Absent friends: a place to remember forum contribtors you liked who have seemingly stepped back...

Title says it all really, just a thread to ping an "o7" salute at contributors who have obviously "moved on"

I'll start the ball rolling with a couple of examples...

"Frenotx" - A great conversationalist who brought a lot of good ideas to the forums.
"Monk" - A wise player of good judgement who believe(d) in the long term vision of the game and actively helped work towards it, by diligently beta testing things properly, and offering sage and salient comments in the sometimes baying mob like conversations this forum spawns.
BRB let me check my friends list.

Szyzlack - very knowledgeable and friendly AEDC senior. Burnt out after the Dangerous Games.

Apos - Still around, but rarely posts. His articulate and fiery takes on inter group stuff was awesome.

Vectron - did a HUGE amount of work to build the Mahon PowerPlay economy and culture. His fiery blasts were always very well thought out, and his knowledge of game mechanics and strategy was better than most of the devs.

Thunda - Aka Suzy FlyBare aka Suzy NoPants aka Anarchick. This lass was one of the funniest and most articulate folks around. If you ever had the pleasure of being on an Alliance team speak with her, you’ll know.
One memorable phrase “I could flash a Vicar”. Sadly one day something happened and she wiped all her accounts and identities. Gone was her Wordpress and all the fun stuff she created.

Marra Morgan - Do I miss the hot Welsh dreadlocked pirate? Yes I do. I could never even spell her safe word, And when I talk with her prim imperial replacement Kari Kerenski - we mostly polish our guns at each other.

Ben Ryder - loved this weirdo. Like what sort of person would take on leadership of the Antal PowerPlay? Total fruitcake. Remember how Antal would acquire Control Systems ridiculously far from their HQ just because?

Cadoc - In the early days of PowerPlay he wrote a weekly summary of what was actually going on. The sort of thing that the community manager should be doing - helping everyone to understand the ebb and flow of elite politics. The sort of thing that Sagittarius Eye is doing.

Corrigendum - he had over a hundred GalNet articles published. I often had cause to disagree with him, but the place was better when he was around.

DarthBlingBling, Kermit Lephroag, and Rex Minerva - who can forget the glory days of the Diamond Frogs? They pulled some terrific stunts. Remember when they destroyed and exposed the Emperor’s Grace group? Emperor’s Grace were a Triple Elite player group with hugely inflated member numbers. Funny and aggressive I miss the Diamond Frogs.

Ollobrains - rattled Frontier’s cage so hard that they removed a whole game mechanic.

Gully Foyle - just a good guy with good things to say.

Mossfoot - again just good folk.

Chuckles in the background.
Gluttony Fang

Olivia Vespera - a huge asset wherever she went. First at Aisling PowerPlay and later at Canonn she did so many great and honestly weird things. She ran that big decrypting project that worked out all the Thargoid sites. She started a bank.

Princess Nia - SDC griefer queen.

Princess Jezza - a rolling car crash of LOOK AT MEEEEE, but fun. I’m still cross at them for derailing Vectron’s project to get close engagement from Sandro to fix PowerPlay. I miss that selfish beeatch.

Roybe - Remember the Lughe war? The glory days of Crimson State Group. Yeah. Dude.

Scarlet Ashcroft - short lived comet. Came on my radar and really made me sit up and pay attention. Never quite worked out what that was, but boy I was intrigued.

Sole Hunter - Spy, Griefer, master of short sarcastic wit.

Walt Kernan - the one who docks. First to Go Public with how the BGS works.

Can I also mention some folks who are still around who make life better here.
Jane Turner, Mangal Oemie, Ziggy Stardust, Schlack, Rubbernuke, Harry Potter, Ashenfox, Pan Piper, Saool, Spatula, Goose, Un1korn, and many others.
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Some good choices there...

Ben Ryder, the first to combat elite flying only keyboard - ie not keyboard and mouse, just keyboard. He created a binds set that is now in the game as "classic keyboard" or some such.

I had forgot about jezza...

scarlet - didnt she have some sort of tie into the col70 mystery via drew wagars books?

walts still on discord.

Olivia also dis some big wing experimentation trying to circumvent instancing through formation wing craft, as well as a rake oc stuff up in colonia, hadn't realise she'd gone, she was one of our playerbases best minds and will be missed.

Most of your choices are folks I like or liked, so yeah :)

Even harry potter / Beseiger - good guy, if it weren't for the fact he killed Salomé, after pledging to defend her, that was a majorly dishonourable move.
o7 and respect to Adeptus Kaze and Masagmarod. Both were regular contributors on the Xbox forums and quick to help and/or mentor new Cmdrs in the early days of Elite on Xbox One.

Also o7 to Apex Wanderer who just up and disappeared earlier this year.
Quite a few names i recognize there, but wouldn't have remembered on my own....terrible memory for names here.
A thing to perhaps keep in mind though, some folks seem to change their old (well-known) names and sort of "reset" their forum identity to start over.
It becomes obvious when you check their new profiles and see them post with profound knowledge well beyond their join date.
Also, their style of writing sometimes feels oddly familiar.
Their call of course, personally i just find that pretty silly. If i can't stand by what i said in the past, i'd just leave.
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