Both Zende megaships didn't jump!

I am saddened to see so many people get outraged about gaming problems / accidents/unforeseen events.. there are human beings at the other end of twitter who already feel terrible about bugs/issues and who work hard every day to fix them for us. If they were members of my family I would never say the things I have read from angry mean spirited players of a game even if they were members of my family I did not like. Frustration is fine, but lashing out to hurt people's feelings to me is just mean. I personally thank all of the members of EliteDangerous and FrontierDevelopments for all they have done to provide me with entertainment and fun.. not a nessessity of life ... you are all much appreciated despite all of the hate and attacks.

I even predicted possible technical issues a couple of days ago but that is just because I know life happens.. so I put my ship (see below) behind the Megaship (my little hauler) and was ready to push if needed. :) Keep up the good work folks.. EliteDangerous has pulled me out of the worst time of my life when suicide was my only other option... so to all of you I say thank you for being here.


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