1. D

    Can't find market

    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to this game, so bear with me. I'm trying to make some money by selling some goods. Under the 'also consumed by' tab a station or something was mentioned: 'Lugun Analytics Forum' in the HIP 91644 system. Here I could sell Gallite for a hefty profit. I turn up to the...
  2. JPGamingUK1

    Console Workshop Reuploads!

    Can you please implement a way for console players to stop reuploading our builds, coasters etc and passing them off as there own.... I don't spend hours tirelessly in my creations just for someone else to take all the credit. Below is a example of it, that coaster build is mine it's just been...
  3. Pumabear8

    Help with moving product to another account.

    I'll try to explain best I can the mistake I made, I purchased Odyssey direct from Frontier using my primary email, I then Purchased Odyssey for my second account via Steam, big mistake as my primary email is tied to Steam, as you can imagine Odyssey is not showing up on my second account, so...
  4. Noduran

    Paladin Consortium: Paladin Support Initiative

    Dear cmdrs, Paladin Consortium is proud to present our latest project: Paladin Support Initative The Paladin Consortium has decided to open its expertise to pilots and organisations, independently of their affiliation. If you are in need of help, or simply seeking advice, do not hesitate to...
  5. Timothy Turner

    Player minor faction application form “Odyssey” vs “Original/Horizons”

    Greetings, I have recently come across two different player minor faction application forms and wanted to know which one is the “most recent” and the one to use. A few questions: 1. Is the “Odyssey” form the standard form for faction applications regardless if Odyssey has been purchased...
  6. RiceDisplay

    Can't join wing/invite to wing?

    I just started playing Elite Dangerous. My friends play ED: Odyssey while I just play Horizons. My friend invited me to his private session, however, while playing, I couldn't join his wing. I tried inviting and he tried. The error message goes: "INVITE TO WING [UNREACHABLE]" *side note: nor...
  7. R

    my CPU is getting set on fire and i am using an i9-9900KF CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz

    for some reason my GPU which does most of the work seem fine running on a nice 40c to 58c even in our hot weather , the CPU however is doing 90+ when i my boots are on the ground , this is insane...i have no FPS lag what so ever and i just dnt get it i tried every graphical setting and nothing works
  8. B

    how do i get out of debt in the "Bailing Out" the 11th zoo in career mode? and how do i fix generators and habitats?

    i have watched a few videos on how to complete it now and followed them exactly but still can't get out of debt. and for some reason the generators and habitat walls constantly break even if there are no animals in the habitats the walls break after few mins i have restarted the game couple...
  9. S

    Cannot deploy a fighter with multicrew commander in fighter con role

    I try to deploy a fighter and select another commander, but he's unselectable, what I do wrong? Is it another the Odyssey bag?
  10. TheTerrorDragon

    When and how can I do ground missions with friends?

    Want to play Odyssey on the ground with my friends and inflitrate stations and kill some NPCS together. But somehow I can't find any squadron missions for it why?
  11. O

    Poor FPS and textures failing to load

    I can't achieve a playable FPS even on the lowest settings and textures are failing to load in properly so everything looks like a PS2 game. I'm within the system requirements, the performance shouldn't be this bad. Is there any news on when this will be fixed?
  12. X

    x52 Pro setup issues

    Hi everyone! So I just bought the x52Pro and allready have problems with it which I can't find solutions for online on my one, so maybe we can solve this together! 1. The software I got from the logitech support page is increadible laggy and unuseable for the first 5 minutes after starting it...
  13. C

    Ayuda por favor!! alineese con vector de escape

    Tengo un gran problema, estaba haciendo una misión de entregas y de repente mi nave comenzó a fallar, me sale alinéese con vector de escape cuando quiero usar la velocidad crucero, siguiente a esto me dice que la nave esta cargando exceso de temperatura y falla, estoy varado no encuentro ningún...
  14. C

    I need help for the Yamaguchi zoo (Career mode)

    I'm having a big issue with the Yamaguchi zoo in career mode (hard difficulty), I need to rise my education level because guests are unhappy with the education level of the zoo and I have to pay 20,000$ of refunds (they are happy on every other stat). My zoo is covered with cameras and I have 4...
  15. R

    necesito ayuda plis

    tengo un problema soy nuevo en el juego y estaba haciendo una mision de llevar un producto a otogine pero cuando estoy llendo me encuentro con el problema de que hay un planeta en medio no se como pasar por ahí alguien me ayuda plis
  16. Z

    Item Error on the E.D. Livery Store

    Hello fellow Commanders, My hope is that you can help me as this error has persisted for atleast two weeks now. I have raised a ticket with FDev over a week ago and created a new one with more detail of the problem. I have also attempted to raise a support ticket with Frontier Store - sadly...
  17. N

    Paid for rebuy & lost every upgrade

    Hi all, very new to the game. I’ve had a ship which blew up & was short on money to buy it back so it give me a loan. However my ship has lost every single upgrade. Like 10mill worth. how comes it gave me the ship but with no weapons??? I’m absolutely stuck with no way to make the money
  18. F

    Yaw into roll assistance needed

    Hello all, So I've recently gotten myself a HOTAS and found out that it has no twist function. I have been trying to figure out a yaw into roll function in the game but no matter what settings I use - Turning the X axis does only YAW irregardless of the sensitivity I set or either of the two...
  19. S

    Help with game window

    I am new to these forums so please excuse any mistakes I make here. I am having trouble fixing the screen on my game, and Frontier is no help. When I launch my game and it loads into the main menu, the screen is slightly to the right. This leaves the left side cut-off and the right side black...
  20. H

    I bought the DLCs but I can't find them

    Hi. I have the PS4 disc version of Planet Coaster and I just bought the Spooky and Adventure Bundle on the PS store. When I run the game and use Spooky items, it says I still don't have the Spooky / Adventure DLC. I tried renewing licenses and redownloading the game. I still can't access the...
  21. M

    Imperal Cutter Jump + Fighter

    Im searching for a Cutter Build with decent Jump Range for ez travel and the ability to fight and a SRV. Money is not a Problem and a little bit engineering is possible.
  22. M

    Elite Dangerous only start when switching network.

