Changes on some animals and bugs I've noticed

First, the dogs. Wolves and african wild dogs live in packs, yet you are forced to have just a couple to make sure they aren't all time fighting. It's kind of tedious because you have to constantly check when the babies mature. Also I have noticed that most of the times the parents dont even fight their offspring, but eachother, like what? This isn't an exception in dogs by the way, tapirs, ostriches, tigers and bears do the same.

Aldabra and Galapagos tortoise babies walk way too slow, so they are constantly giving problems on thirst and food. Tortoise babies actually move quite fast in real life (small tortoises in general are quite fast for what you'd expect for a turtle) yet in the game they move even slower than adults... It just makes annoying to have tortoises, like, I just gave contraceptives to mine just because the babies were giving more problems than good to my experience. It's sad, I love tortoises.

Addition, there's a bug on baby gemsboks, for some reason they can't eat from the hanging feeder, they get kind of stuck (like constantly repositioning but not doing the animation). This is a bug that has been reported in the issue tracker but seems ignored.

Another "bug" is that animals prioritize empty toy feeders instead of going for full normal feeders. My alpha hippo and his son kept rolling the empty food barrels instead of going to the normal trough, which was full of food. It forced me to move the rolling barrels outside the exhibit and place new toy feeders.

Thirdly, why are all babies cute and cuddly... Except the flamingos? Like you can clearly see they are reskinned and smaller adult models. It's kind of sad since baby flamingos are really cute with their chubby legs and... underdevolped... wings.... Ok I get it. Also I know wings are difficult to make but the wings on flamingos and peafowls are imo the biggest flaw this game has on the animal design part. You can even see how the feather layers are attached to the model when the baby peafowls fly. Like, damn. I really hope you make better wings in case you are adding more birds in future DLCs, or maybe just add birds with vestigial wings like cassowaries or emus xd

Also I already made this statemenet a while ago but the species filter in the animal market is still not in alphabetical order for languages that aren't English, still makes a pain to select the animal you are looking for. Also, there are a few species that have incorrect names in the Spanish version of the game, hope this gets fixed sometime.

I think that's all! Thanks to anyone who reads this and feels the same haha.
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