Best home system

I don't know why, but I don't really like to pick a homesystem based purely on convenience (plus, I'd like to be able to influence the BGS in my homesystem. Picking one where a lot of cmdrs already live makes that pretty hard). So I went for a slightly more random choice. It had to be in ALD space though.
So I chose Heinkel City in Almad. One of the first CG's was there and I kinda liked the system. Nothing really special, but it's a high-tech station not too far from the main star. And it's pretty close to the edge of the bubble. Don't know why but I just kinda like that.

I also got a second home on the opposite side of the bubble. Not really practical, but at least it gave me a new goal: setting up two fleets of ships.
I've been at Jameson Memorial for ages. Before that it was Al-Haytham Enterprise in LHS 350. I consider both to be my preferred systems for buying, trading, and such.
I picked a "Home System" well before powerplay or anything, and these were my criteria:

- Multiple, complimentary economies in the one system; in the case of the one I picked, Extraction and Agriculture, as opposed to Extraction and Refinery, or Refinery/Industrial
- Diverse neighbouring economies to ensure most commodities are available.
- At least two High Tech systems nearby to ensure a diversity of fitting options.
- Diversity of faction flavours, both in terms of superpower allegience and government type in the region.
- Relative equidistance to Alliance, Federation and Imperial space
- Relatively remote to ensure low traffic.

Thanks to things like FSD boosters and engineering, everything useful is within 3-4 jumps now.
Hamilton Gateway in Wolf 406 simply because its 2ls from a Haz res and the alliance bounty feeds Todd who is one jump away.

FYI 20m Alliance bounty gets you to level 5 with Todd.

Even tho the requirement to drop levels after adding an experimental is gone I like Wolf 406 and they like me, I have murdered many many pirates there :)
I tried to set up in Sol, but there was such a heavy penalty in missions and rep-building (because surrounding systems will never generate missions for a permit system) that I gave up.

So my home base is a high-population hi-tech station orbiting pristine-metallic rings
By sheer dumb luck, one of the nearby moons has all the materials in one place for level-2 FSD injections :D
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My main doesn't have a "home system", and never did. I live out of my ship. With an Elite rating, I do usually use the facilities at Shinrarta Dezhra for fittings and storage, but I almost never take missions or otherwise involve myself with the local affairs there.

My alt is pledged to Denton Patreus, but I still tend to jump between Achenar, Eotienses, and a number of other systems in Imperial space to find missions.

I honestly find the whole concept ridiculous. We have FTL space ships. Our greatest asset is in the fact that we can hyperjump from system to system.
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