1. tavelpenguin

    PvP Interdiction Help

    I was in Sol next to the sun going to the station Abraham Lincoln in my Cobra MK III called Noble. I was interdicted by a player but I don't know what ship they were in. I read a lot about not getting interdicted so when I was, I submitted so I could high wake out of there. But when I came out...
  2. I

    Ship name issues

    Anyone else having issues with naming their ships in the livery??? Tried too in both my anaconda and my brand new type 10 and it no longer allows me to. Frontier !!! Any help would be nice
  3. salmonmarine

    Audio issue in Oculus when using a joystick

    I play with an Oculus Rift and a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. Sometimes, when I move the joystick in-game, I can hear the swooshing sound effect the Oculus menu makes when switching between options. I also noticed that pressing button 2 on my joystick, which I use all the time in combat...
  4. C

    Problem with launching game via Steam

    Hi, The issue I have is that when I launch the game via steam and chose ED:Horizons, the launcher opens up and tells me it requires an update. I carried out the manual update instructions and apparently steam isn't showing an update. I then decided to launch directly from the install...
  5. T

    Long Super Cruise (my) top speed caps 600c?

    Aparantly the max SC speed is 2001c. Without being near stars planets or stations, in a trip to a station 254kls why am I stuck at 600c? No I'm not using SCA... it's a waste of OI space
  6. Alexander Cluckers

    Squadron activities Ideas? Help

    Greet CMDRs o7, Looking for some fun ideas for events to organize for the squadron, looking for small scale events to large scale events. All ideas are welcomed! Have a great one, Alexander Cluckers o7
  7. M

    No 3D graphics adapter is available error....NEED HELP PLS!!!!

    Just bought this game and apparently have the necessary specs to run it. I have a GTX 750 ti and intel i5 and other people with the same specs can run the game. Ive tried multiple work arounds such as the screen resolution switch, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and reinstalling the game...
  8. A

    How to help newer players understand ship combat better.

    This may not be the best thing but this could be so extremely simple and would not require much coding or having to redo whole sections. The biggest issue for newbies and one of the main roadblocks and a major catalyst for quitting the game is combat. The training difficulty goes from 0 to 100...
  9. D

    Horizons not loading

    I'm trying to play elite but Horizons isn't loading, I've restarted my game multiple times and restarted my Xbox, while even cold restarting it, then I tried uninstalling and re-installing the game and that did not work either. Is there any solution for this at the moment?
  10. Zaxoosh

    No0b Experiences [New Idea]]

    I have a new idea💡!. This involves the ED community to send in your stupidest, most dumbest moments in Elite, for example - CMDR Name: Max Luna (Or Anonymous if you wish) Ship You where in: Sidewinder (May have to be a Sidewinder for cost reasons) What you did: I attempted to speed dock a...
  11. F

    The Paintjob on my Federal Gunship won’t load completely.

    I bought the tactical packs for all my CD ships, but when I got around to putting the livery on my Gunship, I noticed that the left front panel won’t change paint. It bothers me because I don’t know if it’s intentional or not. If it is intentional, that’s and doesn’t make sense. If it’s not...
  12. H

    Research on "Viewing Platform" frozen.

    I've had this problem since a week or so of having the game, I have reached the second island and I have tried the following: Restarting the Client Deleting the Station Deleting the Station then restarting Deleting the Station and swapping islands and building another Verifying Game Cache...
  13. Zaxoosh

    General / Off-Topic I have a predicament

    So im widely know as Zaxoosh, on my YouTube on the forums and in my faction, and on all my games, apart from Elite. So here's my issue I have all my progress on my account, named Max Luna however I feel like I should change it to Zaxoosh, which would require me to clear my save. I'm getting more...
  14. K

    Ships Passenger missions build help?

    Going to do some passenger missions, because if I do any more engineering I'll delete my CMDR and quit the game. I've enjoyed passenger missions without engineering before, and now I even have the FSD engineering already done for all saud kruger ships. Not sure if I should take the Beluga or...
  15. Zaxoosh

    Deletion Of A Thread?

    How do I delete a thread?
  16. Zaxoosh

    New group (EMCT Cats)

    Hi guys, last night I had a great idea, 'what if we setup a new ED group', so I did lol! Here we go: We greet with 'meow' We travel solo or in packs We explore We mine We are trained in combat We know trade, We are the EMCT Cat The back story of how the elite cats meet is on the discord...
  17. Zaxoosh

    Hey I need your help (Again)

    I have a choice between 3 ships, here we go: Type 6 - 1 million Keelback - 3 million Asp Explorer - 4 million Which one I'm looking for a good all rounder, so keep that in mind. Thank You!
  18. Zaxoosh

    Help Me Find An Interest

    Recently I've been struggling to find a job/career in ED. I've tried Bounty Hunting, Pirating...shh, Exploration (Excitement pending) and mining also passenger missions. Is there an other form of earning credits or just doing something. Thank You!
  19. P

    Destryoing a Genarator

    Hey, I just accepted a misson with the misson goal to destroy a genarator in a system. So I flew to this system and just noticed that the Ground station where I have to destroy this genarator not appears on the system map. I have checked that I am in the right system and if this station really...
  20. C

    Is there any way to sell all / buy full capacity when trading at commodities market?

