2.3 dev update feedback mega thread

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My feedback - When will we see non combat Multi-crew?

Also a question, will I see my NPC co-pilot in 2.3 or will they still be hidden - To put it another way, will the other chairs on the bridge only ever be filled will Human Players?
Oh I have feedback for the devs!!!!!!

Let me take a moment to collect my thoughts, calm down, and try to present this in a non-hostile positive way....

EDIT: Okay, I’ve added my collective thoughts and suggestions on 2.3’s multicrew to the thread, see below for them in post #84:


Putting it here for more visibility on the front page:


OKAY, feedback. Since this is a 2.3 feedback thread I’ll keep my discussion to 2.3 stuff, namely the headline feature of Multi-Crew.

Let’s start with the summary:
Multicrew should be more than just a combat only feature, and Frontier should have included roles and positions to do more than just shoot things with it.

While I will say that multicrew currently sounds pretty sweet from a combat point of view, this new feature could have given new gameplay to many playstyles in the game, not only combat but including trading, mining, and exploration. A large percentage of the players do not play combat regularly, in fact combat isn’t even the style that is played the most:

A combat only multicrew is extremely limited in usefulness and by design alienates a huge percentage of Elite’s players. Frontier desperately needs to start considering players other than the combat crowd when designing new features for the game. This incessant combat only focus is hurting Elite overall, you need to balance development work better than that or the health of the franchise will suffer for it.

So, what other seats could be added to the multicrew feature which would broaden it’s appeal and give non-combat players ways to use it too?

Add an engineering station to multicrew.

Now, what possible duties could this new station have?

  • Navigation – Use the galaxy map to monitor and adjust the route, even search the local map for points of interest while the pilot flies the ship
  • Science – Allow the engineer seat to manually point discovery scanners 360°, giving the ship the ability to scan stellar objects in any direction. Also give the seat a way to boost scanning range via a minigame perhaps.
  • Mining – Allow the engineer seat to work the refinery, manually give collection drones targets to retrieve (without the drone self destructing afterwards). The engineer can also fire prospecting drones 360° around the ship, allowing the pilot to fly through the asteroids while the engineer searches for good rocks to mine.
  • Trading – In addition to the above navigation duties, an engineer seat on a trader would have access to a new info display which stores commodity prices for visitied stations, thereby allowing the engineer to actually search local systems for the best locations to sell carried cargo.
  • Damage Control – The engineer seat could work the AFMU and make repairs on the fly by carefully working the module page while the pilot continues to fly the ship.
Some other improvements that multicrew could use to make it better overall:

  • Add a new mining SLF which can mine & prospect asteroids. This way a ship with two commanders and a hangar on board could mine twice as fast and cooperatively! Note that only the mother ship is collecting ores.
  • Allow SRV’s to be manned by multicrews. This would transform surface base assaults into an awesome cooperative multicrew experience.
  • Increase the amount of crew from 3 to 4 total.
  • Give the option to switch helm control. Many friends would use this, it's risky but at least allow said risk if it's wanted.
The multicrew feature has much potential to improve Elite’s multiplayer experience for everyone, not just the limited group of combat players. Potential that the current 2.3 implementation completely lacks.

Is there any chance that Frontier is aware of this, or even planning to flesh it out in the very near future? I’m not talking S4 or later, I’m talking like in 2.3 yet or maybe 2.4? Because as it is now for 2.3, your new multicrew feature is going to barely be used at all by a vast majority of your players. There’s just nothing there for a huge amount of commanders.
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Makes sense!

And here goes...

While I have ZERO interest in the Multi-Crew feature itself... I am hoping that portions of its implementation, such as the more robust and improved version of the DeBug camera might actually bring some cool new abilities to everyone. Even those who play in Solo Mode and have no interest in yet another PvP/Combat focused feature addition. ;)

So... Taking a wait and see approach to 2.3 in the hopes that everyone will gain some benefits from the update regardless of their interest in the core feature itself.

P.S. I am also totally down with the INSTANT access to a friend's ship to facillitate efficient matchmaking for the MC sessions. To add some kind of delay would be stupid. So all those whining about this somehow breaking your immersion... Just carry on as you have been doing all this time. There is NOTHING contained in the Multi-Crew feature that will directly effect your gameplay or your immersion.

If you can't handle the "Idea" of such a thing existing in the game for others to benefit from, then you have far bigger problems to deal with than this "Video Game".
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Searching planets should become a whole lot easier and sociable with three people in a ship.
The pilot with their usual view through the windscreen.
The turret operator using a 'third person interface' with 'improved spatial awareness' and 'advanced sensor systems, allowing them three hundred and sixty degree tracking arcs'.
The SLF pilot flying patterns around the ship.

Those pesky alien ruins will have nowhere left to hide :)
The thing I'm really disappointed about is that it seems multi-crew is pointless for small ships.

Can FD remove the starboard station in my Cobra & give me two tonnes extra cargo?
I've refitted the lower section of my asp cockpit as a greenhouse to grow orchids in zero-G. It'll all be fine as long as I don't have a canopy breach
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Why is Multi crew a priority over actual content? We've barely anything to DO in this game. Why bother introducing new ways to DO it? None of the Mechanics is fleshed out, more less finished. Yet, instead of polishing up Exploration, Trade, Stealth/Smuggling and Missions, we get ride along mode for the same boring, repetitive grind.

And what's worse: all those play styles...And MC supports ONE of them. Which of course it's combat. Again.

When will the rest of the Sim receive some attention? Some depth?
I guess you're going to be moving the multitude of other threads to this one?

I'll start by saying, thumbs up for the multi-crew, then ask why the frak it seems we cannot switch roles?(though at a guess, it has something to do with ships being tied to accounts), I'd really like to switch roles for exploration, I'm not combat orientated, I get into a skirmish once in a while(expected), but it's not my thing, I got the game for the exploration aspect, letting someone else take over the helm for a couple of hours while on deep space exploration would be great, we can both have our eyes glazed over by the same old same.
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