Patch Notes Update Beta 2.06 incoming

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By 17.30 BST Beta 2.06 will be available for download. The devs have spent the last few days looking through thousands of ticket logs, crash reports and forum posts in order to come up with fixes for some pressing issues.

The change log for 2.06 can be seen below:

- Ensure correct flag set when there are repeated authority transfers
- When starting docked, start in your own island
- Prevent ambient NPCs spawning before player is ready
- Tighten key and seed generation flow
- Add thread locks to protect against threading issues on server
- Additional docking logging
- Increment network protocol version

On top of these changes, a few server-side updates have been implemented. You can see the details below:

- After the weekend's excellent testing, we've made some more performance improvements to the Exploration Servers. In particular, the Universal Cartographics shop should respond more quickly.
- Fixed a softlock whenever a Commander purchased a different ship.

Thanks again for every single minute of the game you've played, commanders. We look forward to reading the feedback you have on Beta 2.06.
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Well that interrupted my stream on twitch, thank goodness I'm back in with plenty of time to complete my missions in my new ASP. What a lovely ship she is too.
Still no fix for not getting money refunded on upgrading parts, I see.

Just upgraded Power Distribution and was supposed to be getting 22,000 for old one, what did I get Nada, zilch.
I hope this fixes the CTD I get whenever I hyperspace in Open play. I'm missing interacting with the scum of the galaxy in solo mode! ;)

I look forward to testing it :)

A slight improvement. crashing to black screen instead of the desktop when exiting supercruise :(

Scratch that - still crashing out to desktop when entering exiting supercruise / hyperspace.

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Aaaaaaand still no fix for the lighting bug. You guys are killing me... :(

Still... good work on the other fixes.
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