Patch Notes Update Beyond - Chapter Four - Beta (Week 1)

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Beta Login Failure

Is anyone else having issues logging onto the beta server?? Today I keep getting "LOGIN FAILURE" message and then the launcher shuts down. I can log on to the normal game server, no problem...
do you mean the ;ittle flashes - sort of like when leaving a planet base when you havepassed 'critical altitude' (whatever that meanss) ?
I've had a few of these while in system-hyperdrive - wondered what they were.
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Yep the disconnects are pretty bad.
You can see a fair bit of the new stuff in the training missions and challenges.
I agree - assorted and miscellaneous 'failed to connext to the PickAStrangeName server ... some times re-rtying works - sometimes not & = reboot.
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ooh! I have about half a dozen advanced scanners in module storage - guess I'm due a nice little bonus! Be nice to get even more, as I've had most of them G5 engineered and stripped down :)
In which thread are the bug alerts?! I found some little bugs in the VSS and the keymap setup

Hi Folks,

I hope someone can tell me exactly where i can put the bug descriptions...
THX... I am not so often in this Forum...

Regards Thunder
Hello folks,

I've updated the patch notes with an additional point:

  • Orca, Dolphin and Beluga optional internal slots no longer restricted to just passenger cabins.
Interesting. This will make the Orca much more viable for fuel ratting than previously. Ratting with style, that is
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