1. A

    Sapere Aude Elite Squadron (PS4) Recruiting - New/Experienced CMDRs Welcome

    Sapere Aude is now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive which also has XBox and PC squadrons - click the link for info on info and rules. We've now completed our first season and have a VERY active membership of 30 members (in the top 10 on PS4 for...
  2. S

    Council of 18 Wings Now Recruiting.

    New Squadron of Multi-Role and Elite-ranked players accepting new recruits. No requirements, new and veteran players welcome. Still looking for a system to base in. Suggestions welcome. Please join the Discord and give us a shout. https://discord.gg/zchtWtb
  3. Erinir

    An Invite to the ORBIS Server

    The Server ORBIS operates as a social hub and information network. We operate a dynamic, modular server approach where members can assign themselves access to different parts of the server according to their interests. If you fancy joining a small community of helpful and mature PC players...
  4. R

    New squadron. WEYLAND YUTANI CORP

    Recently started a new squadron "WEYLAND YUTANI CORP" cause who doesn't like a bit of Alien, there are Thargoids after all. Tried recruiting CMDRs through Xbox groups, but is almost completely dead. Only four people have marked they are interested, one player has joined the Xbox Club i created...
  5. Lancer_206

    [INDEPENDENT] Dijkstra PLC

    Dijkstra PLC [DPLC] is a PS4 squadron who specialises in the BGS aswell as Mentoring. DPLC offers our services to other factions who are struggling with their own BGS work. If you are interested in joining our Squadron follow this Inara Link. This link has details on how to join and links to...
  6. Commander Yumasai


    Dear people of the cosmos, Allow me to introduce to you the Nova Navy Squadron. Nova Navy is the squadron led by Hadrian Augustus Duval representing the naval arm of Nova Imperium. Nova Imperium? Well yes, Nova Imperium indeed: The Imperial Organization that values the old traditional ways of...
  7. E

    [FEDERATION] [FR] TacArmy, Escadron Elite Dangerous, rejoignez-nous :)

    Pour réunir des joueurs actifs sur Elite Dangerous, j'ai décidé avec deux de mes amis à créer un escadron, qui se réunit sur un serveur Discord. Vous pouvez rejoindre l'escadron sans expérience dans le jeu, tous les profils de joueurs sont acceptés, du plus casual au plus tryhard. Nous ne sommes...
  8. Lancer_206

    Dijkstra PLC Squadron is looking for more members

    Hello fellow CMDR's. Dijkstra PLC is currently looking for cmdrs to join their ranks. We have a faction ingame with a good amount of systems under our control which is supported by our squadron! DPLC specialises in the Background Simulation (BGS) and mentoring new or less experienced CMDR's...
  9. Z

    Node Corp Xeno R&D Squadron Recruiting! [Xeno Hunting] [Exploration]

    o7 CMDRs Node Corp are recruiting active CMDRs! We are a squadron with a main focus on Xeno hunting, currently sitting at no. 4 on the leaderboards and we are looking to bolster our ranks! wether your already involved in Xeno hunting or your looking to dive into it for the first time, your...
  10. I

    Suggestions for Squadrons

    Hello Frontier, First let me tell you how happy I am with your product. The below suggestions come from a place of love, and I hope they are seen as constructive criticism and not complaining. With that said, I will make this brief. 1. Please include a broader range of winnable trophies for the...
  11. L

    Player faction pre conflict negotiations? (Suggestion)

    Add a feature which would allow 2 player factions with impending conflicts to resolve the conflict within the pre-conflict build up day. The ability to avoid a war, concede an asset or have a system non aggression pact for a set amount of time determined by players, breaking pacts would have a...
  12. Daniel Klimchuk

    [INDEPENDENT] Join the Zinra Operations today!

    Welcome to Zinra Operations! We are an independent organization which specializes in intensive combat - assassinations, bounty hunting and anti-xeno combat. We accept Commanders from all factions and powers. We regularly provide our members with missions and tasks. Have fun and meet new people...
  13. Ianus

    Returning Vet. Left in 2016 and need squad and hardware advice.

