Anarchy Faction influence Working differently in 3.3?

I've noticed an odd behavior in the bgs that I want to see if anyone else has run into. A buddy and I have been concertedly supporting an anarchy faction, and have, in the days since the reset, watched the faction's support swing wildly, and very unpredictably.

In short, we have been running a large number of high influence missions and smuggling for a faction that started around 5% influence, and despite this, have witnessed it's influence either increase by tenths of percentage points, or fall quite precipitously for such a small faction. Last tick it fell over 3% despite us working for the faction just about all day. That's a fall of over 50%.

It feels like the influence aspect of the BGS is not operating Properly. Do anarchy factions require different ways to support them now? Is none else seeing similar issues in their systems?
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