1. Kaocraft

    Can't transfer cargo between SRV and ship anymore?

    Have SRV. Pick up cargo. Drive under the orange square hologram beneath my ship's vehicle hangar. Look down at between-my-legs panel. I can't find any options for transferring cargo to and from the ship. Please tell me there's still a way to do this. Help!
  2. G

    Black screen when I want to leave the ship on a planet

    This problem appeared after the last update. I have a black screen and impossible to quit the game without forcing it to close. I tried the trick of quitting and launching the basic version of elite dangerous but the problem recurs every time I return to a planet with ODYSSEY. With ORANGE...
  3. Tman3555

    Launch the SRV while on Foot

    Please please please! I would love to have the ability to walk up to the ship and choose to deploy the srv from the ground. So many times I've had to go back get in then deploy again!
  4. C

    Why does srv radar poi signal die out?

    In horizon, I have followed a lot of radar signals that looks like lines from bottom to the top. It has been indication of poi at far away. Now in odyssey when I follow such it just dies out! Why? Am I thinking wrong in some way?
  5. T

    Keep crashing when trying to exit ship with SRV

    The problem is in the title... Here's more detail about my problem:The game crashed while i was in the transition screen from ship to SRV. Now every time I load the game, Elite will automatically load me in the SRV ....Making the game crashs right after the loading is done. Anyone else...
  6. Samoth Infernus

    SRV Should be remotely deployable whilst on-foot.

    It could be much better than getting in ship and deploying with the srv afterwards. We can dismiss the ship remotely to orbit so ships are capable of doing some things remotely. I think we should be able to deploy the srv whilst on-foot and nearby the ship. While the ship is on the ground of...
  7. CMDR Pradur241

    Are there any plans about new vehicles????

    Really need some new vehicles !!!!!
  8. R

    Allow the dropship harness to be a module

    Giving the player the ability to also drop multi-crew members onto a base would be great. Being able to quickly fly in and drop a squad to start a heist would be a lot of fun. The ability to hot drop an SRV would also bring in a lot. Being able to coordinate an extraction as well would be sweet...
  9. ChipShopReject

    Fdev.. Can we have tanks?

    I know that we aren't getting any new SRVs, ships etc. But with the addition of a combined arms style system in odyssey we need more vehicles, some modern day examples could include... Tanks: T90, Abrams, Leopard 2, Challenger 2 Anti Aircraft vehicles: Stormer, S400, Patriot Etc. My point...
  10. Alex_Fighter

    The biggest vehicle climb ever attempted

    Presenting what might be the most challenging, overwhelming, ridiculously extreme mountain climb of the galaxy: THE CROWN OF ICE For those who don't know it, The Crown of Ice is a daunting, monstrous collection of icy mountains located in a system near the center of the Milky Way: Phipoea WK-E...
  11. SkyMech

    My ship disappeared

    I’m out at Farseer inc in my SRV. My ship just disappears, out of sight and radar. Lookup and found out I can dock at the station. Probably is, station keeps denying me access. I’m not wanted, just joined Federation for some extra credits for awhile. Some help is needed.
  12. wutzai

    Can't recall ship from SRV

    I'm a bit upset. I've got two months of exploration data, now possibly lost due to the fact that I can't get my ship to land on the surface. Because my Planetary Vehicle Hangar is active, the power limit is exeeded, so it just crashes to the ground whenever i recall the ship. I don't know what...
  13. S

    Ability to view system map/and or planet map, while in srv...

    :) thank-you, As pointed out by the others, it's already in game. So thank-you. well for anyone else ever wondering it's in controls, Driving, ( Mode switch ) Have a great day.
  14. X

    Idea for the game

    I think the game should have an hauling type srv like a truck version that can carry more cargo with a capacity of 50 and still have a mounted turret same as the srv let me know if you think its a good idea
  15. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    SRV Variant: Mining

    I would like to suggest that 2 new SRV variants be added to Elite with the specialty of surface mining. Welder This SRV is larger than a standard SRV and as such, takes up 2 hangar slots. The Welder has a pair of pylons out in front near ground level that can produce a heated beam of plasma...
  16. BlackMaze

    For those that enjoy Scarab SRV racing...