    So I need a squad for general faffery. I don't do pvp much and just want a community to get back into the game. Also, I need hardware advice. Should I get an x52 HOTAS or x56 for $30 more? I do VR and need something better than KB/M.
  14. S

    Looking for discord active player!!

    Hi, We are a large squad but we are looking for more discord active players. The Bright star dominion has about 20 to 30 player online most evening, but only few on discord, we would like to get a few more discord active players to have more social activities. If you are looking for a place to...
  15. Ion Driver

    [INDEPENDENT] The Acheron Syndicate is recruiting! Utopia, broad activity, helpful and respectful group.

    Acheron Syndicate Connect, Upload, Live longer Who are we? Acheron Syndicate is an organisation of commanders, overseers, professors, doctors, engineers, researchers, soldiers, mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, assassins, bounty hunters, miners, traders, racers, aid providers, activists...
  16. CruxMundy

    [FEDERATION] Adnovi Security Holdings - Recruitment Open to All CMDRs

    Fight for the very survival of humanity. Fight for your brothers and sisters. Fight for the Federation. Join the fight alongside Adnovi Security Holdings and the Federation against all threats to the civilizations of the Merope Bubble. Be it domestic, international, or even...
  17. CMDR K. C. Archona

    [INDEPENDENT] The AEON STAR Coalition wants YOU!

    "Pro Bonum Communitatis" Our Mission: To bring prosperity and good fortune to all of mankind. The Aeon Star welcomes all those who would dedicate their lives to ensure lasting peace and continual achievement for our pioneering society. We welcome the labourers and explorers of the galaxy, as...
  18. TheOfficialRadium

    [FEDERATION] [INDEPENDENT] TITAN Contractors is Hiring

    Greetings, Commanders. TITAN Contractors is extending its hand to all unaligned and aligned pilots alike. We're an independent, lore-based and roleplay-based Squadron seeking to be diverse and welcoming to new players. Whether it be assisting new players with the game, or joining forces in a...
  19. Daniel Klimchuk

    Improve on the Squadron feature

    Hello Commanders! So I have got a few suggestions regarding the squadrons in Elite. What we have now is fairly basic, but getting a more in depth experience with squadrons would be great: 1. First of all, adding an in-game reward system, so I could pay/reward my squadron's members for...
  20. HattoriHanzo7

    [INDEPENDENT] The Galactic Archive

    Formed to serve as the military arm of The Galactic Archive Faction in Kuntae, our mission is to safeguard the collective wisdom of humanity, for a time in the future when all hope has been lost. Whether the threat be from within, and humanity capitulates to self destruction, or from external...
  21. John Kozak

    Feature: "Friend searches for wing"/"Friend searches for crew"

    Current state Right now, ways to get a crew are: "Open" search Sending direct invite Coordination via other channels (chat, Discord, voice, etc.) There is no way to find wingmates except for other channels (and direct invite) Problem statement I have a squadron and a large set of ingame...
  22. Therealwes7569

    United Federation of Planets (CMND)

    Always looking for new members. We are a relaxed squadron here for fun and to help out those who ask. From hints and information to wing missions and exploration, check us out and join up today.
  23. D

    BGS Influence System Issues

    Hello. Our in game minor faction has been experiencing odd % drops in influence despite our entire squadron completing appropriate missions and following system guidelines. We’re concerned that something might be wrong with our BGS system, but are looking for support either way on this situation.
  24. Para Handy

    Clear Save means losing your squadron

    I was a pit peeved to find that when I did a clear save of my one commander which had an insurance claim in their stats that I lost the squadron that this commander created (and paid for). There was absolutely no warning of this repercussion and I think it is pretty poor of F D to allow this...
  25. Daniel Klimchuk

    Join the Zinra Association today!

    The Zinra Association is an independent organization consisting of united traders, passenger carriers, miners, explorers and bounty hunters. Our aim is to boost trade and transport routes, prosperity of minor factions and the safety of the vacuum of space. Be advised that we are currently...
  26. gushaines

    Are you a PS4 commander?

