Cloaking and viable stealth

tldr: I want cloaking mechanisms

In the current game stealth does not seem to be a large aspect. Im a PvE player and the only time I've ever "stealthed" as such is going silent running to smuggle for a few missions. In the world of scanners and high tension of war with both thargoids and between factions it seems appropriate to have some way of hiding and being able to get work done covertly. Imagine Thargoids have attacked and are surrounding a station, but there are people still inside. You could cloak your ship and sneak past the Thargoids to extract the refugees rather than having to kill everythargoid in the area. Or Maybe a power play faction would send you on a mission to watch a meeting without the other knowing, ready to defend when stuff gets bad. It COULD add a lot more gameplay to the game and would open up many more ways to perform simple missions.

What I propose is either creating a new ship hull replacement , like with millitary grade and reactive armour, that will allow a player to become near invisible and untargerable. I would not suggest complete invisibility since that would create an unfair bias and if you add a slight translucent-ness to the ship if in the vast areas of outer space this would be as good as invisible, a player would only be able to be seen if it flew infront of something. This would come at a high energy cost, and I would say it could be activated by the same thing as silent running meaning they would also have to heavily manage heat. This cover may have lesser defence values since the whole point is not to be shot at and that it could provide the ability for a ship to, for example, line up a shot with railguns before firing. THis however should be balanced so weapons such as rail guns would run it so hot itd destroy or near destroy the ship if done in cloak, meaning a player could avoid it if they notice it before it fires because it must de-cloak. The power cost should be much much larger for larger ships making it impractical for large ships to stealth for combat, but would still allow them to ship things and take passengers. Cloaked ships would also be unable to dock and interact with normal stations or other ships logically.

Of course this may require a counter. If neccesary i would say that maybe a ship could have some kind of "slime" cannon which can be sprayed and will stick to any cloaked ships. Cloaked ships could remove this like with caustic damage, so decontamintion limpets or overheating the ship. This would also mean Thargoids if they detect you, for example you bumped into it, it could decloak you with a caustic spray. Also using a data link scanner you could be able to scan ships in a wing and be able to detect they are there and where they are when you scanned, though they could move undetected after that. This could be unneccesary depending if the cloaking came out overpowered.

Gamplay for this may be added to support it though I think it could be used anyway. One example above the ones stated in the introduction is the possibility to enter forbiden or permit locked areas. For example a cloaked ship could enter a federal capital ship dock as it is prepared to warp into battle and the player could scan it and hand it back as information to the enemy faction. These sort of spy missions would add another side to the game. Also when megaships come out you could be able stealth in to a rival squardons ship and learn its weakpoints or "hack it" or just find out where the weapons on it are located, ready for your invasion.

Either way sorry this is my first suggestion and I hope its taken seriously.
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