction

    So most explorers were there maybe at some point. Right now noone can stay truley independent in the black. All can be maintanced except the Power Plant. So here is my suggestion: Make Repair Limpets not expire on Full Hull, but wait until the Timter has run out/the ship takes damage. While...
  10. C

    SOLVED: How do I quick repair the FSD?

    There's a repair option in the modules screen on the right panel. The repair button has always been red and uninteractable. If there's some specific materials needed, if so, what are they? If not, how is the repair button used? Thank you in advance.
  11. Meneer_vandaal

    Manual reboot button?

    Oddly enough I could not find a way to map the reboot/repair function to my controllers. Try finding the function with your HUD down. Fortunately a friendly thargoid made me aware of this glaring omission. Ancient spacefaring races apparently discovered this problem. Or they can't...
  12. B

    Should Air for Life support be a resupply or a repair

    Playing elite trying to do some bounty mission I had stacked.All was going well till I decided to try and take on a conda and Asp on my own managed to destroy the Asp but by the time it came to the conda my Shields where all but gone. Try to get it but my canopy blow so decided to bug out just...
  13. Ben Ryder

    Help - how I fly. With tips. Hyperspace, supercruise, dock, land and trade

    Hi, I've tested using keyboard only (no mouse etc. pure basics) since the start. I made my very first video this morning. It might help you fly. The video is piloting a cumbersome Lakon Type 9 but the principles should apply to smaller craft too. It covers hyperspace, supercruise, tea...
  14. kenwshmt

    General / Off-Topic VTOL jet, lands without a wheel, on a chair.

    The next time you limp back to a station with 5% hull and no wind glass, think of this:
  15. Geraldine

    The Star Citizen Thread V2.0

    Greetings Commanders! Welcome to the newest instalment of the Star Citizen discussion thread. The old thread (located here) has been closed, as it had revolved around speculation of what the game might be like. Now, that the Arena Commander has been released, it's time for a new thread. This...
  16. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Elite: Dangerous Community Live Stream - Kerrash Landing

    Greetings Commanders! I have started this thread to keep track of all the various questions that you folks would like answered on the community live stream. Please go ahead to post and comments, questions & suggestions below, and if you would like to star on the show please go ahead and PM me...
  17. M

    need help landing ... and a manual would be nice

    Hi, I played through the alpha single player missions and have no idea how to land the ship in one of those rotating stations or do anything other than fighting - cause that I could train in the single player missions. When I first started the multiplayer of my premium beta i found myself...
  18. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Kerrash Landing: When is best for you...

    Greetings Commanders! As I was unable to make the Saturday stream as usual and a lot of people requested I stayed on later Friday to fit in with their time; I decided I should open this question up to you all. Firstly what day of the week would suit you best for the live stream? Given that...
  19. Maxim Jameson

    Retractable gear.. Landing on Asteroids with a surprise...

    You know there just had to be nice rock out there with a reasonably open spot for landing.. so lets go see how it's done.. voice of space traffic controller not included with game..
  20. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Kerrash Landing - Appology

    Greetings Commanders! I am afraid I will have to post-pone this Friday's (24th) episode of Kerrash Landing due to a family issue. Please share the message around as I may not have time to let anyone else know. Thanks, and sorry to let you down :o
  21. A

    Space-station docking and ship size?

    From what I have seen ships can dock inside a space station, though does that apply to all space-craft? I am just finding it hard to imagine some of the juggernauts actually docking inside a space station, given their size. Has there been by thought given how the size of a vehicle impacts its...
  22. MadMax

    Landing A Cobra MkIII The Old School Way...

    Landing A Cobra MkIII The Old School Way...
  23. S

    Seamless planetary landings

    Hello everyone. Well what a ride it's been for several of us in the last few days. Glad to report everything is all good again.....anyway.......a question so many people have is Will ED have seamless planetary landings ? eg much like FE2/FFE so you can fly and land on a planet or maybe an...
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