Cheating Gangkers at Shinrata

Just been to Shinrata where I was twice interdicted by suspicious gangkers.

The first time...

He won the interdiction, which I don't understand because at no point did my cursor leave the blue zone. If anything I thought I won, and won easily.
I'm flying an fully A-rated, fully G5 engineered, Alliance Crusader and as it turns out, so is he.

I boost, chaff, boost (464 m/s) and roll to get some distance, and I maintain this and I see I'm 2.5 Km away from him.....and yet I see and hear console messages saying i'm taking hull damage and shield damage. My Ship is fully HRP G5, so hull damage from long distances are unlikely without rails, but I have shields so that should not be happening. I understand that pulse lasers can have some shield bleed through with Phasing, but the damage should be minimal, not what I'm seeing. I do observer green plasma like blobs flying past me, so I assume that he has at least got a plasma accelerator (perhaps phasing effect on that too).

I notice that he has closed the distance gap - how is that possible. This ship can't get any (significantly) faster - already at G5 dirty drives 464m/s.

I notice my FSD is shut down and disabled. That should be impossible without torpedos and I'm travelling way too fast and zigzagging too much.

Eventually, I high wake and escape.

Second time (less than 5 minutes later) interdicted again (even though I really and truly never lost), but this time an FDL and the same Crusader together.

Same again boost,boost, chaff, roll. The FDL was easily 4.5km away and Crusader was 1-2 km away. However, shield dropped and hull being eaten away alarmingly quick.

Didn't have the time to see what messages and alerts I was seeing flashing up. Within 4 seconds, the FDL is on top of me. That can't be right.
Ship hull integrity down to 86%.

In all, too many module failures and effects on my ship despite having shields (954 Mj; two heavy duty G5, 1 resistance G5 ). Hull tank ship stripped even though targets are far away (an aim bot ?). Ships travelling too fast ?

I'm not a PvP, but I'm no newbie either (elite combat ranked - not that it matters much) and the ship is decent for PvE but defo not a PvP build.
I just feel that something fish going on because I shouldn't be taking this much damage so quickly.




Without video its completely impossible to say, but people cheating, in Shinrarta, blatantly? Nah, I strongly doubt it. I fight the people there regularly and so do my squadron members, yet to encounter anything stranger than someone being curiously uninterdictable. Speaking of the interdiction game, it is always skewed toward the interdictor, so no real surprise there, some of these guys are masters of their art. Long range phasing lasers is a common loadout, usually accompanied by a scramble spectrum effect.

Basically, they practiced their routine, they know it well, well done for escaping.
Sure there wasn't a stealth ship or two you didn't notice at first, particularly to hit you with FSD shutdown?

I agree with everyone else - phasing plus skilled gankers plus unfamiliarity with PvP making things confusing is more likely than cheating here. I'd say phasing PA more likely than phasing pulse lasers, but that's just a guess based on you seeing PA shots and largely moot anyway.

Note FSD is shutdown by dumbfires/groms not torpedoes. Can also be due to scramble spectrum if your shield is down.

Torpedoes are likely what brought down your shield.
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Don't expect much. As a very experienced player i can tell you, nothing what you've described here is wrong or cheating. First of all disabling FSD is not job only for the torps, there are plenty of much more effective weapons like LR superpen rails, pulse lasers with scramble or even multicannons in good hands. Sorry, but i have to say that, you're fool if you're flying in a hull tank ship without protection for your modules - yes i mean module reinforcement packages, even only one ( i recommend 2) can save your rebuy so far you can't even imagine it's highly recommended. Also you didn't provide any video evidence so everyting in this topic is only putting blame on anyone who maybe played the game fairly :)
The fact you escaped twice tells me they weren't cheating.
Everything you described is plausible in game.

I've had "strong builds" ripped to shreds simply because of an oversight in my design. It happens.
Luckily my Squadron are experts in theorycrafting so they helped plug those holes quickly. :)
Now it's just my poor flying skills letting me down! 🙄

PvPers in Shinrarta Dezhra aren't likely to cheat, because it's where we go to duel, and at least one person is likely recording it.

Well done for escaping twice. (y)
Thanks for your replies.
The main issues I see from my encounter were:
1. FSD down even though my shields were up.
2. Much faster crusader than mine. I doubt that very much, and if so it would be marginal.
3. Phasing effect is quite weak, so not going to hurt too much
4. I've been experimenting with 4 scramble spectrum rapid pulses on my corvette and tested against a willing partner who just stood still whist shields off line. Net special effect was negligible (vs Krait Mk2) and the main damage was due to the regular pulse damage. My wing mate said he saw some, but very little random module failure messages considering I was shooting continuously, at point blank for like a minute non-stop.

