1. M

    Exploration Squadron Recruiting (PS4)

    Hello everyone! I hope it's OK if I post a quick PS4 Exploration Squadron recruitment! I recently returned to the game after a long expedition to the opposite side of the Galaxy. I've played since the game was released on PS4, explored in deep space literally for years, and engineered many...
  2. R

    Come visit the Generation Ships with TITAN Contractors!

    If you want to come and check out further details regarding the trip, you can come over to the TITAN Contractors Discord! We also have a channel dedicated to Trip Epsilon with waypoint tracking. You can also check out the google sheet listing out the route below. Our Discord The Route o7...
  3. CMDR Tethys Cael

    [FEDERATION] South Haven - Become A Part of Something Greater

    <Who are we?> South Haven is a home for all mercenaries, no matter what their jobs or primary career focus. Whether you run cargo, hunt criminals, fight for pay, we have a spot for you. Mercenaries of all kinds are discriminated against just for doing the jobs others wont. We aim to provide a...
  4. TheOfficialRadium

    Community Event / Creation TRIP Epsilon - Tour of All Generation Ships - 21st October

    o7 Commanders! TITAN Contractors is launching a new expedition trip, this time exploring all the Generation Ships as well as the unique lore associated with each of them. If you're a player who hasn't experienced these sites for yourself, feel free to come join us and come along on the...
  5. CMDR_Raikkonen

    Will ED: Odyssey bring Winging Up, Multicrew and Squadrons back into focus?

    Afternoon, Just wondering if people think Odyssey will put Winging Up, Multicrew and Squadrons back in to the spotlight. A) Will Odyssey make you want to Wing Up, Multicrew or join a Squadron? Like most MMOs I'm thinking opportunities for squadron (or guild) recruitment in the bar / lounge...
  6. zabbadak777

    Honor Guard

    Today was a hard day for me. Seen a lot, jumped a lot and found Evelyn's Light. And this made me wonder, those memorial beacons are for us to remember a Fallen Commander. I don't know how many of these memorial beacons are out there but I'm determent to find out. Not because they must be...
  7. T

    [FEDERATION] Winters Wolves are recruiting new members

    JOIN WINTERS WOLVES TODAY Welcome to Winter's Wolves, CMDR's, We are a squadron with a long history and time in the galaxy. We would love to have you join us in our endeavors. Winter's Wolves are a Felicia Winter's aligned squadron, however, it's not required you be pledged to her. We have...
  8. H

    [EMPIRE] Imperial RolePlaying Squadron - The Imperial Legion

    Greetings commander. I am Lord Admiral Otter Marsden and I have been tasked by the Imperial Senate to spread the glory of the Empire across the galaxy. Basking and glory aside, this is an exciting opportunity to join a new roleplaying squadron. I, amongst others, have attempted to join several...
  9. BigGreenWaterballoon

    New Minor Faction Application Tips

    o7 all 🖖 My squadron recently went through the process of submitting the paperwork for a new faction and I thought it would be worth sharing a couple of really useful notes we picked up on the way. I'm sure a number of cmdrs already knew this type of thing, but if anyone out there is applying...
  10. Daniel Klimchuk

    Improve In-Game Squadron Features

    It would be nice if the squadron feature was improved to make life easier for squadrons and player groups. Right now it is almost impossible to coordinate a squadron with more than 10 members without using an external service like Inara or Discord. Getting everyone to register and regularly...
  11. GreyJedi137

    [INDEPENDENT] [LFG] The Titans of Galaxias - A New and Fast growing casual community accommodating all playstyles! - Check us out!

    We are the Titans of Galaxias! We are a small, almost entirely casual group of players that just so happened the realize the ancient Greeks were better at naming stuff than us. If you are a solo or private group player, this is the Squadron for you. We like to join up a few times a week but...
  12. T


    Greetings commanders. My name is thedoctor_500 (kiddo279) the comander of ODTK. We are a small group of Commanders with pvp, pve, and bgs in mind. The order of the knights was created by kiddo279 to fight back against the pirate infestation (pvp and pve alike) to keep space safe for commanders...
  13. S

    [EMPIRE] The USCM is recruiting!

    Greetings Xbox Commanders, The United Systems Colonial Marines (Also known as the United System Colonial Marine Corps), a relatively new Squadron, is looking for new recruits to fill our ranks. We're a laid-back group of talented individuals who enjoy playing Elite: Dangerous with others...
  14. Commander Yumasai

    [EMPIRE] Join the Nova Navy, Nova Imperium's naval arm!

