Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch Notes

Woohoo.. upgrade in progress!!!

See you in the black.... in a while... when it's actually upgraded... possibly..
Grape is an awesome pilot...but I don't need anyone to tell me what my eyes can see for themselves, and knew before Grapes video...
This statement alone shows that there is lacking PvP knowledge. Just join GCI and learn how to PvP please.
I am eagerly awaiting the update. Then I have to update Voice Attack and all my HCS Voice Packs. Here's to a successful update, keep up the awesome work.
NOTICE TO STEAM USERS: Update is available on Steam NOW.
If you don't see it. EXIT STEAM (PC users click on the icon in the system tray, right click on it and hit EXIT). Wait 10 seconds, restart Steam. The update will pop up and start.
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