Announcing FleetComm, the exploration-focused Private (pc) Group

Last time I asked on their Discord channel, I was told this expedition is "EDSM only," so maybe we just don't get to be official cool-kid-club members. :p
Don't get this wrong: The SIGNUP for that expedition is on EDSM. Doesn't have anything to do with private groups or platforms. Although the main bulk of players, including us organisers, will be playing in fleetcomm.
Hi, application sent in via google documents, looking forward to getting involved in some community exploration - new to ED but a fond player of the original 80s :)
CMDR Sorearm
I applied to participate in the Apollo 11 Anniversary Expedition and I saw that to participate in the event I have to enter your private group of the Elite Dangerous game what do I have to do to get in!?


Application sent.
Thank you o7
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Applied yesterday for my second account Tyko, now realised I provided same email address as my main account Jorki who is already a member of Fleetcom :oops:.
How do I correct the email address/application?

edit: sorted- thanks Satsuma!
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Just finished the long application. First Exploration trip. Ship fully engineered - Extra materials - First paint job - Perseus or Bust! o7
Hello, commanders! We are happy to announce the addition of the FleetComm PS4 private group! The application link for this group is in the original post. We have an XBox private group in the works, and will add that soon, as well!
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