1. T

    Lost in Space!!!!!!!!

    LOL, when you do something the developers kind of overlook.... I was playing on my second account and reset it, and was playing with the old training scenarios to see if they updated any of them.... I had started Elite Dangerous, Not Horizons, and well, the SRV training is still available and...
  2. AndyinMission

    how to map logitech G920 wheel to SRV?

    I just finally got a stand to put my HOTAS and wheel on, and it's awesome, and I realized that since my racing wheel is right there, I might as well use it for the SRV! However, when I try to map steering axis to the G920 wheel, by just clicking the assign button icon then moving the wheel...
  3. Meneer_vandaal

    Discussion Consistency (and ease) of interface

    Do you recall that "Nuke/Nurse" button in the Spitting Image clip of Genesis' "Land of confusion"? Why is in your ship moving your joystick or pushing a button almost completely unlike in your SRV or in free camera? Does any of the developers own a motorcycle that turns left when you move the...
  4. nickweb

    Lego Technic SRV (WIP)

    After buying a little spaceship and building it (because I'm an adult and I'm allowed to!) I had an idea to try and build an SRV out of Lego Technic. The idea is to make it fairly big, with the ultimate aim to get power functions motors into it and be able to drive it around, but first I must...
  5. G

    Six Months Later......

    Since the beginning of this year 2019 (3305) when I downloaded and installed Elite Dangerous, a world of freshness and newness was opened up to me. sure those beginning hours I spent learning the various keybinds to making a graceful or not so graceful takeoffs and landings were nothing short of...
  6. Arioch

    Additional VR comfort option for SRV turret telepresence

    The only thing in VR that starts to gently press my chunder-button is when my Point Of View is rotationally moved without any corresponding head movement (or without a stable framing cockpit) - unfortunately in Elite Dangerous, this happens in the SRV turret view. Slewing the view around whilst...
  7. Godsailsaqueen

    If anything, guardian Initiative illustrates how useful a cargo srv would be

    Tons of guardian stuff lying on the ground. 2 tons at a time. For quite a meager payout. Frontier ! there is already salvaging gameplay which would be in dire need of an 8 ton (at least), bigger, slower, less jumpy srv. It would be in the benefit of everyone, and the two would serve a different...
  8. nickweb

    The SRV Song (Cargo Scoop Mix)

    I made a tune using only the sounds the SRV makes, then made a video for the tune. I hope you guys like it! It took about a day and a half to make the audio, then another day and a half to make the video, it's my first video of this nature and I plan on doing some more.
  9. CMDR Kril Zandozan

    Unable to Restock SRV(s) after destruction

    The past couple days (5/12-5/13) after an SRV(s) gets destroyed from defense turrets or something, I can not restock it at any station (fines paid, or not). The first night I reported the bug because I also couldn't deploy my second SRV from my Corvette that had a 4G PVH. After jumping out of...
  10. B

    Improvement Proposal for farming Raw-Materials a bit more easier

    Greetings Commander I had a simple Idea while i was farming some Raw-Materials. What do u think about a smaller scaled Radar in the HUD ( maybe on the right side, there should be enough space) while you are using the Turret-Mode to move the SRV ? It would be a good Improvement, because you dont...
  11. War Eagle

    Ever forget where you parked your ship?

    So I thought I would try out my Crater Buggy for the first time and don't you know on the way back I forgot where I parked the ship!!! Was freaking out like I lost my kid or something I knew that I was heading off into the setting sun(Didn't think to look at my GPS coOrd at all) kinda remember...
  12. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP 'Mid-Air' Rescue! (DG2)

    I encounter a distress wing invite from a Fleetcomm CMDR, to discover; to my horror, that he was helpless, in freefall. I decide to heroically save him, and ship him back to the comfort of the station. Z0.
  13. A

