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Jane Turner

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Hello comrades. Recently, I've returned to active duty as the CMDR of an Adder. Finding myself without particular interests, I decided to delve into the geopolitical situation of the inhabited space;as I am a proud libertarian socialist and council communist, I just could not evade my moral obbligation towards the unjust suffering of many comrades oppressed by warmongering powers. Thus, I have decided to pledge my support to the Communist Interstellar (Union). I have already applied to membership status on your forums. I am currently a bit far away from the Manite region (I am in the region controlled by Li Yong-Rui, I'm trying to raise some money to buy an Asp Explorer with the 15% discount on Yong-Rui's stations) but I have found a communist system I am currently supporting called Widjangkuma. I am waiting to be accepted by a moderator.

Solidarity forever, comrades!
I hope I did that - pop into our Discord too


Jane Turner

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We now have 238 Communist governments and a total of 318 systems with a Communist presence within the Manite-Egovi volume. In total we have managed 427 expansions.

Our most active minor factions are:
  • Communist Interstellar Union Who control 40 systems and have a presence in 46 representing 54,897,004 citizens
  • Workers of Manite Labour Union Who control 27 systems and have a presence in 43, representing 31,119,019 citizens
  • The Citizen's Party of Grabil Who control 19 systems and have a presence in 27, representing 3,845,,724,223
  • Egovii Union Who control 16 systems and have a presence in 25, representing 17,971,939 citizens
  • Citizen's Party of Chireni Who control 15 systems and have a presence in 24 representing 4,318,472,775 citizens
  • Labour Union of AhayanWho control 15 systems and have a presence in 29, representing 42,483,882 citizens

This is how the factions are interconnected - shared systems indicated by arrows

>>The Underground map of CI systems<<
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50% Of Systems within 60ly of Manite Communist

Half of all the inhabited systems within sixty light years of the Manite System (the traditional origin system of the Communist Interstellar Union's player group) are now communist- 189 out of 378 systems! The working class revolution against interstellar capitalism continues apace!

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Jane Turner

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I am pleased to announce that the 250th People's Revolution has occurred within the Manite-Egovii bubble.

205 are within the Greater Manite Volume
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Regarding the sabotage of Gehry Gateway

It has come to our attention that one of our starbases, the Gehry Gateway located in Checha, has been sabotaged by a local terrorist organisation using civilians as proxies in their scorched-earth policy.

The sabotage operation was carried out by unwitting citizens who were blackmailed into leaving what are currently presumed to be Thargoid devices or components thereof in the proximity of critical power distribution and environmental control systems.

This was evidently done with the intention of taking advantage of the incompatibility between Thargoid biomechanical technology and the compounds prevalent in our own environment to damage sensitive onboard systems and station bulkheads through a certain biochemical process.

As we are ideologically opposed to the notion of involving an alien species in a purely human dispute, we hereby request that no-one attempt to repair the damage to the station, as this is believed to be only achievable through the harvest of Thargoid "barnacles", the nature of which is as yet unclear.

It would be unconscionable to accept the destruction of what appear to be alien lifeforms as just more collateral damage caused by a conflict that has nothing to do with them.

For example, were they to serve the role of a symbiote, whether organic or synthetic, that the Thargoids have a mutually dependent relationship with, this would surely only serve to escalate the Human-Thargoid conflict and undermine the foundation of any future peace treaty with the Thargoids.

That is to say nothing of the possibility, that the "barnacles" could actually be sentient by themselves.

No criminal charges will be pressed against the individuals that were taken advantage of.

The damaged station will for evermore stand as a monument to the brutality of our adversaries who will sooner murder every man, woman and child than accept the fact that they will never again be brought under totalitarian rule.
Skoll purged of counter revolutionary fanatics!

Greater Manite Volume now cleared of the Dark Armada!

Friendless, despised by his erstwhile Imperial allies and the CIU alike, where now for delusional terrorist known as Mysteron/Mystereon (I don't know how he bleeding wants it pronounced, I'm not his mother)?

Checha's remaining civilian supporters of the Dark Armada (both of them) had been sectioned in the Broadmoor wing of the "Bouncing Meadows" mental health facility in Gehry Gateway, where they were being treated with the utmost care. At least until recent Thargoid probe interference permanently locked their doors and flooded their containment facility with raw sewage. Condolences and their disinfected belongings have been returned to their unfortunate families.
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Continued terrorism in the Greater Manite Volume

It is with great sorrow that we make this announcement concerning the continued terrorist attacks aboard stations in our space, the space shared by the People.

The independent star systems of Ahemaker, Obambori and Anagori have all suffered on this day. But if anything, these hardships will only serve to strengthen our resolve in our quest to liberate the oppressed, to protect the innocent, and to make a stand against those who would tread over our rights, our dignity, and even our very lives.

Our people will never be sacrificed upon the altars of greed, and vanity.

This they will soon find out for themselves as our interstellar intelligence services have come closer to identifying the leaders of the terrorist organisation believed to be responsible for these attacks.

Through collaboration with the Empire of Achenar, it is our current understanding, that the people in question are nothing but renegades, former Imperial pilots harbouring delusions of grandeur and fantasies of violence, of conquest, and who have betrayed their own Empire out of dissatisfaction with its lack of passion to that end.

We are most grateful to the Empire not only for this exchange of military intelligence, but also for the charitable act of releasing four decommissioned Imperial Interdictors, to be crewed by our people for the purpose of hunting down these terrorists, wherever they choose to hide. Ancient and obsolete by current standards as these vessels may be, they are already being refitted with older military hardware that the Empire is more comfortable parting with. They will serve our people well.

Most importantly however, we must reiterate our desire that the damaged starports be left as is. We do not wish to involve the species colloquially known as 'Thargoids' in a conflict that has absolutely nothing to do with them. If the starports are to be devoured by misplaced alien technology, then so be it. They will stand as a testament to the desperation of these would-be despots, using innocent civilians to ship dangerous chemicals on their behalf to places they can not reach. And at what cost? The 'Thargoids' are not simple beasts.

There will be consequences. For all of us. We will not stain our hands with the blood of the innocent, nor will we risk leading all humanity deeper into a quagmire without even trying to find a diplomatic solution first. This war of ours is between brothers, and we will fight it on our terms, or not at all.

Jane Turner

Volunteer Moderator

We have a fledling PS4 wing which can be accessed on the PS4 or using the PS Communities App
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Jane Turner

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Major Announcement

This was received a few minutes ago

On this day 19th JUL 3304 The Interstellar Communist Union, based in Nagii and the Communist Interstellar Union based in Manite agree to formally unite. The new organisation, Communism Interstellar, automatically adopts the treaties and the spirit of the treaties currently signed individually.

This follows an amicable split three years previously.
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