    There's a bunch of stuff happening the coming months over at the Elite Racers Discord. Come and join us and have some fun! - 29 November - Settlement Racing (Okorafor SRV Cross) - 5 December - Start of the Scarab Mastery Championship These races are for everyone. It doesn't matter if you...
  17. CMDR Akhaten

    United Systems Cooperative is recruiting!

    Established in 3306, the United Systems Cooperative is a tight-knit organization of independent pilots operating across the galaxy, both in human space, and the uncharted sectors beyond. Little is known about this groups motives and plans, though many conflicting reports are offered by systems...
  18. Meneer_vandaal

    BUG: (or on purpose?) No srv restock on carriers

    As apparently you need another login to report a bug in the crappiest bugreporting tool ever I'll just post it here. The effect is probably the same anyway. When you fly to fleet carrier and want to replace a destroyed SRV you get a server error and thus are forced to fly to the nearest station...
  19. CMDR Iolair

    Community Event / Creation SRV SLAUGHTERBOWL 3306 (episode 1: 26th July) All platforms

    Hi y'all. SRV SLAUGHTERBOWL is a mass last-man-standing SRV combat event. The first matches will take place next Sunday 26th July (see attachments). Turn up. Kill other SRV's. Be the driver that survives longest. There are some more details; I've put some explanations in the event Discord...
  20. CMDR Kril Zandozan

    Planetary Covert Missions w/ SRV are impossible right now

    I'm talking about planetary structures that you have to illegally enter and scan a Hub Access Terminal. My Challenger with fixed missiles takes out every single surface to air & surface to surface turret. The only defense leftover at the installation are skimmer sentry's. I land my ship away...

    Ships and boots working together.

    First, lets hope that Oddysey doesn't follow the steps of the SRV, where we can now walk on planets...and that's about it. Of course, there will be missions related to walking or could also be done in the SRV. Likewise, there will most likely be missions the require walking, in which case this...
  22. Trailstorm

    How to Improve Elite 101 (Please read FDev)

    Im gonna make this quick so yeah. Also, dont get your panties in a bunch when I suggest some ideas that make the game harder. Taxes on Transactions - Now I know what you may be thinking..."uPkEeP!!!!!!" This wouldn't be the case, you simply would have a small deduction or increase to your...
  23. Kiffin Rockwell

    Bread Crumbs

    It would be useful to have a "bread crumbs" feature on the SRV's scanner, so you can easily see where you have been. It feels like it would be a relatively common navigation software feature for and exploration vehicle like an SRV.
  24. Anterpe

    Bouh... Mon VRS ne trouve rien...??? My SRV can't find anything...???

    Bonjour, c'est bizarre, quand je suis les signaux radar de mon scarab, aucun caillou n'apparaît avec le petit carré pour le cibler... du coup je ne peux rien récolter... j'ai essayé tous les modes, plusieurs planètes, plusieurs endroits... rien. Merci pour votre aide! Hi, strange... when I...
  25. Synthia

    Ships with vehicle bays should also have a Rescue Winch

    I recently started playing again, after 4 years away. Today I discovered that still, the best solution to getting the SRV stuck, is to log out, log in without Horizons, and magically reappear in space. Basically exploiting the game. I really don't think this is acceptable, not after 4 years...
  26. [VR] Goooost

    Custom, Modular SRVs- from "surface prospecting" to "Fury Road"

    First, on planets with multiple surface cities, add surface trade routes. Next, add NPC traders, authorities, pirates. Finally, let us build large SRVs out of modular parts, with limited restrictions on part placement and no assurances on functionality. SEE CROSSOUT Make these procedural...
  27. Vanight

    Cant fire SRV repeater - yes I have a keys bound, I have tried several combos

    The whether its a single key, a multi key combo, it will not switch modes in the SRV. The exact same keys work in the ship. what is going on? Very hard to do gaurdian work with SRV if impossible. The message I need to press XYZ button I have assigned even pops up as a message, but nothing happens...
  28. Old Duck

