space madness

  1. Ralph Vargr

    Cleaning Up After The Strip Miners.

    Preface: Yes I know about consoles. System after system I encounter that has been first discovered by someone else, and even mapped (to the last object) by someone else, are not appearing in EDSM. My OCD commands me to log them in. I want these persons to be locked into a room, where it's...
  2. Ralph Vargr

    Another Sign Of Space Madness

    I have but one alt account. I bought it to use for exploration. It served well for that. I could switch between activities, with the alt account having the leisure of long term exploration. (Kenobi voice) Then Came The Dark Times. Then Came The FSS. The alt account wasn't a leisurely activity...
  3. Macros Black

    The Quest To Find Raxxla

    The Quest To Find Raxxla - Place that isn't a place, door that is also the key. The myth. This ship log will be used to document the assumptions, facts, theories and efforts surrounding Raxxla, with the ultimate goal of locating Raxxla. All commanders willing to join are most welcome. If no...
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