Notice A statement on cheating in Elite Dangerous.

Good question. A player/commander's ship should be subject to destruction for blocking a port/starship base "mailslot".

In the incident I recall reading about, someone with a way-modded ship (modded as in "cheat") did the blocking and his ship could not be destroyed. This was done to make a point to FDev.

That's my recollection. Anyone please correct me if I am inaccurate.
I watched the entire event.

Dude god hacked his boat and stuck it in the slot. He was eventually pushed out by another commander. Dude's shields never dropped. Maybe an hour twenty total time?
Hello Commanders,

We wanted to take some time to address some of the concerns the community has raised regarding the use of cheats in Elite Dangerous.

Cheating in our game is something that we take very seriously, and do not condone. Using a cheat engine, mod, hack etc. is in direct violation of the Terms and Service and EULA agreed to by all players upon setting up a Frontier account. We support honest competition between players, different playstyles and each Commander’s ability to blaze their own trail, and we strive for them to be able to do this in a fair, safe environment.

We continuously work alongside our development and support teams to combat the tools that make cheating possible, and to take action against accounts found to be using them.

As with any online game, combatting cheating is an ongoing process, and something that we are always working against. We work continuously to review and improve the tools, tracking and the safeguards required in order to tackle issues when they arise. We are not able to discuss the specifics of tools and processes that we have, as this would give the cheaters a significant advantage in being able to circumvent these efforts.

When it comes to taking actions against accounts we have identified as using cheats, we review every report on a case by case basis. While there has been a level of discussion regarding these cheats within the community recently, we can assure people that the number of people using these are a very tiny number of players. We are still working on new and improved ways of stopping these cheats and tracking and measuring activity now and in the past.

We strongly advise that no player runs Elite Dangerous using a cheat client, hack, software mod etc as this will put your account at risk now, and in the future.

We also advise against promoting or publicising of any programs which claim to mod/hack or cheat for Elite Dangerous. Doing so can give players a false sense of legitimacy regarding these programs and ultimately lead to increased risk to players accounts. Rest assured that we continue to actively work on and address cheating in all forms and will continue to do so.

If you come across a player you suspect is cheating, please do use the in-game reporting tool to send us that information. You’re also welcome to contact our support team via a ticket to provide supporting evidence such as photos or videos.

Thank you for your time, and fly safe.
Just wondering, is it possible for me to get horizons without paying for the base game again?
It seems to me that FDev has lost control of one of its flagship games, ED.

I am fairly certain that most players who join a MMO game want to play with other players and FDev has lost control of that game environment (PvP).

A relatively small but very vocal and oh-so-rational contingent of gankers (we're good for the game; we teach new players that it's dangerous out there) seems to rule much of PvP. Does anyone other than FDev management actually believe the gankers' "rational" arguments for indiscriminately murdering other players? I don't. They're liars. They appear to be refugees from COD, Battlefield, and other games whose focus is murder, where all that matters is the number of kills a player makes. By continuing to tolerate their antics, FDev is de facto legitimizing murder as game play in ED.

I continue to ask myself:

In a semi-realistic, human populated galaxy, gankers would be classified as terrorists, tracked and relentlessly hunted by authorities until they were exterminated. Every time they were in Open Play, there would be markers, easily identified in the galactic map, showing their current locations. Not only would other players be able to track them as Bounty Hunters, but the local and galactic authorities would relentlessly pursue and attack them until they were exterminated.

Consider that ED is a game rich with opportunities to do many interesting and entertaining things. There are so many "professions" available to players. To choose murder as a profession is nonsense. Indiscriminate murder provides no income, no ranking (other than notoriety). Piracy is a profession; murder is not.

I have played games (COD, Battlefield, and others) whose focus is murder. Knowing that in advance, it was the norm and expected. However, those games were ruined by cheaters and I stopped playing them because of it.

My perception is that FDev is doing little to nothing about cheaters, gankers, and cheating gankers. I believe my perception is correct. When the ganker community starts complaining about cheating gankers, I think the problem must be pervasive (although this situation does warm my heart).

For rational people, everything we do or do not do, has a rationale, a payoff, a reward of some sort.

Ask yourself: What is FDev's payoff for essentially doing nothing about these problems that are significantly effecting game play and interfering with other players' ability to legitimately play this game?

It is my observation in Life that people do not stop ineffective/self-damaging behavior until their pain level exceeds their payoff. Only then does behavior change. I think this no less of corporations and other human organizations. Right now, it appears that FDev's pain level is not high enough to force it into appropriate, remedial actions.

I predict that until FDev is able to determine that its current state of relative inaction on these subjects is negatively effecting its corporate bottom line, nothing will be done to rectify them.
It is a game, open to any kind of gameplay. Go solo or PG if not happy. I don¨t get all the drama here...
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