Additional info on planetary installation landing zones

Trying to figure out which landing zone I'm supposed to use when landing at a surface installation is something of a challenge, especially when teetering around in an Imperial Cutter & trying not to crater due to a high-g location. :D

I was thinking it'd be helpful to include a colored identifier on the small holographic display to aid in locating which pad to utilize. I've included a small mock-up I've made of what it could look like & attached it to this message as a PNG.

It'd be even more helpful (to me, at least) if my landing number and "elevator" could be colored differently from the others. Conceptually, it could be included as part of the ships' HUDs, so if you've lost your cockpit, you'd necessarily lose this information too (e.g., it's not the projectors on the pads themselves but an overlay by the ships' HUDs.)

Another addition would be if the "elevator" rings could be extended upward, at least when a ship draws near to (A) help pilots know when they're intruding on another ships' zone and (B) know when they're lined up over their own pad & can shed lateral thrust & begin vertical descent. The landing pad display only flips on a very close proximity & while very helpful for the final stages of landing, the extended "elevator" would be a useful middle-range element to the process.

Thank you!land.png
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