News Community Update (27/09)

@Will Flanagan, While I do very much appreciate the change in colour and location, and it is better, I still don't think an out of game "Store" icon belongs on an in game station menu and it breaks the 4th wall imo.
Indeed, the Store belongs to Livery and Holo Me. It really should not be in the Station front menu

Ontherwise @Will Flanagan and the rest of the team, Thank you guys - and keep them fixes coming
If we report issues via the Issue Tracker, can someone please respond/acknowledge/collate them? Can the system be updated to notify us of other responses? Currently it's shouting into the void right now, and it's very disheartening to watch the bugs that we've reported get ignored with no response whatsoever.
Agree 100%. At the moment it feels like the only issues that are acknowledged are the ones that are marked as By Design or Invalid (duplicates).
Good to know the issues are being worked on, especially the VPN issues. Sad to say, the workaround listed in the OP does not work for me, so I still can't play the game.
I am always willing to be a beta tester.
PS4 since launch.
Just say the word...
Personally, I would rather spend a few weeks Beta testing a new update, experimenting with things when they don’t matter, than spend a few weeks not playing the game at all because it’s too unstable to play enjoyably.

I don’t mind catching up with my Netflix queue and Steam Library, but I’d much rather be playing this game.
I'm still wondering if my entire ISP is blocked or not since i haven't been able to log in on cable (fiber) since the main September update... but it works on wi-fi?!

PS: i don't use a VPN.
Just experienced two unrelated bugs in a row but will have to check later if these are currently reported and fill out reports if not, but gotta head out shortly. Have screengrabs and locations etc

1. Megaship bugs out because the raider AI is missing or doesn't appear in the first place, so the scenario cannot be completed. Tried repeatedly in and out of SC but doesn't improve. Was in Open.

2. Landed at a surface base and tried the store and doesn't work - it just reloads the main base menu instead. To check, I logged out to the main menu and back, no joy. Then reloaded the game completely including launcher. Finally switched from Open to PG but no improvement in any situation
I'm still wondering if my entire ISP is blocked or not since i haven't been able to log in on cable (fiber) since the main September update... but it works on wi-fi?!

PS: i don't use a VPN.
As a random thought; is it an IPv6 vs IPv6 issue? Maybe you have an IPv6 address on the cable network, but an IPv4 on wifi (or vice-versa). Check with "what is my ip" (just search google).
Great, glad these fixes are on the way! Any news on getting the store camera controls to work in VR? I don't want to buy skins when all I can see is the nose.
Changes so soon??? And for things that the playerbase asked?? And the skybox fixed?? And announced before the weekend, for an upcoming small patch?? Well that must be a first around here.
Whats the matter? Serious competition is on the horizon? Or probably Will and others are pushing hard for changes.
Whichever the case.. good news!
Hello Commanders,

We wanted to take a moment to thank the community for all of the feedback that has been shared with us, following the launch of the September Update. We hear your frustrations and are hard at work on rolling another patch to address some of those issues to improve your current Elite Dangerous experience.

With the help of your feedback and bug reports, we're going to be introducing a number of fixes next week. For those that might have missed it, we've collated together some of the steps we've already taken to resolve issues you might be facing:
  • We've identified a list of Known Issues and some of these have already been resolved in server side fixes and September Update - Patch 1. As this is not an exhaustive list of all the reports you've sent our way, we're still continuing to investigate and resolve as many issues as we can. If you've encountered a bug or issue, please make sure to report it to us via the Issue Tracker.

  • A number of Game Extras will continue to be released, so if there's something familiar missing from the Store, rest assured it will arrive soon.

  • VPN connectivity
    • We're still looking into what is causing connectivity issues for VPN users. We've updated the VPN workaround that we posted on the 24 September. Please try the following steps to resolve the issue:
      • Locate the IP address used by your VPN.
      • Next:
        • (Steam) Navigate to the folder here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\Products\elite-dangerous-64\
        • (Standalone): Navigate to the folder here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Frontier\Products\elite-dangerous-64\
      • You should see a file named 'appconfig.xml'
      • Open this with a text editor such as Notepad and scroll down to the bottom, where you should see a Network section.
      • Add the following line (replacing '' with your VPN's IP) <UseNic>xxx.xx.x.x</UseNic>
      • The final result should look similar to this:
        <Network Port="0"

      • Don't amend any of the other sections as they'll have been configured for your standard usage already.
      • Save the file in the same location.
September Update - Patch 2

Next week, we'll be introducing a second corrective patch, which will include a number of fixes for various issues. We've highlighted just some of the fixes below, namely those reported through Issue Tracker (and some of the top voted issues) below:
  • Crashes/Stability
    • Fixed a softlock that could occur when trading materials at a material trader
  • Diamondback Explorer
    • Fixed mismatched Paint Jobs for the Diamondback Explorer
  • Interdiction
    • Fixed an issue where interdiction wouldn't end after the player submitted
  • Outfitting
    • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect weapon mounts to be displayed (fixed weapons showing as gimballed, for example)
  • Rendering
    • Fixed an issue that caused stars in the night sky to disappear (creating, in some cases, 'hard edges')
  • Ship HUD
    • Corrected the schematic of a targeted starport to match its actual orientation
    • Fixed an issue that made ship modules appear twice in the module tab after swapping to a different ship
  • Weapons
    • Fixed Enforcer Canons not being able to be restocked through synthesis
In addition to this patch, we've made some changes to the in-game Store following the feedback you've shared with us:
  • The Store icon located in Station Services will be changed blue to orange to fit in line with the other UI elements.
  • We're also going to rearrange the positioning of the icon and various buttons on the main menu:
    • Station Services - Livery > Holo-me > Store
    • Main Menu - Livery > Buy Expansions > Store > Buy ARX

      View attachment 144832
We'll provide a time and date, as well as the full Patch Notes, for the September Update - Patch 2 next week.

See you in the black, Commanders.
Will there a fix on PS4 that we get the ARX that be bought?
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