Charon Circumnavigation

Ian Phillips

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You mean get the ship on its back?

Split my tea all over my controls too. Cleanup time.

I'm stuck in a crevice halfway up an ice mountain. I did manage to get the right way up but can in no way get out of where I am just with the SRV. I cant even get the wheels to make contact with a surface. Boosting gets me nowhere.
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Surely this is something that needs to be recorded and time-lapsed? "Around the world in 80 seconds"?
Damn you, you spoiled my great surprise! :p

In my rough estimate, the time-lapse video would be ~20 minutes long, if one took a screenie at every 2 seconds & turned the screenies to 60 FPS video.

Totally going to do this, in the not too distant future. :)
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Ian Phillips

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I cannot move at all now.

Have recalled my ship a couple of times and it doesn't even come close to me.

I think I need someone with a Cobra to push me out of here with a wingtip.



Robert Maynard

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Found him.

He had managed to self extricate - in a bit of a pit.





Last I saw of him was zipping across a handily placed plateau - then he found more lumpy bits....

Ian Phillips

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I'm Out

Robert Maynard came to help.

Just before he got there I managed to get out of the cloof I was stuck in by boosting as long as I could and just managed to tip myself over an edge to get out. I fell a little then waited for him to show up. He spotted a route out of the mountains for and I am NEVER going back in to them.

I literally spent a half hour falling down mountains, rolling down mountains (SRV reds out when you turn it upside down), sliding backwards down mountains, being unable to go forward due to slippage on the ice and crabbing sideways along sheer walls of ice.

Piccies should be incoming from Robert Maynard - thanks again for your help!

Edit. HaHa - Numbers! A fan of Dav maybe?

Edit #2
This is where I am - that huge canyon!

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Ian Phillips

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It's daylight!

How can you tell I'm on an ice planet?


I am heading rather south of my ideal bearing, to avoid the mountains and chasms that I got stuck in. Making good progress I think, at least I am trying to make good use of the light!
The easiest way to circumnavigate is to head north or south and eyeball the longitude to keep it the same (until you cross the pole). Steering a great circle by eye without doing all the maths is a nearly impossible.

Ian Phillips

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I've been given a handy link to calculate what my bearing should be to get to the antipodal point (you need to pass through this point on any great circle). I don't need to do it by eye!

Ian Phillips

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I have parked up for the night at

A couple of noteworthy events have left their mark (!) the last couple of days.

After escaping the Pit of Doom I got back to travelling across relatively flat plains yesterday and got surprised by a crater. No problem, down I went and up the other side and onwards. Within a minute I jumped into another crater, but this one was smaller and I boosted across it to land on the opposite crater lip. I felt pretty good about that :D

Today I again launched myself into a crater I hadn't seen coming. One second I was speeding acoss the ground, the next I was 170 meters above it and falling!

Mission for tonight whilst parked: Find the stain remover.

Ian Phillips

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The aim of this morning's session was to reach the equator.


As you can see it's still light, so I'll be continuing later on to make the best use of it.
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