    About us: The Nova Navy is the navy of the Frontier-created faction, Nova Imperium. With Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval as Commander-in-Chief, no challenge is too big for his navy. Acting as the physical force present in systems where the Imperator wishes to exert and/or expand his presence...
  15. Merlin StWahgwaan

    Open Call for Xbox Exploration/Raxxla Hunting Squadron

    Just posting this for anyone play on Xbox that doesnt have a squadron, and would like to join one for exploration. Our rules will be essentially the same at the Mobius Private Groups, and we have a private server as well, but I will not give out the group name until you have joined the...
  16. R

    Elite Dangerous [ELDA] Recuiting for ps4

    Squadron Name: Elite Dangerous Squadron ID: ELDA Platform: ps4 About Us: Elite Dangerous seek commanders to join us in our search for memories, money and the odd bit of mayhem as we venture out to explore the Milky Way. Pilots of all levels and abilities are welcome, with an open recruitment...
  17. Zulu Rewts

    Federation Quebecoise Interstellaire PS4 division

    Greetings Cmdr's descendants of the québécois nation. We are currently the biggest regiment with the most active QC player base in the galaxy. We are currently 40 Cmdr's strong on PC and with a newly created Xbox division of 6 Cmdr's. We would like to expand onto PS4, but for that we need one...
  18. C

    Newcomer / Intro Difference between Player Groups, Squadrons, and Player Minor Factions?

    Hi all, I’ve been playing ED for a little while now, but I’m not sure what the difference is between a player group, a squadron, and a player minor faction, and I’m also not sure how to join each, but I was hoping for some answers so I can be more involved with the community. Thanks in advance!
  19. C

    Squadron Application Blocking

    Is there a way to permanently block a squadron membership application from an individual who keeps trying to join the squadron? I ask because we have a particularly toxic individual who keeps trying to rejoin our squadron (he was kicked out) and we are tired of constantly having to reject his...
  20. jaton666

    [INDEPENDENT] Elite Voyagers Intrepid League (EVIL Squadron)

    The Elite Voyagers Intrepid League (EVIL Squadron) is looking for new members. We are a relaxed, friendly squadron where CMDRs are free to blaze their own trail. All pilots are welcome from fresh new rookies to old grizzled veterans. The rewards can be quite lucrative. We are an Xbox squadron...
  21. M

    Join the 501st Joint Arcturus Wing Today!

    Greetings, Commanders! I recently started up a squadron called the 501st Joint Arcturus Wing on PC. The squadron shares the name of a player-created faction (though I did not create it) and both are based in the Arcturus system. What do we do/what are our goals? Right now is to take control...
  22. A

    My Community need you

    Üdvözlet mindenkinek Én AKDT21 vagyok. Én a magyar elite squadron elnöke tagfelvételt hirdet egy békés családias hangulatu csapatunkba mindenkit szeretettel várunk a squadronunkba (MBTM) Magyar banyasz tarsasag Vezetősége Greetings to everyone I'm AKDT21. I am president of the Hungarian elite...
  23. Myrm

    Cannot Access Squadrons Tab

    Hey fellow XBoxers. Today I am unable to access my squadron settings as the squadrons button on my right hand panel is greyed out. Anybody else experiencing this? Thanks.
  24. ISFL Clan

    [EMPIRE] [ISFL] Clan is recruiting players to make a faction and squadron.

    [EMPIRE] Imperium Sine Fine Lumen (Empire of the light) is recruiting any players; new or old, who are willing to join a Empire based squadron. We are based in Lavigny Duvals sphere of influence close to Kamadhenu. We do both PVE/ PVP and welcome traders, explorers, and combatants into our...
  25. A

    Small group of players doing everything!

    ADVANCED MOBILIZATION SQUAD I have made a new squadron with 4 people, and would like to invite people to join! (The more, the merrier!) Both newcomers to the game and experienced players are welcome! We do mostly bounty hunting, mining and trading, but is of course open to all kinds of...
  26. ViscousTime

    [ALLIANCE] [PoSA] Pilots of the Shimmering Abyss - Now recruiting

    Hello commanders! The Pilots of the Shimmering Abyss are looking for pilots who wish to spread democracy and explore the stars. The main goal of the squadron is to spread our faction and hopefully one day colonize the Abyss. Along the way we’ll fight for freedom and democracy, go on exploring...
  27. A

    Sapere Aude Elite Squadron (PS4) Recruiting - New/Experienced CMDRs Welcome

    Sapere Aude is now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive which also has XBox and PC squadrons - click the link for info on info and rules. We've now completed our first season and have a VERY active membership of 30 members (in the top 10 on PS4 for...
  28. S

    Council of 18 Wings Now Recruiting.

