Patch Notes Update CQC update (1.4.2) Stress test - Open build

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Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
Hi all,

Please find some patch notes for today’s update. It will be going live at roughly 14:30 BST and will last up to 30 minutes.

Client crash fixes
- Speculative fixes for several rare crashes
- Fixed soft lock on login

Client Fixes/Tweaks
- Prestige icons not displaying
- Corrected the text for Deathmatch to state the correct amount of points needed to win
- Fix for player name in CQC turning white when not highlighted
- Correct CQC stats are now on the right hand panel in the ship cockpit
- Decreased amount of time between CQC matches once in a session
- Fix for control UI staying on screen in supercruise
- Fix for text in control settings screen being cut off after scrolling
- Increased duration of damage powerup
- Increased the time it takes for the shields power up to decay
- Fixes to the Anaconda model
- Fix for F63 Condor boost actually causing loss of speed
- Fix for deathmatch draws being recorded as losses
- Fix for not being able to navigate through squad list

Server change log
- Many PC/Mac CQC Matchmaking fixes and refinements
- Fix some display issues with the new Cockpit Stats
- Fix faction economic states not being always being superseded by conflict states
- Ensure that both factions always get the message when they're supposed to be fighting in a conflict zone
- Fix the CQC starsystem permit not always being issued correctly
- Various stability and server performance improvements
Is there a chance to get rid of the "reticulating splines" shader caching thingamabob again? Also, pressing Esc or P to get to the menu doesn't work even though it's correctly set in the bindings.

Oh, and keep up the good work - when I finally got into a match, it was fun. :)


Volunteer Moderator
Nice changelog there, keep 'em coming guys and girls

Hoping this will close 3 bug tickets I have ;)

Alas no, just one, but created a new one too :) I like the change to the CQC time played though and the other ones that were previously showing 0 are now showing figures, it's just they differ from the ones displayed in CQC. The Exploration stats are still broken.
Is anyone playing cgc atm? I'd like to have a quick bash and am just locked in matchmaking :(
still not fixed actually getting into a game, unless I'm the only person in CQC ???? !!
Think there might be a crash. My game went down and isn't cominig back up :-(

I've just had a brief game, but then it was taking so long for next round to start the two other players left.
could be a crash, but it's letting me into matchmaking ok, so I don't think it is.
Try going into deathmatch mode not the team ones.
I still think the CQC matching is a lot broke. Can't see who is on (if any) and can't chat to drum up support.
Needs a bit more work. The main game part seems to work quite well.
If the missions where any good, there don't seem to be as many high value missions. Is that just for testing and they want people in cqc or doing other things than the usual stuff?
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