    Right now I'm spending a significant amount of time just filling T9-heavy's cargo while holding down a button. It would be amazing to be able to just sell / buy all. Can I do this somehow? Is there some key binding or something?
  21. Switchd

    [LFG] New player LFG

    I purchased this game years ago but noone I knew played it, so it sat. I'm looking for a sci-fi game to play currently and I would love to give this game a solid attempt. Thus, I'm looking for a group/guild/gathering of people, to surround myself with while I play. I know nothing at all about...
  22. J

    FSS Keybind option missing

    I'm beginning with exploration and so I was going to bind the "Enter FSS mode" to a key so I could utilize it to scan systems. When I went to look in my controls, I could find all FSS-related controls except for the "Enter FSS mode". I've looked around the categories for the option but simply...
  23. CoyoteXStarrk

    Is the SLF fighter just REALLY bad early on or am I doing something wrong?

    I am grinding assassination missions in Rhea for Rep at the moment and I decided to try out the SLF on my Conda. So i went out and did what all the guides suggested and grabbed a harmless pilot to level up and so far I am having trouble telling whether or not she is actually doing anything at...
  24. N

    Newcomer / Intro stuck in system

    hi my friend just got a type 6 transporter and sold hess other ship and he used all hess money on storage and when he is trying to get out of the system its not leting him. can some one help me figher it out so i can tell him what to do. :)
  25. K

    [SOLVED] [Linux] Journal files

    Hi everyone! Alright so the game works fine with the latest Proton version, but I can't seem to find my journals anywhere. I like to save my progress on EDSM, being a part of DW2 and all that, so that's a real bummer for me. I've found some files called NetLog.XXXXXXXXXX.XX.log (with X being...
  26. Astro Mk.1

    Bug? Need Help.

    So i had this constant bug where everything shakes including the UI. It only happens in those stations that are spinning and not in the others. It's not totally game breaking but it's very annoying.I have asked FD support about this error in the game and they don't know what the problem might...
  27. publicstaticvoid


    Look.... I know you are hard at work playing with dinosaurs at the moment and all but I think we need a few bread crumbs, a mystery, something. A hint to undiscovered content, a lead in the direction of anything, you have that power! Isn't it great? I'm not saying I am bored or anything, I mean...

    Call for Explorers - NGC 188 now reachable

    EDIT: after a more careful look at it, it seems this was done through an exploit, so it is NOT possible to reach NGC 188 yet! it is also in very poor exploration spirit to use exploits to get to a place before everyone else.. I was recently shocked at discovering that on EDSM, it seems like...
  29. G-Dubya

    Pixel Bandits Security Force

    To Cmdr WiggyB, I am a reporter from the SAGi magazine and I am writing a article on piracy. I have watched all you4 piracy how to videos and would be very interested in talking to you for quotes and material for the article. If any Cmdr reading this knows where I can get ahold of Cmdr WiggyB...
  30. LanceLord

    Can't Enter Supercruise After Hyperjump Due to Overheating?

    Currently playing solo and silent running mode not on. 1. Was doing my final commodities trading run to complete a mission between Eranin 4 and Foster in Asellius system. Exited the hyperjump as normal. Instinctively slowed down while immediately veering away from the sun like I always have...
  31. byteslam

    Distress call by SEC, we need immediate help in WAR

    Distress call by SEC, we need immediate help in WAR, we are under attack. All CMDRs able to help in COLONIA, are requested to join SEC wings. Coordination HQ in Teamspeak:
  32. W

    Newcomer / Intro Hotas mapping question

    I have a quick question, I took a year break so I don't remember the answer. I have the Thrust master t1600m throttle and stick. One of the reasons I stopped playing is Elite decided to remap all of my controls, I know I should have had a back up saved but I didn't, I was ganked and went to...
  33. Flying Scorpion

    100,000,000 credits of mission rewards lost (help please)

    SOLVED! Thanks! I was in a wing and I have about 100 million credits worth of mission rewards...somewhere. I forgot where to go to get the rewards and the guys I was playing with aren't around anymore. How do I find out where to go to turn in the rewards? These were just random guys I bumped...
  34. J

    Power Shutoff Help

    Hi, I had an issue suddenly popup and I'm lost what to do. I'm messign around at a Nav Point and then everything shutdown saying I have no power. My oxygen is now at 16 minutes. I done a reboot but it says no modules repaired. The modules are all active but disabled because there's no power...
  35. Kelanen Alcatraz

    Distant Worlds II - The Outfitting Guide

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde Please contact Qohen Leth if you intend to use the DW2 logo for merchandising items; he will do his best to help you with the technical requirements. The DW2 logo...
  36. Un1k0rn

    Frag' cannons for n00bz.

    I really have little experience with these things, other than knowing they hurt when used correctly. Alas, I know this because I was the recipiant, not the giver, and I do not know how to correctly use frag' cannons myself. My skill level with them is 5/100. Oblivion players will understand. :)...
  37. J

    Message to Aisling Duval

    The feds are attempting to Prepare Talitha and exploit further with lies about equality when every one can see it is very well a tall-lie. (read on) Most media goes unheard in the area and is brushed under the table and hidden from the eye of the mass' People from all over can be witnessed...
  38. P

    Third party tools

    I recall using a website where you can put in the system you’re in and it’ll tell you about all the stuff around you, ELWs, black holes, systems that are worth a lot of money in exploration data, etc. the thing is I can’t remember what it was called. Does anyone know of a website similar to what...
  39. G

    Request for FDev or Knowledgeable clarification Re. Galnet Articles

    Is it actually possible to interact with the events in the galnet articles? I went following up on the "clue" in the burglary story, and went to the station with the start of that book tour, and I can't see anything which makes me think anything is happening, much less that I can interact with...
  40. B

    Help with thrust/throttle with Hotas on PS4

    Im using the Hotas 4 on my PS4 and so far I'm loving the difference. I am having a problem fine tuning one thing though. I'm working on my piloting skills and playing with using my thrusters, so I decided I wanted to set the throttle stick to thrust so I can control my movements better with FA...
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