Definitely no other ships 'in stealth' around me.

Sure, PvPers are good at what they do. They have good ships, sure. But mine was no slouch, and should be able to hold it's own.

it's a shame that there aren't any detailed ship debug logs created upon pvp interdisction, where the complete technical breakdown of the ships are listed (including all the weapons and DSP levels, and shield/hull resistances and strengths). This would stop the cheaters because then there'd be evidence that both parties have access to which shows the exact vital statistics of each ship. Wouldn't hurt performance because there would be only the need to log this info once.
1. FSD down even though my shields were up.
Groms/FSD reset dumbfires work even with shields up. Oversights like that are part of why we're figuring there might be more you've overlooked. If you had video, we could analyze better.

Having a log of your opponents' build is a terrible idea for PvP for many reasons. Just start taking video of every encounter.

You seem to have already made up your mind it was cheaters, so you should just go ahead and report rather than ask here.

No one is saying you're wrong by the way, we're just saying there's insufficient evidence.


Firstly, the interdictor has to be terrible to lose. Like, REALLY terrible. I'd recommend never fighting an interdiction by a human player. Submit, fa turn and boost past the attacker.

Secondly, you're ship isn't that fast. It's fairly quick, but my fdl boosts well over 500m/s so would close you down. I guess the gankers have fast engineered ships.

That said, cheating is a thing in ED, increasingly so. Not sure if any of your examples could be the result of it but I suppose we can never rule it out now.
The unmitigated gall of people who don't have proof, don't care to gather proof, and yet decide to accuse someone of cheating...
You can't care to gather proof AFTER the event, can you.
I never accused him of cheating, just asking on here if it seems suspicious and if anyone else had anything fishy going on this afternoon at Shinrata.

Get off your moral high chair...
He had same ship as mine, so I know it could not close a gap of 2.5 km without some extra special help.
You listed your speed as 464 m/s. But simply taking a stock crusader and slapping on G5 DD at coriolis brings it up to 494. So it's possible their crusader was lighter than yours and thus faster. I can't imagine why a ganker would even fly a crusader especially since you don't mention any SLFs. Are you sure it wasn't a chief or chally?


Cheating is something you rule in.

The unmitigated gall of people who don't have proof, don't care to gather proof, and yet decide to accuse someone of cheating...
The entire post is literally a presentation of events and enquiring if the nature of them constitutes proof of cheating. Ruling something in isn't a thing. I don't know if cheating went on, but it's so commonplace now it can't be ruled out. This really isn't a contentious point of view.
I saw these guys while flying an alt. Took a quick look at their stuff on panel 1. Low waked and switched to pg. If you see what game play they want, and you don't want to be part of it, you can avoid them pretty easily.

It should be well understood that a fair part of the game is gearing ships and farming mats to gear ships. It follows that most ships are incompletely geared, or are geared for tasks other than ganker fighting. Given these premises, providing entertainment for these guys is not a requirement of the game.

You can add secret salt to the interaction with a block if you'd like.

FDEV likes this gameplay by the way. Building in snare and cripple mechanics without effective counters, along with huge burst dps is a recipe for ganking. Just use the game mechanics to deal with it.
Why do you have a lightweight alloy? You could have done better if you had military, better yet reactive composite with a thermal G5 hull package
The boost speed isn't even the same in all the screenshots (464 in one, 470 in another). So I wouldn't assume what we're seeing is exactly what was in play during this encounter anyway.
Mate, 464 m/s boost is really slow. You simply cannot expect any real medium combat ship not to be able to catch up with you (FDL, FAS, Chief, Vulture etc. are all between 530-570, Phantom, Mamba even more).

Also, never try and fight the interdiction. The interdictee has very little chance to win the minigame, especially agsinst experienced players.
But it is one that's ruining the game.
Sure drives more players into PG's

One of the best features early on when ED was released was survivability. If you took the right steps in the right order, you could survive against almost any opponent.

Not so easy anymore as more functions are requiring specialized builds for being efficient in specific use cases.

Never dock at Jameson in an exploration build unless you're really looking to lose all the data you've spent weeks/months/years collecting.

The "insta-kill" PvP builds preying on traders and explorers isn't making ED better.
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