    Princess and the Pea

    I'm starting to get my "VR wheels" finally, so I can drive my SRV and actually enjoy it in VR, but even in 2D I never enjoyed these very lumpy, hilly, uneven terrains that I usually find on planets. I much prefer flat "lake beds" where I can go fast and not get bounced around. I've found a few...
  29. C

    General More SRV Types

    Hello fellow CMDR's! As I was trundling around on a random planet in the middle of nowhere I got to thinking - how useful having different types of SRV's would be and their associated new game play options they would bring. So without futher ado, here is a brain dump of several ideas I had...
  30. T

    Lost in Space!!!!!!!!

    LOL, when you do something the developers kind of overlook.... I was playing on my second account and reset it, and was playing with the old training scenarios to see if they updated any of them.... I had started Elite Dangerous, Not Horizons, and well, the SRV training is still available and...
  31. AndyinMission

    how to map logitech G920 wheel to SRV?

    I just finally got a stand to put my HOTAS and wheel on, and it's awesome, and I realized that since my racing wheel is right there, I might as well use it for the SRV! However, when I try to map steering axis to the G920 wheel, by just clicking the assign button icon then moving the wheel...
  32. Meneer_vandaal

    Discussion Consistency (and ease) of interface

    Do you recall that "Nuke/Nurse" button in the Spitting Image clip of Genesis' "Land of confusion"? Why is in your ship moving your joystick or pushing a button almost completely unlike in your SRV or in free camera? Does any of the developers own a motorcycle that turns left when you move the...
  33. nickweb

    Lego Technic SRV (WIP)

    PROJECT COMPLETED (mostly) Click here to see more images of the finished model: Original thread follows below...
  34. Graabeerd

    Six Months Later......

    Since the beginning of this year 2019 (3305) when I downloaded and installed Elite Dangerous, a world of freshness and newness was opened up to me. sure those beginning hours I spent learning the various keybinds to making a graceful or not so graceful takeoffs and landings were nothing short of...
  35. Arioch

    Additional VR comfort option for SRV turret telepresence

    The only thing in VR that starts to gently press my chunder-button is when my Point Of View is rotationally moved without any corresponding head movement (or without a stable framing cockpit) - unfortunately in Elite Dangerous, this happens in the SRV turret view. Slewing the view around whilst...
  36. Godsailsaqueen

    If anything, guardian Initiative illustrates how useful a cargo srv would be

    Tons of guardian stuff lying on the ground. 2 tons at a time. For quite a meager payout. Frontier ! there is already salvaging gameplay which would be in dire need of an 8 ton (at least), bigger, slower, less jumpy srv. It would be in the benefit of everyone, and the two would serve a different...
  37. nickweb

    The SRV Song (Cargo Scoop Mix)

    I made a tune using only the sounds the SRV makes, then made a video for the tune. I hope you guys like it! It took about a day and a half to make the audio, then another day and a half to make the video, it's my first video of this nature and I plan on doing some more.
  38. CMDR Kril Zandozan

    Unable to Restock SRV(s) after destruction

    The past couple days (5/12-5/13) after an SRV(s) gets destroyed from defense turrets or something, I can not restock it at any station (fines paid, or not). The first night I reported the bug because I also couldn't deploy my second SRV from my Corvette that had a 4G PVH. After jumping out of...
  39. B

    Improvement Proposal for farming Raw-Materials a bit more easier

    Greetings Commander I had a simple Idea while i was farming some Raw-Materials. What do u think about a smaller scaled Radar in the HUD ( maybe on the right side, there should be enough space) while you are using the Turret-Mode to move the SRV ? It would be a good Improvement, because you dont...
  40. War Eagle

    Ever forget where you parked your ship?

    So I thought I would try out my Crater Buggy for the first time and don't you know on the way back I forgot where I parked the ship!!! Was freaking out like I lost my kid or something I knew that I was heading off into the setting sun(Didn't think to look at my GPS coOrd at all) kinda remember...
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