1. J

    Anyone take requests for some LOL work? Willing to donate a bit for your efforts! - Also a bonus side question about people using work

    So me and my wife are both MASSIVE theme park and League of Legends fans. She has recently got into this game (I've always been into it) and she has been slowly learning the mechanics. Our dream is to build a League of Legends theme park. I've previously done some work in Blender trying to...
  2. Bier00t

    Would love to see that with Odyssey also comes major update/redesign for already existing features

    These are some major setbacks and let downs from the past that could actually be finally finished/fixed. The list is done from my head so please let me know what you think. That would be: possibility of mixing wings with multicrew possibility of using SRVs in multicrew and also for owner of a...
  3. Y


    For how old this game is, I can not believe how archaic your binding functions are. What you need to add at the minimum: 1) Have a "save as" function - so I may create multiple bindings, give it a name and have them appear in the "custom" drop-down list. Right now, if I create a second...
  4. zackplanetcoaster

    Intamin Swiss Bob coaster

    Devs of Planet Coaster please put Intamin Swiss Bob coaster for next DLC's or Updates? If you don't know about Intamin Swiss Bob Here's to pictures and videos of what Intamin Swiss Bob looks like: I wish developers will put this Intamin Swiss Bob coaster in Planet Coaster. Will you...
  5. Distantz

    Multiple quality of life/easy to implement features.

    Hey Devs, Here are some ideas for some new quality of life/easy to implement features to scenery building and coaster building! Scenery: Make a keybind/button in menu that allows us to switch back and forth between averaged orientations for groups of objects in Advanced Move. Allow us to...
  6. C

    Transfer-Track Mine Train Coaster Like Expedition Everest or Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

    Hello, I have a request for a new coaster type. I think it is cool that we have the Mine Train Coaster in Planet Coaster, but I think it would also be cool to have one like Expedition Everest where it can go backwards and go to a different track section, also it would be nice to add a Linear...
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