    Found New Data Scanning Bug. THX FD

    started a Planetary Scan Job mission today, 2 days time limit. Location: CD-39 3269 (near Xinca) Planet 3C Found the Planetary Outpost and attempted scan of data point after switching to analysis mode. Turrets begin to fire on me as it is a restricted area, game crashes. makes that long...
  14. Tint

    SRV - Lights on the cannon

    Hi ^^/ Can we have some lights on the cannon of the SRV please? When on the dark side of a planet you can't see and target anything properly wich is not in front of the SRV, because the lights are fixed. It would be nice to have some additional lights wich rotate with the cannon, so you can...
  15. D

    New Explorable Content

    Before I begin I know this is a far fetched idea as of now, but keep your minds open to the concept and imagine what it would actually feel like in game. As you all may know, Elite: Dangerous Horizons was one of the major factors of Elite Dangerous's success besides the fact it was one of the...
  16. CDR_WillTRiker

    DW2 PS Edition - Racing League

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde Welcome Commander! Are you seeking an adrenaline rush? Are you not sure how to explore the galaxy? Or do you just have an SLF with you and don't know what...

    Can't multicrew explore without multicrew SRV!

    The addition of the turret-style system & planet scanner, which allows multiple people (and crew) to use it at the same time, is great for multicrew! It actually allows players to cooperate together, and scan a system twice as fast, or even thrice as fast if you're wing exploring. (does it work...
  18. D

    SRV tyres - new supplier needed?

    I have grown to enjoy driving the SRV, especially with a HOTAS. But... For a vehicle with eight fat wheels it has way less grip than it should at times. One tiny little rock can throw you off course by 180 degrees, and its behaviour on slopes is unpredictable to say the least. For a vehicle...
  19. L

    Collector limpets

    Oh how wonderful it would be if limpets could return cargo from planet surface to ship instead of doing a faceplant into the dirt...especially when the SRV holds a lousy 2 packages... is this not the year 3304? We can travel 300x light speed but limpets are mentally retarded!!! I applaud...
  20. W

    Srv turret deactivated

    SRV turret registers as deactivated. Shows indication in Red. Will not fire. Changed between analysis and combat modes. Dismissed ship. Still will not fire. Also can't go into turret view. Everything seems to work in SRV Training mission though.
  21. Warlus

    No more helmet in SRV?

    Yesterday I rode with a friend on the planet and noticed that both our pilots did not wear helmets. Is this a bug or a new feature?
  22. Old Duck

    Space Legs as an alternative to the SRV

    In case you haven't been following, there's been numerous threads in the console forums about the bug that causes a crash to "desktop" when multiple SRVs gather together in the same instance (thankfully this has been announced as fixed). It is very clear that a large number of players see the...
  23. CMDRdabbler4

    Horizons Multicrew Base Assault!

    Hello Fdev, What's the chances of expanding the playstyle of base assaults? I think the following scenario would be quite easy to implement without too much effort: Add a function to the docking computer module, to allow a 'Base Assault' mode. Essentially a mutlicrew commander can set the...
  24. Daish

    SRV deployment

    Case in point we can get airlifted in areas like Guardian, Thargoid structures that sadly where badly designed so you cant land there.!!! (needs buffing asap frontier) But why can't our SRVs be air dropped seems pointless having one without the other.
  25. joerg

    Beacon switch in the SRV

    There are two places you can turn your wing beacon on and off in a ship - in the roght hand panel under the ship tab, and in the comms panel under the wing options. However, once you are in the SRV, you can only use one of these options - the comms panel. Could you possibly add the Wing Beacon...
  26. Bier00t

    Ideas for new types of SRV

    - Mining SRV (with machinery that will allow you to scan for underground resources and then use mining lasers or put out small version of mining devices we see in the outposts sometimes) - Exploration SRV (with scanners to scan every type of surface feature we have or will have like structures...
  27. P

    Original SRV Test Planet

    Does anyone remember the original srv test planet that the developers created the first station on; that was above Edmond Mayhon controlled space? It was locked due to no planetary approach suite at the time. This was when Horizons was in their testing phase. Thanks for any helpful information...
  28. Daish

    SRV remote pickup part 2

    Though mentioned in earlier now locked or archived posts, the need for better SRVs mechanics: All SRVS and ships should have a remote pick up system for rocky non landable areas or for quick pick ups from hostile environments. Ships landing should be adjusted to be able to land in flatter...
  29. A

    Only 2.8%...