    Come join the Pilot Syndicate 4 squadron. We are an active squadron with over 200 PS4 members. We are Leader board contenders, and work together to achieve our goals. There is no set requirement for our squadron commanders. If you just want to join to feel part of something bigger while you...
  27. Hadrian Augustus Duval

    [EMPIRE] Nova Navy [NONA] - The Navy Welcome You!

    Nova Navy Platform: PC, XBox, PS4 Timezones: International Comms type: Discord & Inara Supporting faction: Nova Imperium Description Nova Navy [NONA] is the naval warfare service branch of the Imperial Navy and one of the largest uniformed services of the Empire. Nova Navy home system is at...
  28. N

    Multicrew, Wings, Squadrons, and alt accounts

    I've taken advantage of the anniversary offer to get two alt accounts (both with Horizons). My main CMDR is heading out for Colonia at the moment, the two alts are back in the Bubble (in their original Sidewinders). Eventually I will relocate one to Colonia. I've got all 3 up and running on...
  29. X


  30. D

    Leaderboards have been wiped with this patch

    The leaderboards (at least on PS4) have been completly wiped with this patch. The season is continuing with just 20 days left to go... but the score boards have been wiped, so all that competing and hard work is gone.
  31. W

    A couple of ideas for future updates

    Hey Fdev and community, I was thinking about what the near future will bring for Elite and noticed that there were very little details about what to come. I have thought of a couple of things, either new or improvements that perhaps might make the game feel even more alive than it already is...
  32. Black-Bart

    Radio Sidewinder Crew & Radio Sidewinder Galactic

    The Radio Sidewinder Crew are an international group of commanders, who are dedicated to supporting RSC factions and spreading "The Signal" across the stars. The signal is our radio broadcast (listen now) spreading far and wide across the galaxy. The signal contains entertainment, news and...
  33. Celtic Moon

    Celtic Legion Recruiting English speaking casual players

    Welcome Commander Celtic Legion is recruiting! we are a small Irish Group of casual players from various professions in Elite, we are generally a social squadron here to have fun and connect and we are also accepting members from outside Ireland. We aim to expand our ranks and build a...
  34. L

    Squadron Recruitment

    I was looking for a thread where I could recruit for a squadron I created. CouldnÂ’t find one after searching. Sorry if one wasnÂ’t flagged in the search. Anyway I have created a squadron called Artemis. The aims of the squadron are to assist starting players by combating ganking in the...
  35. theogilli

    Want to find friends and wing up? Looking for a casual group? Check out Sidewinder Syndicate!

    If you are interested in finding friends and joining a group, take a second to read this and I bet you'll find something that you like! Sidewinder Syndicate is one of the most friendly and casual groups out there. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, we welcome all! We allow...
  36. Roen Soul

    Squadrons Experience of 23 Years

    Squadrons Experience of 23 Years I speak through experience and I will highlight a few issues that I have faced with my clans past these decades. Every clan, guild, squadrons have commonly a short lifespan in true life. 90% of these fail within 3 months right from the start. 1 from 100 of...
  37. U


    The Rangers The Rangers If you are looking for a player group to help or support we are an active group that joined ELITE DANGEROUS before the game was launched. The main voice server is...
  38. Temporelus

    Fleet Carriers and Squadrons, how to make them worth looking forward to.

    What prompts me to make this post today is the not completely vanished hope to make the following upcoming content good and potentially revolutionary. It is clear to all of us that we won’t get Fleet Carrier and Squadron mechanics tomorrow, and yet I have seen a lot of pessimism (understandably...
  39. ebbrell

    when squadrons appear will be on the run from thargoids

    I've been thinking, if thargoids continue into bubble and start destroying stations all over the place. We may have to go on the run will the new squadron ships mean we have a mobile home. battlestar galactica style, we continue to run away from them while we seek a new home what do you...
  40. R

    Ra1derz' Mega-Shuttle Company!

    Welcome weary traveller, to Ra1derz' Mega-Shuttle Company! With the announcement of a new class of ship being made available to the public sector in the next year, I've stumbled across an interesting business proposition... I just need some assistance in funding it. If you're interested, I'd...
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