Patch Notes Update Beta 2.2 - Update 6


I keep in mind

- Increased Module Storage size to 60 (<--- it is a good move forward but not enough yet)
- Tune credits costs of Ship and Module transfer ( YES !!!! I hope the tune was tuned "down" ???? )

And also, heat rebalancing and incendiary ammo.
Hello all,

Sandro said the mission board would be updated in the last stream with a refresh or something? he also said it should be in this beta. Any news on that?

Good stuff Fdevs and take care
- Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed

That's not those vertical bars either side of the screen is it? Losing them was a great step forwards!

Please remove them. They are burnt into my retina! Even if I lay off Elite for a few days those lines are still there!
If you are not going in with a plan and looking expressly for some of these and throwing out what you know you won't need, you will be in for a buttload of disappointment.

yeah... choices. They suck. Just give us everything at once. Hell... why not even auto-upgrade all modules to max while you are at it.

Not Joking:
Choices are part of any game. Those to make the best decisions lands in better spots.

A personal note to you:
Its obvious you dont like the way "things are" currently. We know that since each of your posts sound increasingly more infantile in entitlement and sometimes in wording as well.
Please take a deep breath and ... try to enjoy things. Your tone will not affect any change. It will only add to your own anger and internal degrading.


- Fixed incorrect landing volume for Type 7
- Cannot see Tail Shipkits on Vulture in Outfitting due to camera angle in VR fixed
- Fixed some mapping issues on the Cutter
- Audio: Ship drives silent when respawing over planet surface having died in SRV fixed


has this been asked before??

i cant buy shipkits for the vulture and i can't use them without buying in beta 6.

question: is this for us to test?
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Just tried the I Fighter out in Beta 6, like the new gimballing weapon barrels, don't like that side holoscreens still completely obstruct side windows. They should be moved so the upper edge of holo is at the lower sill of the window.
- Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed

That's not those vertical bars either side of the screen is it? Losing them was a great step forwards!

I kinda liked them being gone too. No big deal, I guess, but yeah :)
- New upgrades!

- Where are they?! (Batman voice)

- You whould not let to do them by any random enginer (Batman voice)

- Where are they?! (Batman voice)
I believe its a UI consideration, they believe many more than that will become unwieldy and then everyone will hate that more. Not sure if thats true, but someone always complains about something so probably. Still 60 seems like enough for your average player I imagine. I can only think of about 20 modules I currently would like to always keep and I have engineered more than most i believe. I guess it depends on how many ships you like to engineer up.

I have to ask; since there's already a perfectly viable way for the UI to display countless modules, the categories view that the shop uses which can obviously handle displaying every single module in the game since it does so at Founder's, was there any pressing reason that the same type of display couldn't be used for module transfer? That would surely support more than 60 modules and allow players to find things easily by splitting them into gear types and allowing the same sorting order filters that we can apply to the shop.
- Audio: Fix for silent ambience on a secret thing

Can ambience be silent?
Is the fix making it silent, or preventing it being so?
Can you talk about the secret thing and have it still be secret?

When are the Python ship kits coming?!?

(ok, that last one was all me..)
Concerning ship transfer; what about having the possibility to have our ship transferred to ANY system instead to the target system to be locked _only_ to the system where we are docked in?

As it is now, it means you have to reach a system once "the hard way" before being able to transfer ships there, which I'm okay with.

Granted, I can FedEx something to China without ever having been there, so I could see it the other way too.
- Audio: Fix for silent ambience on a secret thing

Ooohh, secretive ;)

ah, but are "secret things" the same as "mysterious things"??

the previous changelogs all referred to mysterious things, and I've been surprised at the level of non-discussion about it. Granted there's not much to discuss given the vague references in the changelogs, but that doesn't usually stop the forum going into overdrive and speculating wildy!

To be honest, I've been expecting a few polls about whether mysterious things are too mysterious/aren't mysterious enough, whether people think they're overpowered or perhaps of course an open letter or two with advice to FD about what mysterious things need to be to prevent Elite's doom.
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