    I'm sure by now everyone has seen or heard the 2.8% figure on board flipping. As The Yamiks said in his video and in streams we kinda have to take FDEV's word for it because we don't have access to the data. To good naturedly have a lil fun I thought it would be fun to give them a little ribbing...
  30. S

    Amosphic planetary landing and starport, with space legs possible.

    Dear, Frontier, Here is my idea about how you can accomplish both Starport Space Legs and Atmospheric Landing. First you claim that there is no purpose to space legs in the game, yet we get the SRV, why not just use the current technology from the Horizons, which would allow you to show how...
  31. L

    SRV Updates and Guardian Tech

    Something I have enjoyed since I first picked up the game about a year ago, is driving around in the SRV. Just navigating the surface of a planet-or I'm the process of looking for something specific. Personally, I would like to see some customization to the SRV, these being small upgrades...
  32. B

    Consoles - SRV game crash.

    In February, we were presented with Beyond 3.0, a new update for the Horizons DLC offering new and exciting content. We were also presented with a bug, a glitch which prevented us from enjoying this content (or future content) as it limited planetside interactions in SRVs to only two...
  33. C

    More SRV types when?

    David Braben once mentioned during a QA session that with Horizons, there will be multiple SRV types that are going to be more specialized than the base one. However, we have never had one surface from FDEV. Seems like a missed opportunity to me. Discussing this with friends we have come up...
  34. N

    Reduce the module class of larger Planetary Vehicle Hangar modules (SRV)

    Reducing the Class 4 Planetary Vehicle Hangar to Class 3 and the Class 6 to Class 4 would give more freedom in builds and would follow the same "doubling" logic as other modules. For instance, a Class 5 Cargo Rack holds 32t and a Class 6 holds 64t. The Fighter Hangar doubles in mass with...
  35. loki12345

    Srv rebuild

    After loosing my srv today at one of the guardian structures I realized that unlike the slf we cannot rebuild a srv in our ships. That is for me quite shocking because I wanted to do a exploration run to the interesting planet sites. But now that's it, I have to fly all the way back to get a new...
  36. C

    Making Illegal Activities more Fun and Viable

    The biggest impediment to illegal activites are:- 1. Low payouts that are not at all commensurate to the risks taken 2. Overzealous, overcomplicated and oversensitive Crime and Punishment system that actively discourages any sort of infraction whether major or minor (and therefore makes illegal...
  37. R

    Engineer your SRV

    SRV Survey. After doing a Survey on FaceBook Elite Dangerous - ( If you could Engineer your SRV, what part would you Do? ) I came up with, 1. More Cargo Space. 2 Better shields. 3 Better Radar. 4 Thrusters with better fuel consumption. 5 Better suspension (that won't lets a tiny rock halt...
  38. Alec Turner

    Getting the SRV out of a tight spot!

    Over the last few days I've been "ridge running" on Synuefe VM-D C15-10 2 A. Essentially this activity involves attempting to travel as far as possible along one of the ridges of this extraordinary planet, something which was first brought to my attention by Cmdr -NeXuS- of Delta Squadron...
  39. M

    Time for new SRVs

    Mining/cargo SRV Passenger/Saud kruger SRV Combat/Tank SRV Exploration/hovercraft SRV New ships are nice but new SRV would at least bring new gameplay mechanics and new types of missions to the game. Its been 3 years since release of Horizons and we are still stuck with Scarab.
  40. stardestroyer

    SRV stuck

    :S No one noticed that is impossible to deploy an SRV while I'm docked on planetay starport? I remember it was possible but I don't want to belive it's a new feature...
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