ANNOUNCEMENT Community Update - January 3306

So even more stuff gets postponed like CGs an IIs.
There's nothing new actually in this announcement other then a release date for the January update and the postponment of more stuff.
It all depends on how the fix/change in scanning planets turns out for me personally whether I will pick up ED at all or not.
It is very disappointing that Frontier still doesn't understand how badly they are hurting the game by removing CGs. The inconsistency of the Interstellar Initiatives was bad enough, but they think it is a good idea to remove any epicenter of multiplayer interaction for commanders until further notice?

The CGs used to be the end game. Once you decide your path, the most challenging part of the game was surviving at CGs. Avoid player pirates and gankers while trading. Winging with friends or new acquaintances to collect bounties or combat bonds. Fight criminal scum. Be criminal scum. Congratulations, you have removed anything worth working towards in the game.

So now you decide to trash your community further in order to save someone at FDev maybe an hour of work per week? It doesn't take long to pick out a CG system and come up with a vague reasoning of why people are there to collect bounties, combat bonds, or sell cargo. If you are wanting more people to continue to play your game (and spend ARX), you are shooting yourself in the foot once again.
patch notes are never released with the announcement.... they are stuck in their ways :D

(And if they were then there would have been no announcement today - it would have been delayed until the notes are ready)
I genuinely don't understand why the patch notes couldn't have been released with this announcement.

That or FDev aren't even sure themselves what is being fixed... ?
We've waited this long, you'll know in a week. I guess some things aren't yet pinned down but are expected to be by the time the patch notes are released.

Quite a lot of stuff gets fixed/tweaked without a patch (ie server-side only). I'd like to see patch notes for those too, if nothing else but to help the community to have visibility on the work that does get done.
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