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Back in the year 3301 my beloved cat Franja sadly passed away.

In rememberance of her my exploration ship's name is "Franja's Destiny".

I heard about the Distant World Expedition that was scheduled to reach Beagle Point in 3302.

Beagle Point would be the perfect place for her to rest, I said to myself.
So I went there and buried her at the edge of the area later known as the "Legacy Crater".

The years passed and I saw Distant Worlds 2 coming up.

I thought this would be perfect time to visit Franjas grave and to also bring my other cat Semira with me.
She already was an old cat, but she enjoyed her time with me more, when we were an a spaceship together, than if we were outside.

If we went to Beagle Point together, we could be close to Franja one more time.
So we went together and it was great at first.

I was very lucky to find her favorite food at the Polo Harbour Planetary Outpost and she really enjoyed it.

On February 16th, as I was resting in my cabin after a couple of hyperspace jumps, she came really close to me, so I could pet her.
I petted her and felt that something was different.
I could feel her heartbeat becoming weaker and then she passed away in my arms.
I was heartbroken, as I had lost my pet that accompanied me on my space travels for the last nine years.

A thought about returning home came to mind, but then I had to continue forward.

I reached Beagle Point again at the end of April 3305.

The grave of Franja was still very well preserved and so I dug a second grave right next to it for Semira.
This way they are reunited at the end of our galaxy.

And I have always a reason to return.

Cmdr Jürgen Fowler
Finally managed to get this thing across the abyss and beyond to BP - it's taken quite some jumponium in the last few weeks to pick my way through!

Seeing the friendly squadron chat of fellow cmdrs, even on the occasions when not participating, was the barrier between me and space madness, so I'd like to thank those cmdrs of the PS4 DW2 squadron. Especially the mainstays who seemed ever present and always ready with an echoing o7 (Stinja, Presto_NL79, Promethiusflier, Enmerker et al, you guys know who you are and you're all g brilliant :D o7!)
Wow, tonight is the loneliest I've seen the base camp at Beagle Point. Usually in the evenings there's a small party going on, but no one was here when I logged in tonight.

What a beautiful journey. This game in VR is just amazing. At some of the POI's I'd put the game into camera mode, hide the controls, recline, and just relax and enjoy the view.

Thank you organisers for all of your hard work finding these amazing POI's. The galaxy is a wondrous thing. While we'll never get to see these places in person, this is the closest to reality we'll get to experience in our lifetimes, and for that I thank you all.

o7 commanders:

My name is Jav Marlo. I arrived to Beagle Point some days ago and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in Distant Worlds 2.

I am a fresh commander, just been in the game since last November, but I am amazed by this rich universe, the stories within it and the community fueling them. Since I was I child I always loved space games, and this is the only one I have ever found that makes you feel like if you were truly exploring the galaxy. It has been great to take part in this incredible Journey of Discovery.

Since I started to play, I have been keeping a log with all my adventures in EDSM and Inara. I enjoy writing and taking pictures almost as much as flying; and that gives me the opportunity to roleplay my character and be goal driven in the game. That is the best part in my opinion, the incredibly liberty this game offers and the vastness of the galaxy to explore.

And talking about exploration, for the last months I have tried to enjoy everything that Distant Worlds 2 was offering, so I have travelled to every Point of Interest in the route, minor and major, with the exception of the Peak that I could not reach. I have done some exploration of route on my own, found amazing places, enjoyed the mass jumps and met many other commanders.

As a result, I have just realized that I have written nearly one hundred pages and taken dozens of pictures with my thoughts along all the milestones of this incredible voyage. All this work has been published by chapters every Monday in Inara and EDSM. Here are the links to the epilogue of this adventure (EDSM) (INARA).

Now it is time to go back to the Bubble and came back to the original plot of the adventures of Jav Marlo. I create my logs and stories at the same time I discover the lore of this rich universe. So I have many people to thank, starting by Erimus Kamzel and Dr Kaii, along with all the team behind Distant Worlds 2. Frontier Developments for creating Elite Dangerous and their incredible team managing the forums. EDSM, for being an incredible tool for explorers and for all the lore information I am learning from them. INARA, for being such an incredible resource for publishing stories. To Drew Vargar for creating amazing characters and stories, that are embedded within the game, and that I have just started to discover; and to all the other writers and lore content creators of Elite. And finally, to all the commanders out there in the void, specially the ones I have found in my adventures, the ones organizing events in Distant Worlds 2, and even the ones that killed me. That was fun too.

I will see you in the void. Fly safe commanders.

Jav Marlo

PS: I am always eager to participate in adventures with other commanders and write about it, so feel free to contact me through Inara or EDSM if you have a proposal. Just have in mind that it will take me a while to come back to the Bubble.


Jav Marlo at Legacy Crater in Beagle Point
The voyage is over. Skin of the ship burned by radiation and heat of thousands of stars. Seen deep walleys of high gravity despair. Seen rings of deserted planets and lfashing molecule fields.

This was done not because it is easy, but because it is hard. I allmost did quit the whole thing. In a final leg - a stupid rookie mistake. Distraction - the mother of all aviation mishaps... And next you can see the cold announcement: You are dead... Goodbye all that exploration data. Goodbye allmost there... Thats it, I´m done.

But no. Did I make it all for nothing? Lessons must be learned. Expedition must go on. So I headed again from the centre to the edge. Neutron star highway was the only comfort.

And finally at the Beagle Point. Thank you for all you who made this expedition possible! Goodspeed commanders!

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Arrived at Beagle Point on 09.05.3305

after accidentally selling my engineered 3A Power Plant during the refitting of my exploraconda for the second mining CG i had to go with an unengineered 7D PP. after wondering why my ship keeps overheating, using 3 heat sinks and damaging several modules, i finally managed to find out what the problem is after i departed WP 10. at that point i still didn't know that i sold my PP, just that i got the wrong one installd. Fortunately i thought of checking the EDD history and found out that i sold the PP instead oof storing it... kept me from going all the way back to WP 7 to switch back to the (non existant) 3A PP.

Now appreciating the fiew from a random location on Beagle Point 2
At last. I made it. I actually made it to Beagle Point. As someone who has never gone more than 300 ly outside the Bubble, this was a major achievement. For awhile I didn't think I would make it. I considered turning back once we reached the center of the galaxy. Sag A* and back would be an accomplishment enough in my book. I am glad I didn't.

Four months ago, I signed up and sank all my credits into a stripped-down modified Alliance Chieftain. And here I am on the other side of the galaxy.
Thank you to everyone in the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. There is no way I would have come this far without you.



CMDR McProphet, Pride of Ascalon
Beagle Point 2
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