Can we ease up on material.

Has anyone noticed everything is pretty much material based.

USS full of... material
USS combat aftermath sites...material
Hi rez sites....material
High grade USS sites..material
Degraded USS sites...material
Want to upgrade your ship...material
Want to destroy Thargoids with AX weapons you need...material
Missions boards rewards...material
passenger mission rewards... material
Random Poi planet side...material
Destroy a pirate ...material
New guardian tech...material
Stations now have material traders.

You see a pattern emerging here.

That's all fine and well if you want to Engineer with well...material, but is this the way forward!!!. What ever happens to destroying a ship "any ship" and getting lots of cargo, but instead we get material mostly? I recall back when the game first released every single USS / poi was cargo based loads of it it was great now its all material ...:( My hold is full of material.?? Yes i've done some engineering of course but not mad on it, I want to do other things.

I have all but given up on trying to locate free cargo in space I just spent two solid weeks looking in every type of system I know, and all I found was 2 cargo cans the rest...material. That's pretty shocking frontier!!!!.

The title around the game is still Fight, Trade, Pirate, Survive..PLAY YOUR OWN WAY as long as you collect material, seems more like.

Not every player wants to collect material, some of us just want to explore chances are all we will find is...material, or something that will lead into material.

There are some older game elements that should be brought back into the game to free some players from this constant material fetching and collecting.

Starting with a fixed base of USS make them what they should be if a ship is destroyed in a combat aftermath & a USS is created then fill it with a balance of things not just 95% material and 5% cargo if we are lucky,
A 50-50 balance or nothing.
Same goes for all other USS and Poi, 50-50 give players a choice and please don't force them to engineer and material grind at pretty much every outset of the game, it is so worth while finding different paths for players to go down after all this is what the title of game is meant to be isn't it "PLAY YOUR OWN WAY."

I hope you please take not of this the game has so much potential and reading the suggestions here there are some totally amazing ideas moving forward. ( FOR THE GAME)[woah][smile]
It's a good idea but I think 50/50 isn't a great ration, maybe 60/40 in favour of material would work solely based on the logic that after a ship's destruction there would be more debris (in this case material) than cargo as some would be lost in the destruction. Just my opinion, still a good suggestion overall.
I am not sure what they underlying code is but it would be great if you could "show" the game what you want and it would adjust. I.e. you take more cargo salvage missions, you buy a cargo scanner. You indicate that you want the word cargo in your game. The work is still there for the player. On the other side, I still need a lot of materials. Any decrease would negatively impact my game. This isn't a full sandbox MMO and I think there is room for the game to adapt to players needs, especially if you are a solo player.

I think it was Freelancer where I would station a ship at a Lagrange point, watch a ship crash into the blockage and spill it's cargo. I then would call in my other AI ship to collect my newly found cargo for transport to my hideout.
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