ED Astrometrics: Maps and Visualizations

Speculation wrt to the suppressed star types along the X=0 and Z=0 was/is twofold:
a) there are sufficient manually authored systems around the bubble, so the FD's plan was to suppress certain proc-gen star types in the area around the bubble
b) while programming the suppression of the two axis an "OR" was used instead of an "AND", resulting in two suppressed lanes instead of one suppressed area
Added some new maps:

(click for larger view)


Wolf-Rayet, Carbon, and misc:

The "Misc" category includes things like S-type stars, MS-type, CN-stars, etc.
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What on Earth is going on with proto-stars there?
I'm wondering about that as well. It's always possible I have a bug in my code that's causing strangeness here, but it's all the same code generating each of these maps, so I don't know what would be different about that one. I'm more inclined to believe it's a combination of sector differences, and player activity, especially since further form the bubble, you can see similarly brighter patches in some of the more travelled areas, limited to where players have passed through. Strange, but interesting. StellarForge has a lot of oddities that don't show up until you look at things this way.

EDIT: I suppose it's also possible there's something odd going on in the EDSM data, but I haven't seen any other evidence of that.

Very nice. I did something similar a few months back. I love what you're doing with the colouration and filtering out star types.

I also did some faux-3D animations of some of the highlights based on the same method:-
Very cool! 3D animated maps are a great idea!
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Is that several overlapping spheres? Looks like at least four separate radius'
From the top down view I thought there were just simple spheres.
Yep, five here. One top, one bottom and three on the central plane.

TIL that David Braben was planning these "future content" permit locks before the game was even released, back into the Kickstarter period - Link. Cool :)
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I figured some planets might be interesting to check out too. This one is valuable terrestrial worlds, namely WW, ELW, and AW:

Thank you to CMDR Orvidius for making this great thread!

It pleases me greatly, that in every version of the maps in this thread, the Mercury 7 Expedition is visible :)
Oh and the Minerva Centaurus Expedition too!
I love it when a plan comes together ;)

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Glad you're enjoying it!

I added some general planetary images too, but they're a bit less interesting since there's a more homogenous distribution than with the stars...

So, after being able to reproduce the same weird patterns in the TTS' distribution and Anthor checking the EDSM data I wondered what the ED galmap would show. The most apparent differences in TTS' distribution seem to be along sector borders, so I chose and compared the two sectors just south of Sol (Oochost with just around 60 TTS, and neighbouring Oochorrs with around 840) on the in-game galmap.

Turns out SF really just does not to generate TTS (or only in very small numbers) in certain sectors (or sector stacks). While this seems similar to what we see with bright stars towards the core (creating those 'blocks' in the skybox) the distribution of the TTS-rich sectors themselves still seems odd.
Excellent, this is a strange and weird thing.

It's fair to say that my understanding of and guesses about the Forge's distribution of stars have been greatly enhanced / changed / debunked by these excellent maps!
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