Current PvP meta and (un)balance

So, straight to the point.

Fer-de-Lance is the only viable PvP combat ship at the moment. I suppose we all can agree that it is bad for PvP community and for the game as a whole.
The problem is: Fer-de-Lance has too much shield strength (up to 4000 MJ) for its medium size and superior agility (Link to the build).

My suggestions, that might bring the variety back:

1.a) Reduce Fer-de-Lance base shield from 300 to 250. This would make Fer-de-Lance less overpowered.

1.b) Remove one Utility Mount from Fer-de-Lance. This would make Fer-de-Lance less overpowered.
(Those are pretty slight nerfs and they wouldn't kill the ship, but im not sure if that is enough. Further tweaking and balancing is needed)

2.a) Add another experimental effect that converts a portion of damage to absolute damage, which can be applied to weapons other than Plasma Accelerators. This would decrease TTK and allow to use weapons other than Plasma Accelerators in PvP.

2.b) Add another experimental effect such as "EMP munitions" that deals percentage based damage to shields but no damage to the hull. This would decrease TTK versus oversized shield meta ships in PvP.

3) Allow us to engineer Module Reinforcement Packages (e.g. boosting armor value or % of internal protection). This would make hull-tank ships more viable.

4) Add a new utility module - "Reactive Armor". Its purpose is to protect external modules (utility, hardpoints and cockpit) from incoming damage. This would make hull-tank ships more viable.

5) Federal Assault Ship. Change one C3 or C4 or C5 internal mount to C4 or C5 or C6 respectively. This would make Federal Assault Ship more viable in comparison to Alliance Chieftain.

Other dedicated combat ships such as Federal Gunship, Federal Dropship, Alliance Crusader and Mamba should receive slight buffs as well, I just don't know what exactly.

That's pretty much it. If you have any feedback, please share it. I'm doing it because I care about the game and I believe it can be better, and you should as well. o7.
The FDL had its powerplant buffed one level and its heat lowered- if it had less power (i.e. reverse this change) then you'd have less outrageous power on tap for all you can eat destruction.
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