Patch Notes Update Beyond - Chapter Four - Beta (Week 1)

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Enjoyed reading the patch notes, got a few questions though:
- delivery Wing Mission payout increased - by how much?
- Massacre mission target reduced - by how much? Already a big thank you though.

They also mentioned we'd get like an SC boost or something, so we don't have to fly for ages to get to distant planets -has this been implemented?
There is no such thing as a "SC-boost" planned. You're probably talking about the new exploration system. As long as you don't want to use probes, you can scan planets from afar now, without moving through SC.
At first I was annoyed, but now I'm relieved I don't have a chance to get into this until Friday. Hopefully there will be a hot fix or patch by then. :rolleyes:
Effectively all the scanners are being buffed to the ADS, as you now have the chance to find everything in the system with the one new variant of the scanner.
If so that would be still great. The refund on the IDS & ADS will be happen n-times the item has been equipped?
out of curiosity how does that work in terms of cost.

does the new scanner cost the same as the basic scanner, and everyone gets a refund? or does it cost as much as the advanced scanner and everyone gets a free upgrade in which case some may want to consider selling their expensive scanners now and waiting for the free upgrade.

Hi FDevs and CMDRS. How do I know which planet I've mapped or not? Do I have to open the surface map from the left tab every time and try to find the unmapped ones? Is there a way to recognize a planet not mapped among others? I found myself launching probes on a couple of moons orbiting around a gas giant, then trying to figure out which of the other 6 were either mapped or not. Did I miss something? Thank you, nice work so far.
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I have 2 questions:

- Will the discovery scanner be automatically fitted to all ships when purchased in future (like the basic one is now)?

- If yes, will commanders who already have a large number of ships and have paid for advanced discovery scanners be compensated for the additional credits they've spent. If not, would it be beneficial for commanders to sell their discovery scanners just before the update goes live?

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from the OP...

There is now only one Discovery Scanner available in game, that is based on the basic variant. Commanders that have purchased either the intermediate or advanced scanners will receive a credit refund
I'm taking that to include all ships owned, not just the one you happen to be flying at the update.
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