1. B

    Franchise Mode Issues

    Hello guys, There's only me that is having some issues while playing Franchise Mode? I'm always getting disconnected, it gives me a message like "You lost the connection with the servers"(something like that), I in my first Zoo I could trade my animals like sell them to other people and buy...
  2. P

    Newcomer / Intro Need help and can't find another section of the forums to post this in

    Just got killed doing a delivery wing mission. The mission page, where it shows how much of the cargo you've delivered, still has the amount I was carrying partially filled in on the bar. Normally this is the amount I am currently carrying, but my cargo hold is empty. It's not letting me...
  3. S

    DBX Mining???

    Well I recently started Ed (last Thursday) and I need ....want more credits. Heard about mining but I just bought the DBX. My follow cmdrs can this work out??
  4. S

    Fsd help

    I just bought a cobra mk 3 and I was wondering how can I get the fsd to charge faster??? Help fellow cmdrs please
  5. Z

    Link accounts

    Hi, so i started and played this game for a long time on xbox however i have just bought the name on pc and i want to play my xbox game on it how do i do that?
  6. B

    Noobs in distress - Need help asap.

    Hi everyone, My friend and I have been playing ED for around 20h now. Since yesterday, we've been having issues getting into a wing. For example, I'd send him a wing request - it wouldn't pop up in his chat window. He'd send me a wing request - I would be able to see it, but wouldn't be able to...
  7. P

    Can you disable snapping in Edit Group Mode?

    I'm currently trying to build a Chinese themed roofing, but the snapping makes it impossible to place one piece the way I want. I really want to have the whole building in the same Editing Group, but the piece I want to use doesn't allow me to use X (Advanced Move/Rotate) which I need to place...
  8. N

    Crash When Exiting Supercruise

    I started playing about a month ago and I'm experiencing a frequent (but not 100% replicable) crash when I exit supercruise at a starport or when leaving orbital cruise during a planetary landing. When I exit supercruise, the starport pops up like normal, then the screen flashes a few times, and...
  9. Z

    Help in Cernobog please god

    There is an AI pirate that is following me everywhere and can chain interdict me. I cannot jump to a new system without them following, I cannot stay in normal space without them appearing, and just when I think I’ve finally lost them, they appear right in behind me and start chain interdicting...
  10. The Phyx

    Newcomer / Intro New/Returning Player Ready For Upgrade

    Hello, so I bought ED on sale a year or so ago, found the learning curve super hard, and gave up. Recently, I decided to give it another try to see what was updated/etc. To my surprise the tutorial and early game was much more clear, and now I'm having a blast! I am a very relaxed kind of...
  11. C

    Help me with the feeding plz!

    Hey! Ive got a problem with my zookeepers. They dont feed my animals so they all starve. Ive tried everything including remoing al the food enrichment from the enclosure and the keepers still just walk in and walk away without feeding... It's honestly just really annoying. Hope you guys can...
  12. C

    Animals just dont make it into their exhibits..?

    Hey guys, new to the game. I pre-ordered and have been enjoying it so far, but I'm repeatedly running into a problem that I just can't figure out? I'm hoping it winds up being a silly oversight on my end. When I go into animal trading to purchase an animal --keep in mind, I've got all my staff...
  13. E

    Is anyone else having a nightmare with Steam cloud saves?

    As the title suggests I'm having an absolute nightmare getting my Planet Zoo progress to consistenly back up to the cloud. The last computer I played on suggests that the latest progress is backed up to the cloud but when I check the cloud save file size and progress on a second computer none of...
  14. T

    Market fix?

    So I've been unable to use the market since freaking yesterday, all my friends are able to buy and sell whatever they like. For me it won't even load... Is this going to be fixed any time soon because this sucks... a lot.
  15. A

    Planet Zoo: A Comprehensive Guide

    So you didn't do the tutorial-- or maybe you did and you just missed something. Regardless, here is everything you need to make and manage a zoo that can keep animals and guests happy while creating a conservation effort.
  16. A

    Zoo turned all weird

    So I was playing on my save, which worked fine the whole time, I took a break for one hour and when I opened my game again (and that save) this happened to the zoo: and this happens...
  17. G

    Account not being detected

    So a friend of mine gifted this game to me via code and I successfully redeemed it and installed it. While this was going on I also created a frontier account and linked the two. Now when I auto log in via steam it just gives me the demo version to play. I have tried all methods in the FAQs...
  18. C

    Small Animal Enclosure Problems?

    I don't know if I'm being dumb? I bought a little enclosure and got some Golden Poison Frogs.. My issues are, I can't find a way to lower the humidity? And also are they automatically fed and watered because when I've tried to place things they're half in the wall or floating outside?! Help!!!
  19. S

    Need help, the animals looks like totally blurry!

    With me, the animals, rocks, trees .... are not displayed correctly. It looks totally blurry, as if the graphics are not loaded properly yet. Have already looked around in the options and tried it but it does not change, despite Ultra settings. Does anyone have the same problem? Have already...
  20. L

    I can’t access my old Franchise

    I spent 26 hours in the beta making my franchise and the resume button shows my old save, but when I go to “Franchise” it doesn’t show on the list. When I click the resume button, my zoo loads for 1 second and then fades out. Is there any way to recover this save and have it correctly in my...
  21. R

    I can only play demo?