    So basically, my home wifi has 2 access points: The main router and my repeater. And for some particular reason, the game will only start whenever I switch between the 2 wifi. If I don´t do that, when I hit launch/play, the game will just stuck there forever, and the .exe will just stay at 30mb...
  23. EggyBoffer

    New Here, Some questions about forums!

    Hey fellow commanders! I'm new here :d, Gave the game a shot on stream about 2 weeks ago and fell in love with it, and now I've got a decent amount of friends playing it through me giving out free codes on stream for it haha! I played EvE Online for about 13 - 14 years, and this game is just...
  24. Blackweeaboojones

    Went away for a couple months now im stuck on someones carrier 5,000 lys from the bubble

    So i take a break because lets be honest after a few years playing this game getting the endgame ship i wanted i got bored the last thing i did was park on one of the billion carriers in San Tu and next thing i know this morning i log back in and im 5,000 lyrs from the bubble no fuel scoop the...
  25. S

    How to launch Elite Dangerous in VR?

    Got the game on Epic Games. Linked to my Steam account. Can't figure out how to launch it in VR on my HTC Vive. Help!
  26. W

    PC Commander Data Information

    I got the game when it was free on epic, but I plan on purchasing the game on steam so I can buy the odyssey DLC. Would I need to create a new commander through steam, or would my save from the epic store version carry over since it is also on PC?
  27. G

    Moving save file from epic to steam launcher

    Is there a way to transfer my saved game from the epic launcher to the steam launcher. I have run into a ton of issues with the epic launcher and this game and I'd like to move over to steam which is a more mature platform (and where I have 99% of my games already)
  28. Y

    No more content updates ?

    Hello, This is me or we dont had a new contents since March ? :s It should be cool to have some new contents FREE please, no DLC, there is so much things to do (dynamic queue path, new flate rides and roller coasters, aquatic battle, ...) Developpers, have you planned that ? Best regards
  29. calum523

    GUI Scaling not working

    The game GUI is massive and no config file lists the from this support site: LINK Could I please have some help with this issue? :)
  30. C

    Path grid

    Perhaps a sill question but how can I turn the path grid on on a PlayStation?
  31. Synoptik

    HELP: I can't claim Pilots' Federation bounty

    I have been looking all over the internet for a place to claim the bounty, I have tried interstellar factors agents but they do not come up with anything. refer picture :) I followed someone elses troubleshooting and ended up here. add me if more detail is needed to be said...
  32. M

    Issue with Screen Brightness - now resolved!

    Hey all, I have picked up the deluxe edition for the Xbox one x today, when it first loads the screen is lovely and bright but it quickly refreshes and suddenly goes very dim. I have tried tweaking the brightness etc and nothing makes a difference. Anyone else have this on their 4K tv? Thank you!
  33. R

    *FIX* for Micro-Management

    Hey everybody, I hope everyone is have a great time with Planet Zoo. I would like to start by saying this is a very thoroughly made game for how early it was released. I see a lot of complaints in the community about how the game is always played in pause mode, and after reading a few reviews...
  34. O

    Help Please

    Hello! I have been a CMDR in elite dangerous for years, on and off. In preparation for the new updates I was hoping to hop back into the game, but I am having trouble doing so through steam. When I open the game through steam, I am prompted to choose between ED, ED horizons, and VR. When I...
  35. Jeminyne

    Please Help: Guests won't load onto Monorail

    My guests won't enter the station, even though it looks ready to go and is waiting for them. I have "don't block station" checked on all four of my stations. As you can see, this station here has ALL the cars waiting. The other stations are empty, and have huge line-ups of people waiting. This...
  36. I

    Invert mouse x-axis

    Hello, I recently bought Elite Dangerous and would like to control my ship like I used to in Battlefield 3. Basically all I want is to invert the mouse y-axis AND x-axis. There is an option to invert the y-axis, but I can't find an option for the x-axis. Is there any way to achieve an inverted...
  37. Cosmic Acorn

    Xbox Controller button mapping issues

    I've played this a lot on Xbox, got PC long ago and am returning to this version for good. I'm trying to make my controller settings as close to what I had before, with some minor exceptions. For anyone here that's played with a controller with default console settings, you may know what I'm...
  38. Y

    Newcomer / Intro Need help finding a good control scheme

    I need suggestions for a beginner-friendly set of keybindings utilising the basic Thrustmaster USB joystick, and the razer Tartarus V1. however, just joystick and keyboard bindings would help massively. thank you!
  39. O

    Looking for help....

    Im a new player, just completed Mawson Dock, and was wondering if anyone has anything to help me start out. I enjoy RPGs and wanted to RP this game as much as possible. I would really appreciate anything at all such as profession ideas, faction or group invites/tips, money/equipment.... Anything...
  40. QBall

    Problem with Odyssey+...

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to try to get the IPD to display right. It seems like the game renders the IPD different from the real one (or SteamVR's), editing game files haven't worked and there's nothing in settings. It seems odd because I haven't many (any?) one else have this issue...
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