Dangerous Optional Trade Missions And Non Greifing Piracy Via Private Group Mission MatchMaking

Offer players playing in Open play the opportunity to accept Dangerous trade missions where there is a high chance a player pirate will be sent to stop you from delivering your cargo but the reward for completing the mission is double the usual payout

Pirate players accept the High Value Piracy Target mission via the Piracy Intelligence Network and wait to be informed that their target has been detected.... this is when another player accept the Dangerous Trade mission and will give you as the pirate the other players target system but no information on what station or settlement they are delivering their goods to so the pirate will rush to the system and lay in wait and the trader will race to the station and attempt to evade the pirate.

My Suggestion allows for consensual pvp between a trader and a pirate and thus removes the greifing aspect but it has its problems.. the only way I can think to stop players from both sides exploiting the system by getting friends to come and help either kill the pirate or pirate the trader is by putting both players into their own private group session which I shouldn't think would be impossible for frontier but I have no idea of the complexity they are capable of or the limitations of elite dangerous.

TLDR pitch a trader against a pirate offer both parties a large sum of money if they succeed promote consensual and exciting pvp through a decent matchmaking system and move both the pirate and the trader into their own private group so they cannot get any outside help to interfere with the mission. Kye

If you enable a matchmaking mission PVP system it will also be possible to have multiple players Compete against each other in a fair and enjoyable way and would bring people together whilst making a competitive and constructive outlet for people who would usually grief other players for no real reward.

Please comment below if you and give me your opinion of Match making PVP missions and whether or not you think the idea sounds enjoyable or not.

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