    Hello, so I purchased the game from g2a, the key worked, but when i load up the launcher and log in through steam, it only lets me play the demo instead of the full game. Is there any fix to this cause i really wanna play
  22. S


    so i bought the game for my friend on steam, i love the game but have none of my friends to play with. i bought him the game on steam and gifted it to him. he made an account, even bought the dlc, because i told him it was worth it..... but now he cant even play because it says this to...
  23. B


    The career level doesn't teach anything about financises and research. Has any one figured these things out?
  24. T

    Can't Deploy into Fighter... Help Please!

    Hello! I bought the fighter bay and hired a crew member, and a friend joined me in multi-crew, but it is not giving me the option to deploy myself into a fighter, it only gives me the option to deploy the AI as a fighter. Any reason why I can't pilot the fighter myself?
  25. M

    Freeze on Image but not Sound

    I have a problem that I didn't have before, I have at least 10 hours played, and this error started recently. As soon as I enter the game the image freezes, but I still hear the sound of the game normally. Often a Direct3D error message pops up, stating the error and saying that my graphics...
  26. StephenRhys

    Can’t access Squadrons on Xbox

    Can anyone advise? I am on Xbox (gold live account and horizons) and I can’t access the Squadrons tab on the Systems Panel. The button with the Squadrons logo is greyed out on both Open and Solo mode?
  27. CMDR Jolene

    engineering limpets

    some what new to the game, i have just unlocked the sarge and just noticed he does collector limpets. I am looking at the reinforced upgrade but have some questions. does the upgrade affect the limpets themself or does it just effect the module itself? 300% more integrity on the limpets when...
  28. C

    Can not upload my parks and objects in the Steam Workshop.

    Hi I currently have a very annoying problem. So if I want to upload my park in the Steam workshop the error message always comes up: Error uploading the park. If I also want to upload an object comes exactly this error message. I hope you can help me . Yours sincerely crusty
  29. Onionbolt

    PVP Interdiction question

    I recently switched from Solo/Group play to Open play and on my first day I ran into a random commander who interdicted me. During the interdiction while still in supercruise I noticed that even though I kept my reticle at the escape vector (at max speed) my "escape meter" kept going down, even...
  30. Vovva The Bluehaired

    [LFG] Stupid Idea That I Want To Perform

    I'm currently flying home from my 8 months expedition and while doing multicrew combat breaks got a stupid idea of getting Deadly Combat Rank being in the void. I'm on Dangerous 84% for now and by my approximations need to kill about 200 deadly-elite ships to promote. I've got 2% with my friend...
  31. D

    [Help] Blender 2.8 exporting issues - Incorrect rotation and lighting on objects in-game!

    With the update of blender to 2.8 the two different exporting options (Binary 7.4 & ASCII 6.1) have been removed. I have tried to export simple objects FBX using all different variations of rotations (of Z,Y,X,-Z,-Y and -X) but it makes no difference in-game. Still the same incorrect lighting...
  32. tavelpenguin

    PvP Interdiction Help

    I was in Sol next to the sun going to the station Abraham Lincoln in my Cobra MK III called Noble. I was interdicted by a player but I don't know what ship they were in. I read a lot about not getting interdicted so when I was, I submitted so I could high wake out of there. But when I came out...
  33. I

    Ship name issues

    Anyone else having issues with naming their ships in the livery??? Tried too in both my anaconda and my brand new type 10 and it no longer allows me to. Frontier !!! Any help would be nice
  34. salmonmarine

    Audio issue in Oculus when using a joystick

    I play with an Oculus Rift and a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. Sometimes, when I move the joystick in-game, I can hear the swooshing sound effect the Oculus menu makes when switching between options. I also noticed that pressing button 2 on my joystick, which I use all the time in combat...
  35. C

    Problem with launching game via Steam

    Hi, The issue I have is that when I launch the game via steam and chose ED:Horizons, the launcher opens up and tells me it requires an update. I carried out the manual update instructions and apparently steam isn't showing an update. I then decided to launch directly from the install...
  36. The Black Pearl

    Long Super Cruise (my) top speed caps 600c?

    Aparantly the max SC speed is 2001c. Without being near stars planets or stations, in a trip to a station 254kls why am I stuck at 600c? No I'm not using SCA... it's a waste of OI space
  37. Alexander Cluckers

    Squadron activities Ideas? Help

    Greet CMDRs o7, Looking for some fun ideas for events to organize for the squadron, looking for small scale events to large scale events. All ideas are welcomed! Have a great one, Alexander Cluckers o7
  38. M

    No 3D graphics adapter is available error....NEED HELP PLS!!!!

    Just bought this game and apparently have the necessary specs to run it. I have a GTX 750 ti and intel i5 and other people with the same specs can run the game. Ive tried multiple work arounds such as the screen resolution switch, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and reinstalling the game...
  39. A

    How to help newer players understand ship combat better.

    This may not be the best thing but this could be so extremely simple and would not require much coding or having to redo whole sections. The biggest issue for newbies and one of the main roadblocks and a major catalyst for quitting the game is combat. The training difficulty goes from 0 to 100...
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