Data/materials capacity

It would be nice if one could set per-resource collection limits (for both data and materials) so that when scanning ships or mining, one doesn't have to constantly chuck stuff one already has enough of.

Even a global 'max of one resource' value we could tweak for data/materials would be a boon (though being able to specify it by resource would be more helpful). Any datum beyond that limit would be ignored; any material beyond that wouldn't be autocollected by limpets. I'd say the latter limit should be ignored for speciifcally targeted or manually scooped materials.

Limpets can already ignore ejected cargo, so hopefully that could just be a simple expansion of that logic.

I'm all for NPC data/material trading also - either a new type of contact in certain types of facility (megastructures perhaps in the distant future?) or as an extra facility available at all engineer bases where engineers could either trade resources they don't want for small numbers of ones they do, or trade resources they do want for ones they do not. (either or both would work).
make it possible to select a number of materials and have limpets prefer (or only collect) these materials. In the future, when we can pin multiple blueprints, a single toggle to prefer/collect pinned materials only would be amazing.
I like this one. Adds a bit more interactivity for limpets.

Can't begin to say how many times I have to jettison data or materials. Pretty annoying.
I would prefer material storage at a station or engineer base and have less on the ship. Maybe make it perishable at ship destruction.
Hello Commander acook59!

I think it if we change material capacity I would rather look at having "per material" values (as suggested on the forums), because it makes management a little easier (and potentially gives us more levers if by imposing different limits if so needed).
Please oh please make this happen!
I like the ideas mentioned so far, but I wonder if it would also be possible for Players to set ship storage limits on the quantity of chosen data scans. That way a Player could try to make sure there is storage space for rare scans, by making sure common scans do not take up all of the space. For example, by limiting "Atypical Shield Emissions" to a (Player chosen) limit of 20 the Player will not have to go through their data storage every so often, and should reduce the chances of missing a 'rare' scan due to full data storage. They WILL still need to check their storage, but it should be a far less regular requirement.
I would prefer material storage at a station or engineer base and have less on the ship. Maybe make it perishable at ship destruction.
This I like too, but even with that being able to tune what you collect would be a boon for players who are out in the black and not likely to hit any sort of base on a regular basis, and for miners whose storage can rapidly fill with common materials to the point where it interrupts mining.
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