Current best Fed rank grind?

Do we get a new set of Damaged stations every Thursday? If so, do you know what time on Thursdays?
There are two phases that decide if there are new damage stations
  1. If the defence of the thargoids is done correctly from the info from the Eagle Eye system and the numbers of thargoid kills in every system reaches the undisclosed number then there will be no new systems attacked... so no new stations damaged...
  2. If all of the incursion sites in systems with damaged stations are repelled by winning enough AX conflict zones then there will be no extra stations damaged in systems and all stations will go in to repair phase only for the incursion system..
If both of these are met then there will be no new damaged stations...
Currently phase 1 fails regular as there are not enough players to counter the thargoids for phase one to complete as a clean sweep of the rumoured systems and the systems are attacked at 700am GMT/UTC/IGT with the server tick that takes the server offline on every thursday... phase two with the AX zones are cleared regular and are shown on galnet as cleared with up dates every day on galnet... Not all stations are fed and any that are attacked may only be Empire or independant...
To see the rumoured systems were thargoid were likely to attackand players had to check each system to kill thargoids are listed in the alien section of the forum after players decode the Eagle Eye messages...

EE1: Dan (NHSS confirmed)
EE2: Opetes (NHSS confirmed)
EE3: Obassi Osaw (NHSS confirmed) Fed controlled
EE4: HIP 30045 (NHSS confirmed)
EE5: Farowalan (NHSS confirmed)
EE6: Tamit (NHSS confirmed)

So all these "could" be possible systems that damaged stations "could" show up...
Only one system is fed controlled but if it was defended then is wont get damaged...
Tamit is not fed controlled but has 3 fed factions... at the location.. but there influence is very low so some ones gong to have to fly out there if the system is attacked to see what it offers...

Edit = as the other section states do not park in a targeted system befoere server tick as its effected login post server restart before...
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Thank you for the swift and thorough reply.

That is a very interesting game story-line I had not heard before.
5 systems are burning.
Irens DockTamitDamaged/IndustrialDictatorshipIndependent0 Ly

First run
Timat system offered 20 fed passenger missions... 8 +8 +4 total from the 3 factions. 13 were are rep +++ rest are rep+ that will more than make up for the station not being fed controlled... as normal passengers per mission will be random..

Nearest fed system for rank up mission is...
GorengathiIndustrial/MilitaryConfederacyFederation28.68 Ly
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I think the data missions drying up is by design. I’m taking assassination missions and the odd delivery mission when they crop up and my rep seems to be gaining at the same rate per hour.
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