DLC: Small pack

Planet Zoo small animals.
Like meerkats, otters, koalas, ferrets and animals that size, maybe some birds can fit in also.
Maybe it also can have building materials for like playgrounds for kids and shops for kids like face painting, t-shirts and stuffed animals. It can also include small electric/water facilities or/and pips.
A pack that focuses on the small (animals and visitors)
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OMG yes ferrets!!!! I would love to have the European polecat which is also known as the common ferret, it is the wild descendant of the ferrets we have as pets! They love to play and the noises they make are cute, also I know that for the household ferret the females must either be fixed or be breeding as the female will stay in heat for too long and will need medical intervention! This could be a cool feature to add to the game either use contraceptives or your female ferrets could be in trouble!
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