Patch Notes Update Beyond - Chapter Four - Beta (Week 3)

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Quality of Life

  • Added icon to info panel to show players if their ship or SRV lights are on


  • Now able to bind enter and exit FSS to the same button

It feels like two personal requests have been answered! (I know a lot of others have been pleading too) So thank you !


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This is... disturbing :D


Bah! I was referring to Lloyds' gif, which wasn't quoted for some reason :p
I'm hoping/wondering if "Added support for FSS tuning to be bound to inouts that don't auto-center" means that binding the tuning to a rotary control is now representative of the control position rather than just being faster/slower
There is now a new binding 'Absolute Tuning' which does what you want. However the movement does not seem smooth in comparison with the regular tuning control (tried on 4 different axis). Currently have it on the rotary dial of my TWCS.
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