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I'm on holiday for 10 days now taking a much needed break from Elite and the perpetual chill of the English weather.

I'll have my iPad so I'll try to stay informed but I won't even attempt to edit the OP (one wrong slip of the finger and I could accidentally delete the lot). I may post the odd thing here in the thread (and feel free to post your own suggestions if I miss anything significant) and I'll update the OP when I get back.

o7 commanders!
Alec, you can delete my guide from your list if you want. After the changes to Engineers in 3.0 my Guide to Engineering for Exploration is obsolete. It's still somewhat beneficial for unlocking Engineers that have blueprints for modules used in exploring though.
welcome back to the lovely snow!
Snow? SNOW?!?!

Crap ... turn the plane around! :p

But seriously, bags WERE packed last night and I DO miss my wife so, to all my fellow explorers, terrestrial, galactic or otherwise ...

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The zombieapocalypse/cake-is-a-lie comprehensive beginners guide to Elite: Dangerous (in "manuals, guides and other stuff for new players") has been updated for Beyond Chapter 1.

Cmdr Dreamstate has added a glorious visual Guardian timeline to his "Guardian Research Division" thread (which can be found in "mysterious things and lore").

Trending: ToCoSo's superb collection of fan art ship scale images, new proposal for hot ships and modules and Bomba Luigi embarks on an insane heroic attempt to circumnavigate planet Wilson.

Edit: oh, and a new Buckyball Race is coming soon!
Edit: oh oh, and a new issue of MadRaptor's Galactic Geologist is out now!
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