Work In Progress Animatronic Butterfly

The best Toolkit-Scenery I have seen. I hope to see more animated scenery from you in the future.
If you make moving plants, it would be very nice.
Thanks! I have a helpdesk ticket in for it at the moment; I keep getting errors on upload. I was able to get a static version to upload, but I'd really like to release the animated version!

What kind of moving plants do you mean, blowing in the wind? Or like monster plants a la Audrey II? (Ooooh, that's going on my list...)
Sorry it took a little while to get everything sorted out, but my butterflies are up! Hopefully future items will not take 36 revisions, heh...

There are two animations and two sizes of each; see the thread in "Completed Items" here:!?p=246314

Great Work Very Nice, May I ask How many polys/Tris for the model.
7,976 tris, I had to reduce it a bit to get under the 8k limit for the Toolkit.
7,976 tris
That sounds a lot?

I wonder what the in-game animated assets are in terms of poly count. I mean like the spider, and crocodile etc, I would have guessed well under 8k, more like 3 or 4k but maybe not?

Really cool model anyway!
The TMT has a limit of 8k, so that's what I was going by. Keep in mind many of us are new to this, going by the limitations in the guide and learning as we go. I'd love to know what the poly counts are on PlanCo items too; we should know whenever they are able to release the sample files!
These butterflies are stunning.

Downloaded them yesterday and had a quick play to see what they were like. The move in a very realistic fashion and the fact that you can recolour them makes them even better.

Hats off to SarrahW - can't wait to see what you can create next.
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