Console Update

Not going to lie, I expected as much ever since Odyssey release. Even if the game worked fine with the recommended spec on steam pages and elsewhere, it would have been barely enough for old gen console.
And it certainly doesn't work well at that specification (I have better and still have massive FPS drops at times, with CZ being around 30-40fps, and I'm at medium-high settings).

Still, I'm sorry for the console CMDR.
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Without being provided further details, not even porting to current gen consoles - Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5 - seems to be a short-sighted decision.

to be honest, games with such a long lifespan as Elite are not very good for consoles in the first place. While you can always upgrade your PC every couple of years, you cannot do so for consoles. So while Elite in 5 years time from now on can still run on PCs, it won't be able to run on "current gen consoles" like Xbox Series X/S or Playstation 5. In other words, the next big update for Elite will likely run into the very same problems Odyssey did, just with the current or even the next generation of consoles.

It really, really sucks for our console CMDRs and I honestly hope that there will be an unlimited option to transfer your console CMDRs to PC without ANY losses in terms of game progress (credits, engineers, assets etc.). And yes, switching to PC from console is going to suck even double considering the current state of our global economy
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