Patch Notes Update 2.3 Beta, Update 2.1

Brett C

Hi everyone,

With the latest beta release (2.3 Beta 2.01), we’ve enable the new multicrew feature. We are aware of various issues that are revolving around multicrew currently. Please note that these issues will be fixed in due time. However, at this point, we’ve decided to allow our beta testers to have at it, so we can start compiling any additional issues that get reported. With a feature this complex, this is very much a beta test... we implore you to make sure you raise bug reports for problems you might encounter in our bug reports forum here.

As always, we’ll be closely monitoring the situation, and if it proves that multicrew has too many issues for the moment then we’ll disable it and hammer away at it some more for a future beta build.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

  • Enabled multicrew.
  • Fix to correctly handle race condition when router type discovery takes longer than mtu discovery
  • Don't try and handle invalid IPV6 addresses
  • Collect direct telemetry on all IPv6 sync attempts
  • Prevent over-counting sync attempts in network statistics due to switching to Turn
  • Exclude Teredo addresses when looking for an IPv6 network connection
  • Fix credits for beta test starter pack
  • Adjusted the amount of exploration ranking awarded from selling exploration data to be 50% of the credits value, 20% of the credits value of Passenger Sightseeing missions and 40% of Long Distance expedition missions
Woooow Multi Crew time!!!!! I'm sure the issues will be a pain but you know what they say.... no pain, no gain.
Woooohoooo, shame i'm at work :(

Same :(

And I just transferred the last beta update to a USB stick for my PC that wont patch so I gotta do that again!

Anyway, look forward to testing this out later. Need to make some new friends since my current wing men don't have Beta...
So you're a bit nonplussed about the update then?

Cool as a cucumber ..


Right choice, you'll get a lot of additional issues reports anyway, so no point in trying to hunt the very last knew bug, you'll have to rework the code anyway.
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