    New Squadron of Multi-Role and Elite-ranked players accepting new recruits. No requirements, new and veteran players welcome. Still looking for a system to base in. Suggestions welcome. Please join the Discord and give us a shout. https://discord.gg/zchtWtb
  29. Erinir

    An Invite to the ORBIS Server

    The Server ORBIS operates as an information network. We operate a dynamic, modular server approach where members can assign themselves access to different parts of the server according to their interests. If you fancy joining a small community of helpful and mature PC players with good...
  30. R

    New squadron. WEYLAND YUTANI CORP

    Recently started a new squadron "WEYLAND YUTANI CORP" cause who doesn't like a bit of Alien, there are Thargoids after all. Tried recruiting CMDRs through Xbox groups, but is almost completely dead. Only four people have marked they are interested, one player has joined the Xbox Club i created...
  31. Lancer_206

    [INDEPENDENT] Dijkstra PLC

    Dijkstra PLC [DPLC] is a PS4 squadron who specialises in the BGS aswell as Mentoring. DPLC offers our services to other factions who are struggling with their own BGS work. If you are interested in joining our Squadron follow this Inara Link. This link has details on how to join and links to...
  32. Commander Yumasai


    Dear people of the cosmos, Allow me to introduce to you the Nova Navy Squadron. Nova Navy is the squadron led by Hadrian Augustus Duval representing the naval arm of Nova Imperium. Nova Imperium? Well yes, Nova Imperium indeed: The Imperial Organization that values the old traditional ways of...
  33. E

    [FEDERATION] [FR] TacArmy, Escadron Elite Dangerous, rejoignez-nous :)

    Pour réunir des joueurs actifs sur Elite Dangerous, j'ai décidé avec deux de mes amis à créer un escadron, qui se réunit sur un serveur Discord. Vous pouvez rejoindre l'escadron sans expérience dans le jeu, tous les profils de joueurs sont acceptés, du plus casual au plus tryhard. Nous ne sommes...
  34. Lancer_206

    Dijkstra PLC Squadron is looking for more members

    Hello fellow CMDR's. Dijkstra PLC is currently looking for cmdrs to join their ranks. We have a faction ingame with a good amount of systems under our control which is supported by our squadron! DPLC specialises in the Background Simulation (BGS) and mentoring new or less experienced CMDR's...
  35. Z

    Node Corp Xeno R&D Squadron Recruiting! [Xeno Hunting] [Exploration]

    o7 CMDRs Node Corp are recruiting active CMDRs! We are a squadron with a main focus on Xeno hunting, currently sitting at no. 4 on the leaderboards and we are looking to bolster our ranks! wether your already involved in Xeno hunting or your looking to dive into it for the first time, your...
  36. I

    Suggestions for Squadrons

    Hello Frontier, First let me tell you how happy I am with your product. The below suggestions come from a place of love, and I hope they are seen as constructive criticism and not complaining. With that said, I will make this brief. 1. Please include a broader range of winnable trophies for the...
  37. L

    Player faction pre conflict negotiations? (Suggestion)

    Add a feature which would allow 2 player factions with impending conflicts to resolve the conflict within the pre-conflict build up day. The ability to avoid a war, concede an asset or have a system non aggression pact for a set amount of time determined by players, breaking pacts would have a...
  38. Daniel Klimchuk

    [INDEPENDENT] Join the Zinra Operations today!

    Welcome to Zinra Operations! We are an independent organization which specializes in intensive combat - assassinations, bounty hunting and anti-xeno combat. We accept Commanders from all factions and powers. We regularly provide our members with missions and tasks. Have fun and meet new people...
  39. Ianus

    Returning Vet. Left in 2016 and need squad and hardware advice.

    So I need a squad for general faffery. I don't do pvp much and just want a community to get back into the game. Also, I need hardware advice. Should I get an x52 HOTAS or x56 for $30 more? I do VR and need something better than KB/M.
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