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  1. CMDR Isabella_The_Fox

    I think I've found RAXXLA.

    The title says it all. I think I finally found Raxxla. Disclaimer: This is going to be a recounting of events, rough timeline and love letter to Elite Dangerous, the Universe, exploration in general and a speculation as well as my genuine conclusion about the matter. First things first, I've...
  2. Dox Paradox

    Raxxla : update needed

    Dear Frontier, One of the greatest mystery to be solved in the galaxy is Raxxla/TDW. I get that we will have no clues, etc. But could you confirm, after all the changes, the releases, the bug fixes, etc.. that it is still possible to discover what Raxxla is, just as it was when the game...
  3. Singularity G3

    Possible Raxxla Lead : Milky Way Hexagon

    Alright so, I decided to make a forum account for this, I believe I may have found a lead to Raxxla. I was watching a timelapse of Galactic Exploration, And saw how travelled Sgr A*, Sol, and Colonia were and thought I recognized that Placement, and then i realised it. It matched the Raxxla...
  4. S

    Fibonoci's Zephyrum and other spit balling on galactic mysteries

    Hiya. Sorry for a kinda stilted start to this thread. I've been up for 27ish hours and my minds kinda numb on what all I wanna say. So, I've only been playing a few months but someone mentioned raxxla to me and I started digging into the various galactic mysteries and trying to unearth as much...
  5. P

    Indizi incredibili su Raxxla trovati in un sistema molto interessante

    Indagini in corso
  6. Typ_mit_Playse

    My little Raxxla breakdown / questions

    Greetings CMDRs o7 First of all I want to say sorry if this was suggested already (couldn't find anything) and for my not so perfect English. Maybe tell me that this was already investigated, I somehow can't believe that I'm the first one with those thoughts. This is moving in my head since...
  7. TravisMcNair

    The Blind Shot...

    I, Commander Travis McNair have decided to search for Raxxla. Not by more conventional means of research and logical thought, but instead a more simple minded approach. From this day forward until Raxxla is discovered, I, Commander Travis McNair will be searching for Raxxla one system at a time...
  8. GN_Abbude

    Raxxla. I just want to ask a question. (Google translator)

    greetings commanders !! where is this system? (this is in the ps4 trailer) I was looking at the center of the raxxla symbol and remembered this distinctive mark on the planet. I do not vary much of activity but also do not remember this marking in the game.
  9. Macros Black

    The Quest To Find Raxxla

    The Quest To Find Raxxla - Place that isn't a place, door that is also the key. The myth. This ship log will be used to document the assumptions, facts, theories and efforts surrounding Raxxla, with the ultimate goal of locating Raxxla. All commanders willing to join are most welcome. If no...
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