Notice ARX and Frontier Points Conversion

8400 ARX - 4.99 GBP
x2 = 16800 cost £9.98

16,800 ARX - £9.99

This is 1 penny more expensive and is a disincentive to buy the larger pack.

I know its only a penny, but pennys make pounds and the Scots and Yorkshire folk will be apoplectic ;)
They dare not announce the price of paint in ARX, or there might be a run on the shop in real money and they'd have no digital paint left :D
That kind of implies the price is going up.
It doesn't matter to me; I'm only ever going to buy them individually and only for my favourite ships. If I don't like the price I'll wait a few months to accrue free Arx.
I'll never spend another cent in the store unless the amount of Arx received in a package is equal to or perfectly divisible to the Arx cost of the cosmetic. Example: If a paintjob is 6k Arx but the smallest packages only come in 5k or 8400 Arx.... then Fdev can kiss my and I'll just milk free trickle of Arx per week.
Hello Commanders,

There was an error in the original pricing for Pack 5, we have now corrected that in the text and the image.

Buying 2x 25,500 is cheaper than buying 1x 51,000 in all currencies.

Also buying 2x 8,400 in GBP is cheaper than buying 1x 16,800.
  • 5000 ARX - 2.99 GBP / 3.49 EUR / 3.99 USD
  • 8400 ARX - 4.99 GBP / 5.99 EUR / 6.99 USD
  • 16,800 ARX - 9.99 GBP / 10.99 EUR / 12.99 USD
  • 25,500 ARX - 14.99 GBP / 15.99 EUR / 18.99 USD
  • 51,000 ARX - 29.99 GBP / 32.99 EUR / 39.99 USD
  • 85,000 ARX - 49.99 GBP / 54.99 EUR / 59.99 USD
Well, fun aside. I paid dunno how much for ED (maybe 30 GBP ?). After that, I bought the Lifetime Pass for (IIRC ?) 120 GBP. It is 150 GBP total.
Now, I have something like 1800 hours in ED. 150/1800 = 0.083 GBP/hour = 2.3 CZK/hour - it is a very fair price for one hour of fun. For a comparison, one movie theatre ticket for one movie like "Star Wars" is 250 CZK here (not counting popcorn and cola).
Now imagine what would happen if x ARX meant anything.
Lol I guess the point being made is that the prices, although relative in themselves, seem strangely thought out. I mean why offer any discounts at all if you then for some reason keep other, higher value packs the same as double(slightly more) than the lower pack.
Well, we saw at the end of Adam's session that he had earned 12 ARX, with a breakdown of how he earnt them. 9 from exploration, and 3 by other means

Based off what I estimate to be around of an hour of him being logged in to that account we can guess how much we can earn by playing the game

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