1. T

    Selection of Land Vehicles

    BLUF: We need more land vehicles. Scroll to the numbers for suggestions. With Odyssey the 'space legs' are only ever getting closer, so, some thought should be shifted towards land vehicles. Yes, I just said legs provoking the idea of walking, and immediately after I suggest adding vehicles...
  2. Graabeerd

    Six Months Later......

    Since the beginning of this year 2019 (3305) when I downloaded and installed Elite Dangerous, a world of freshness and newness was opened up to me. sure those beginning hours I spent learning the various keybinds to making a graceful or not so graceful takeoffs and landings were nothing short of...
  3. The Lunar Firefly

    Horizons Dust storms?

    I was surface prospecting when I noticed a strange dust phenomenon on the horizon. I thought maybe it was a star matching the same intense orange-red of the planet I was on, coming over the horizon. But the only one I could find was a dwarf star and it illuminates with a dulled purple/maroon...
  4. M

    Launch probes anywhere, launch at rings around stars, rings that are "too far away" from bodies

    Launch probes anywhere, launch at rings around stars, rings that are "too far away" from bodies Title says it all. Please fix the "bug" that prevents us from launching probes, and therefore scanning rings around star-class bodies, and bodies with rings that are "too far away" for the DSS to...
  5. L

    Collector limpets

    Oh how wonderful it would be if limpets could return cargo from planet surface to ship instead of doing a faceplant into the dirt...especially when the SRV holds a lousy 2 packages... is this not the year 3304? We can travel 300x light speed but limpets are mentally !!! I applaud...
  6. Arch3rAc3

    Make the planetary Surface Locations scan during FSS more interactive, similar to the Wave Scanner.

    Hello. One thing that is bothering me quite a bit after exploring for some hours is the Locations Scan on the top right of the screen when you are scanning a planet in FSS. I just dislike the way that after a scan of an airless body with volcanism active the system can not only tell me exactly...
  7. Arch3rAc3

    Show already visited planet's "notable signals" and change it's name to the feature (i.e. Geyser)

    Show already visited planet's "notable signals" and change it's name to the feature (i.e. Geyser) Hello. I'm currently exploring and trying to fill my codex with every type of geological features, and I think some small changes to the UI would make it a lot easier! Some planets have +30...
  8. W

    [Video] The SRV is great fun if you drive it like you stole it.

    I've watched a lot of videos that complain about material gathering being a grind. I don't agree. Thrash that SRV until the wheels come off and material gathering becomes great fun.
  9. K

    Ships run hotter flying over planet surfaces

    So I was flying my cold ship to see if it was possible to sneak into a trespass zone without incurring fines (*spoilers* you can't) when i noticed using thrusters to move around seems to generate a lot of heat. now my ship runs with with G5 clean drives and a G5 low emissions power plant, i can...
  10. Cmdr 0ppr3550r

    Suggestion: Planetary survey mission

    Thank you for taking time to read my very first suggestion on the forums! This morning i was thinking about flying in canyons, skimming across the surface, flying next to cliffs, ... which gave me a mission idea similar to the "scan outpost" missions: Main idea: The mission's goal is to survey...
  11. S

    Please help with planetary landing missions?!?!

    Hi all, I hope I'm posting in the right area for this, I don't use forums in general much. I took out my first mission that involved landing on a planet and deploying the SRV. I had to scan something in a base. My friend told me that I had to disable gun turrets to get anywhere near the thing I...
  12. A

    Please bring back some v2.1 planet surface looks (screens in attach)

    Hi I decided bump up this topic again, due to news about available coming planet's surface changes. (with still little hope) Here i upload again screens of two good example of beautiful type (in my opinions at least) of surfaces, which was remove in v2.2 1. System 10 Canum Venaticorum, planet...
  13. Trumplestiltskin

    Less Tedious and Mind-Numbing Surface Material Gathering

    Alright, I'm on my way back from Arm's End. It takes a great many boosted jumps to get out there, over 31 for less than a 2kly stretch of the 6.5 or so kly of sparse stars. Fortunately, through divine intervention or sheer luck, there also happens to be quite a few Jumponium-rich systems out...
  14. N

    Automated Discovery Scanner

    Before you shoot me down: I simply believe pressing and holding a mouse button down for an arbitrary amount of time is not engaging gameplay. This is especially true with an unlimited range scanner. Remove the need of making a fire group for this, and make it charge up and honk (don't wan't...
  15. Melkundu

    A more interactive detailed surface scanner 🔭🌎

    I'm currently coming back to the bubble from Colonia, and while scanning the odd system I thought that the the detailed surface scanner could be more interactive. It should be activated manually, and show some kind of overlay like the interdiction one. Keeping the target body steady in the...
  16. A

    Different SRVs

    Modification of SRV depending of purposes right on board of ship. The modification patterns could be: - by properties [speed/tank/fight]; or - by fields of usage. But it's better not to limitate freedom of action and implement the possibility of flexible modification to gain aims needed.
  17. J

    Worse graphics content - planets surfaces

    I would like to ask, why is the surface of planets worse then in 2016?! It looked amazing in 2016. In these days, every planet has almost same color, worse surface. Where is the reason to make visuals worse?! :(
  18. StuartGT

    Cargo Hatch Disrupter... LOVE IT! The peek of the week is awesome! It'll fill my Pampers when a pirate launches one of them at me, good god! Will there be any way to defend? Target the Disrupter and fire lasers/missiles/etc? Will we see a Cockpit...
  19. Sterlino

    The Mining discussion thread.

    Someone, time ago, started a thread about of ''what you will first do in game ?'' Well i think that the first thing i would like to do in game is : to buy a good ship and try to start a space mining career. Do you wanna know why i almost hate all the recent MMO games ? the combat. I would...
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