1. T

    Night vision makes stealth builds obsolete?

    Greetings Commanders. Just wanted to ask a question. Prefferably to the more stealth oriented of You. I have just recently been flying around planetside doing missions when i noticed that night vision makes very distant ships(the ones that appear as the scrambled blip on the compass) shine...
  2. Mrs. L

    A week in the making - A rare, indigenous Stealth Beluga!

    Have you ever been ferrying wanted criminals around and had this thought: "Why am I only ferrying this one guy around in secret... when I can isolate myself in deep space with dozens of possibly violent individuals at the same time?" Thus, I bring you the rare and exotic Stealth Beluga Build...
  3. Dryheat4u

    Proposed Improvements to the Silent Running Mechanic

    Proposal for stealth mechanic improvements The current model for silent running leaves little incentive or opportunity for use outside of specific activities in specific situations like smuggling or PVP. Some of this may have to do with game balancing and some may have to do with very limited...
  4. Logan Terrik

    Suggestion for improved Stealth gameplay.

    I would like to see much more made of Stealth game play. With this in mind I have a suggestion. Implement Stealth missions where players are required to collect information without being detected. Missions could be to find a ship holding the required information and to recover said information...
  5. E

    Cloaking and viable stealth

    tldr: I want cloaking mechanisms In the current game stealth does not seem to be a large aspect. Im a PvE player and the only time I've ever "stealthed" as such is going silent running to smuggle for a few missions. In the world of scanners and high tension of war with both thargoids and...
  6. I

    Ships Viability (and fun) of a stealth/sniper ship?

    One thing that I'm somewhat disappointed in with Elite is that there isn't any deeper stealth mechanics in spaceflight. There have been some great books that cover this; Cloak of War is the most recent one I've read that handles stealth SPECTACULARLY in space. I recently got my end-game goal...
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