CQC Scenario and BGS integration (Or f2p?)

I think a great way to expand upon CQC and the idea of 'telepresence' is the ability to join a scenario/war/skirmish/combat zone as a sort of 'hired' pilot for one of the factions.

From the mission board of a station in war or neighbouring system there could be a call to pilots to takeover SLFs for a faction, once you accept the contract you telepresence into a fighter and it would work like a normal combat zone, issuing bonds for kills with perhaps a small reduction in pay as its not your ship and there's no risk to you for participating (bonus: add animations of fighters being launched from the fed/imp capital ships for the cool factor).

Perhaps also integrate into powerplay skirmishes or community goals and other types of scenarios like an emergency distress to defend a megaship from pirates or a station from thargoids.

ALTERNATIVELY: make CQC/Arena a completely f2p experience, add a bunch of cosmetics to provide a revenue stream and open the game up to increase the player pool. Add different game modes (escort, search and destroy, etc..) add combat and non-combat racing modes, add more progression, customisation and more fighters. I think it has real potential to be a game on its own, especially given the relative lack of games in this space (pardon the pun) and with Elites fun flight model and polish it could do really well.

These are just some ideas, either way I think CQC really needs to be fleshed out. I really enjoyed playing CQC before and now it's near impossible to find a game given the matchmaking times.
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