Development Update 1 - June

Improvements to lighting (
  • Many of the lighting issues have been improved across previous updates, the last major set relate to the update of ship cockpits which will be in Update 5. We will continue to monitor your feedback.

Thanks Arthur and the team

I do hope the improvements to lighting are not being stopped here. While the "dashboard" looks brighter, the skybox is still darker and for example the upper left Comms bar is still not readable.
Please compare that bar (and the Skybox) to the Horizons versions and the difference is more than obvious.

Thanks Arthur for the development update, that was great to read.

Please pass on my thanks to all the developers working hard on Elite: Odyssey.
Not satisfied. Development Update should not only be about you investigating, remeasuring and fixing bugs, but also what are the future plans for the game, and don't tell me that you don't think months or a year ahead because you have to. What is the long time plan beside you investigating and reviewing stuff? This a "Dear John" letter about nothing... DETAILS!
Thanks for the update. o7

One question: Will there be further updates until console release or not?

Same here: Thank you for the update and the hard work put into addressing the most burning issues. There is however a number of smaller (annoying nonetheless) issues related to fundamental game functionalities.
I (like many others) do not think that the effort should stop on U5 and that the focus should switch entirely to console launch. Our console commanders have been waiting way too long, that is true - but bugs should have dedicated focus and being addressed regardless of current or future releases
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